Love And Revenge Episode 28


Lex fumed in anger. It was a good thing he didn’t know where Sandra resided, he would have shown her what a monster he really was.
How dare her?
How dare her hurt Ciara again? This time even worse because Ciara was in critical condition. He didn’t care about Peter’s condition, he should die for all he cares!
He felt like killing Sandra.
Ann pushed the door and entered inside panting.
She threw her handbag on the floor and sat down on the cushion breathing heavily.
He quickly scanned her with his eyes ‘what’s wrong?’
‘they are after me Lex, they,’ she sighed ‘are after me’
‘who is after you?’
‘Agatha…..Agatha…..hmm….they poured acid on Agatha’
‘which Agatha?’
‘how many Agatha’s do you know? My friend! Someone poured acid on her and i’m sure they were after me, they mistook her…for me’
Lex frowned in confusion ‘calm down and speak well i’m not really understanding you’
Ann sighed and told him everything, how she and Agatha had been chatting and she suddenly felt someone watching her, she felt she was in danger and as usual, she followed her instincts and she excused herself and walked out. On getting to the convenience room, she went in and locked herself.
Not up to a minute, she heard corking of guns and people’s screams and then a loud shout from a lady and she suspected it was Agatha.
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After waiting for about thirty minutes, by that time she could tell people were already running out of the fast food, she too came outside, went to where she had been sitting with Agatha picked up her handbag, peeked at the unconscious Agatha and ran out not bothering to help her.
‘why didn’t you help her?’ Lex asked.
‘they were after me Lex! They could have realized it was the wrong person and come back, were you even listening to me mister???????’
‘well thank God for your life, you will go to church right?’
Ann looked at him and he wasn’t trying to be funny, he was d–n serious. And then she noticed that he wasn’t handling this matter the way he was supposed to, his mind was far away. And then she wondered, this was a case of attempted dis figuration, this was the case of maybe an attempted murder and Lex was taking it carnal?
No, this was going too far. Lex was going to far. It was high time she left the house because it was d–n obvious that Lex wasn’t bothered. Besides even though she didn’t know the exact person who wanted to pour acid on her, she could tell her life was in danger. Maybe next time the person was going to kill her. She escaped this time, all thanks to God, who knows if she was going to survive next time?
She has made so many mistakes, first mistake was when she fell in love with Lex and an even greater mistake she made when she ran away with Lex.
Looking back she wondered what really made her do it? Was she charmed.
It was the greatest mistake she has ever made in her life.
Suddenly she started sobbing ‘Lex, please be sincere, tell me if you don’t want me anymore, i’ll go, stop making me look like a liability, if you don’t want me to stay here anymore, please tell me, i have a family’
Lex hissed ‘what’s the meaning of that? What brought this matter now, can’t you just leave me alone? In fact if you want to go, go! Go and stop making life unbearable for me!’
Ann shed more tears ‘Lex, you are talking to me that way, me???’
‘shut your trap! In fact, wait for me’ Lex said and stood up angrily.
Ann watched in tears and anguish as Lex marched inside. Words could never describe the hurt she felt. How could someone be so ungrateful????
She made Lex. If it hadn’t been for her, Lex would have been no one.
She used her body and gave Lex all the things he had today. She sacrificed a lot for him and even if he didn’t love her, she didn’t deserved to be treated this way, it was so unfair!!!!!
After waiting for about ten minutes with her hands on her cheek thinking of her life and all the mistakes she had made, and the shame she was going to face should she go back to her parents house now pregnant after eight years of disappearance and the explanation she was going to give them for her sudden disappearance, how she was going to tell her family that she ran away with a man that didn’t love her one bit and had resulted to prostitution just so she could feed the man and that she was now into drugs, a drug addict and she had f—-d several men just because her so called boyfriend said she should for his own benefit, she, a pastor’s daughter.
She was still thinking when Lex came out with her bags.
‘leave, you are becoming a burden already’ he said sternly.
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