Love And Revenge Episode 27


‘Agatha’ Ann said into the phone ‘can we meet now?’
‘sure, why not? I’m coming to your house’
‘no don’t bother, let’s meet at Crunchies’
‘fine, now?’
‘yes now’
‘okay, bye’
‘see you there’
Ann sobbed again and wiped her tears with her handkerchief ‘Lex doesn’t love me, i feel it in my guts’
‘shhh, don’t say what you don’t know,’ her friend Agatha reprimanded ‘i’ve been to your house several times and i’ve also seen Lex several times. I see the way he looks at you and i’m certain he loves you, you are just getting paranoid, that’s all’
‘that’s not it. If he does love me, why then did he cheat on me? Why then is he hesitating to marry me?’
‘but you yourself told me that he said he’s going to marry you but not now, after he’s through with what he came to do in Asaba. If i may ask, what did he come to do here?’
‘that one is confidential. It’s something even i don’t know about, he has refused to tell me’ Ann lied.
Agatha’s eyes narrowed in suspicion ‘are you sure you don’t know?’
‘i really don’t know. I’ve pestered him a lot of times to tell me but he has adamantly refused to utter a word about it’
‘hmm Ann, are you sure you are safe with that guy? By the way, how did he make his wealth, he doesn’t own a company or a business, and he’s always with his laptop, are you sure he’s not a fraudster, all this yahoo yahoo boys wey their eye dey their back so, are you sure you are safe with that guy, he could be a drug dealer or a ritualist’
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‘stop saying nonsense. Lex is not a ritualist or a fraudster, he got his wealth in a genuine way, i’ve known him for five years now and…he hasn’t given me any reason to think he got his money in a questionable way’
‘okay. Are his parents rich?’
‘yes. He’s an only child and his father died leaving lots of money for him and his mum, you need to see his mother, very beautiful woman, infact he got his good looks from her’ Ann lied.
‘does your parents know him?’
‘yes’ she lied again ‘they even take him as their own son?’
‘then why are you living with him? That’s wrong, i’ve always wanted to tell you this. You don’t live under the same roof with a man who hasn’t paid your brideprice, when you stay with him you keep fornicating and when you fornicate you sin against God and apart from that, you will lose value in his eyes. He’s going to be like “if i marry her wha’ts there to see when i’ve already seen everything there is to see, abegee, let me go for a fresh soup”. That’s why you are complaining that he’s hesitating to marry you even now that you are pregnant and you feel he doesn’t love you anymore. If i may ask how long have you been living with him?’
‘eight years’
‘pardon? I thought you said you’ve known him for five years?’
‘hmm sorry i mean three years, what’s going on in my head, sorry’
‘alright, so dearie, it’s high time you left his house, stay with your parents till he decided to do the right thing, instead of having free supply of hmm hmm every night’
‘what is hmm hmm?’
‘you know now, you still want me to spell it out for you?’
‘you mean s-x?’
‘oh that! I enjoy giving him my body, i do that willingly’
‘like seriously? You really are……’ Agatha placed her left hand on her mouth, she wanted to say valueless but that’s going to hurt her friend.
Ann sneezed into her handkerchief ‘excuse me for a minute, let me use the restroom’
‘alright dear’ Agatha said.
Ann left for the restroom while Agatha brought out her phone using it to keep her busy for a while before Ann comes back.
The next thing that happened was that some masked men suddenly came into the fast food, ordered everyone to go down flat and the next thing she felt was a hot liquid being poured on her face.
Dagger: Yes ma, i’m seeing her, dressed in purple gown and carrying ghana weaving.
Sandra: Ghana weaving? When i left their house yesterday she was carrying brazillian weavon but anyways, it’s possible she loosed it and plaited a new one. Is she alone?
Dagger: No she’s with another lady and the lady is just walking out now.
Sandra: Good, now this is the right time to strike, make sure you pour the acid on her very well.
Dagger: Yes madam.
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