Love And Revenge Episode 22


Sandra didn’t know whether to scream or jump ‘that means i have my job back?’
‘of course’ Lex said.
‘and her dad’s birthday which was postponed due to the condition of his two daughter would still take place right?’
‘i don’t think so, Anita is still taking treatments. I overheard some doctors saying they were going to fly her abroad. So do you think Tommy Anderson is going to be celebrating when his daughter is still battling with her life?’
‘you don’t know Tommy Anderson, even two days after his wife’s death, he started chasing girls and attending meetings. He only cried for one day. A week to the burial, he flew out to China for a business conference and then returned on the day of the burial, almost when they were laying his wife’s corpse to the ground. Trust me Lex, since one of his daughters is okay now, that party is going to hold. You know it would have been weird if both of his daughters are absent. And i’m sure the media doesn’t know about it because yesterday i received a call from the director of the new movie Ciara was shooting, he doesn’t even know that she was stabbed and in the hospital. He asked why she had been absent for days and i said she flew abroad for a shopping spree, he was so angry and he terminated the contract with Ciara. And then he asked for compensation for all the money he lost’ Sandra explained.
‘is that how they do it?’ Lex asked.
‘of course, by the way you are new in the industry, oga novice!’
Lex smiled.
Then she jumped on him in excitement ‘i’m so happy Lex, i’m free! I’ve been battling with my conscience for a while now mehn’ She said resting her head on his chest.
Lex smiled and stroked her hair.
‘Lex,’ she called solemnly ‘i’m sorry for what happened earlier, i was carried away by emotions, hope you forgive me?’
Lex laughed mildly ‘don’t worry about it, i’m the one to blame, i should have stopped you’
‘will Ann be able to forgive me? Us?’
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‘with time she’ll move on and forget about it. Ann loves me, she can’t stand being mad at me for too long’ Lex said.
‘do you love her?’
‘do you love her Lex?’
‘that’s a personal……’
Sandra raised her head and pressed her lips on his ‘just tell me if you love her Lex’
Lex looked away.
SANDRA: You don’t love her Lex right?
LEX: I don’t know what you’re talking about, i love Ann.
Sandra smiled wryly ‘i’m not so sure. Lex, i want you to do something for me’
Lex looked at her ‘what?’
‘make love to me’
LEX: What???
Sandra smiled and seductively pulled off her shorts and blouse, then her bra and panties till she was stark naked in front of him ‘apart from when Tommy Anderson raped me, i’ve never had s-x before, but i do get horny once in a while. Make me a woman Lex, please’
Lex looked away ‘this isn’t right Sandra. What about Ann?’
‘i promise it’s going to be a one time thing, it won’t happen again and no one’s gonna know about it’
LEX: I can’t do it Sandra, i’m sorry, please put on your dress.
SANDRA: Like seriously you won’t do it?
LEX: Yes.
‘fine!’ Sandra snapped and went to the door connecting the sitting room to the hallway, locked it and took the key. Went to the entrance door, locked it and took the key, then walked back to the sofa directly opposite Lex and sat with her legs widely spread, then she inserted a finger into her femininity and let out a loud moan.
Lex looked at her and tried looking away.
Then she withdrew the finger and licked it thoroughly, then dipped it again, this time two fingers. She moaned loudly as she fondled her already hard n—–s.
Lex stood up and walked to the door even though he knew it was locked. But Sandra drew him back quickly undressing him while he made no form of resistance whatsoever.
She took his semi hard rod into her mouth sucking it for all it was worth. It paid watching pornography after all.
Lex moaned.
Already hard and horny, he pushed her away and turned her over till she was on all fours, then he roughly entered her and she groaned in pain.
He didn’t care.
He banged her for all she was worth and she kept crying and moaning in pleasure pain.
It was a bittersweet experience for her.
The first time she was willingly making love to a man.
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