Love And Justice Episode 16



I watched as the guys walked in one by one. Chama with a slight limp, he and Jim were getting better after we rescued them, unlike Queen they were brutally beaten by the time we got them. Being men and ex-soldiers for that matter they endured the physical torture.

“Hey what is going on man?” Jim spoke first settling on the arm of the couch, most of the guys were standing with me leaning on the wall my left foot at 90 degrees angle leaning backwards.

I looked at them all as they kept their eyes at me am sure they kept wondering why I called them all that early.

“Where is ?” I asked noticing he was not around.

“Am here” he shouted walking in I realized he was coming from outside with his coat in his arms. I wanted to ask where he was but I decided to take it out with him later on.

“Well, you all here. I want to let you that something is going on with Ackim, he called yesterday morning and sounded a bit odd, now we know, I mean me and my guys Jim and Chama here know that Ackim is not one to betray his friends. He has the heart to fight and never backs out. So whatever has been keeping him away must be serious and am not letting my guy to the dogs” I explained everyone watching me in silence.

“How do you know he has not turned his back on you guys? You told me yourself he must have given out something about you and the last time I checked we were doing fine without him” Scar broke the silence.

“well, I know my men Scar, he is not like that and to add to my suspicions his wife called me a few minutes ago telling me her father, who happens to be one of our enemies, told her Ackim is dead and. So” I paused

“We have to find a way to help him and get this thing done with all together. Trust me we need him, this is the man who can get results and if he is in trouble he needs us” I looked around watching the men`s faces.

“Look Steve, I understand that your man needs you, but am thinking you forgetting the deal here. I agreed to bring my men in to help you get your woman and justice, well we are one mission down cause you woman is here. So I don’t want my men exposed to anything more dangerous like the rescue mission for some hero soldier, no man that was not the deal” he scoffed sitting down the couch and pulling out a cigarette.

“I know this is hard on your men , I was there when some died but I need you man, come on. Listen, I will add something on top of our deal. I never told you this guys before, but there is some stacked cash that I helped hide for some big guys of which am certain is still there, the moment all this is over am gonna show you where is it and that will be more than what you guys need as wealthy for your retirement. Help me get my man back and this thing done over with then you have my word you all going back home rich” I smiled looking at their faces and I saw some smiles.

“What do you say?” I looked at Scar who sighed taking in some smoke and looking at me shaking his head.

“You better be right about this man” he stood and looked at me closer

“Let’s talk about what we shall do since Ackim said he is in today evening” I sighed and we all sat down plotting on what would be done that night. We spend almost four hours planning and plotting coming up with different alternatives in case something didn’t work out.

“I don’t want any surprises guys, lets stick to our plans and to add on to this, I want you all to know that am not losing any man tonight, let’s stay together no matter what and I am confident we will live through today and my man Ackim is going to be home and safe” I concluded and dispersed everyone.

“Hey!” I smiled standing by the small kitchen door where Queen was preparing some food. I noticed she had a lot of omelet prepared and some bread and sausages.

“What are you doing? I thought you still sleeping.

“Well, I figured my boys would be hungry by the time they finish talking about whatever. So I made some breakfast” she smiled wiping her hands and walking towards me.

“Hm. Your boys huh?” I teased pulling her into a kiss.

“Yeah” she chuckled withdrawing.

“Am your only boy around here” I murmured taking a bit on the sausage.

She smiled as she continued putting everything on some plates.

“How did you find this place? “She changed the subject.

“Hm. I saw it advised for rent. It had everything in terms of furniture. So I needed not to buy any stuff. I liked the fact that it’s not so hidden, sometimes the best way to hide is to stay in a place you are least expected, its quiet around here and wall fenced, people mind their business.” I explained leaning my chin on her shoulder as she finalized preparing the bread on the trays.

“Why? you like it?” I asked

‘Hm. Its okey. Given it has four bedrooms, enough for the whole group huh?” she smiled

“Yeah, its temporal don’t worry about it”

“Okey, how many men are here?” she asked looking up my face.

“Here, there are about 10. Others are somewhere else, waiting for my call” I nodded as I chewed on the bit I had taken.

I watched as she put all the food on the small table and wiped her hands.

“Am done here only am not sure what I should save this with. Juice, coffee or tea” she looked at me.

“hm, these are not house husbands who go about taking tea in the morning my love, the best could have been nshima, but since you already made this delicious meal, save them with water” I let a laugh and she shook her head.

“Unbelievable “

“Yeah, don’t worry they will take some beers am sure, none of them seems to like any sweet staff” I smiled and before I could finish my sentence Chama walked in murmuring.

“Something smells delicious in here” he smiled looking at the trays

“Yeah, you jerk my woman had to go through the trouble of preparing food for you guys” I hit him playfully and that alerted others who came in rushing

“Did I hear food?” Joe walked in and the rest after him.

“Hey easy boys can you let me and mine pass through before you squeeze her up in here” I pushed them apart pulling Queen by the hand as she laughed.

“Thank you Queen?” Joe shouted as we walked away and I could hear murmurs as the boys ate.

“So?” I sat on my bed after getting in and closing the door shut

“So what?” she smiled biting her lip.

“Are you strong enough for me? “I stood holding her by the waist and pushing her slightly to the wall making her giggle

“Hm, depends on what I have to do” she teased rubbing her hands on my chest.

“Hmm. Nothing much, just lay down for me and let me have a piece of you” I kissed her gently but she pulled out shaking her head.

“I know I need you like that too, but I can’t have you like this, go on and do what you got to do, be yourself again Steve and come back to me.” she told me seriously. I knew she was right, I was trying so hard to sound and be okey around her but I wasn’t myself. My mind was somewhere else I kept thinking of how to get Ackim safe and how to get over everything that was going on. The fact that her life would still be in danger worried me more.

“Am okey love. Am here right?” I tried to pretend with her but she smiled shaking her head.

“I know you Steve. I can tell you are not yourself. Please just be careful whatever you do, I overhead some of the things you were talking about and I know this Ackim is important to you but be careful okey? Please” she sighed worried.

“Don’t worry I promise all this will be over soon my love. I know if I don’t do it this place will not be safe for both of us, I need to do this now more than ever. You are here and in this life you are the one that matters the most. I will die trying to make things right so that you will never go through what you went through the past week” I assured her and she hugged me tight, I felt her soft heart beat and connected with her. Kissing her gently I led us to bed and lay down there talking.

She told me about Makasa and how she knew him and in was more pissed at him.

“How dare he?” I spat when she was done telling me.

“he is a loser and I swear this time he will pay dearly, he messed with my woman and he messed the wrong guy he surely knows that, no matter how much he can hide I will find him and anyone else involved in this” I spat angrily and she held my face close to hers.

“Please, be careful. I don’t know how to live without you anymore, if you let me down and decide to break your promise of coming back to me, I will die too” she spoke seriously.

“Whether I die or live, you need to live on my woman” I responded cutting her short.

“Don’t you dare” she murmured siting up

“Am serious Queen. You have to stay strong for me. I may live or die, God knows when but that should not take away your life too. You are still young and beautiful. I want you to have a life and live on in case something happened to me” I held her face but she shook it continually.

“Stop talking nonsense Steve, just stop okey” she shed tears breaking in my arms.

“I chose you because I love you. I didn’t chose this kind of life.”

“I know, I will try keep alive” I smiled at her and she let a weak smile too but I knew she was afraid for me. I couldn’t assure her for I had no idea what lay ahead of me that coming night and I hoped with everything in me I lived to see her face again. I cuddled her and she lay there with me for some time.

Evening came and I walked out after kissing her good night in bed. She looked sad that I was leaving but she understood I had to do that.

“Let’s get our man back” I shouted as we matched to the trucks all the men dressed in black and ready to fight with me. Another battle lay ahead of us and I silently prayed for all of us to live.

“Good lucky everyone” I added as we drove out leaving two men on guard.

To be continued…