Love And Justice Episode 17



The soft winds were blowing in my face, I pulled down the shades as I continued waiting at the airport. I had left the waiting bay and stood afar so I could take my mind off some things. I was just coming from one of the worst week of my life. I could hear the noise of people chatting and laughing from a few meters away but my mind was not there. Part of me was thinking about my wife and kids and the other was still replaying the hard week past.

“You doing okey?” a voice interrupted my thoughts making me turn to look at him.

“Yeah, almost” I smiled grabbing the cold coke that he was handing me.

“They don’t have anything stronger?” I asked him and he shook his head smiling.

“Nope” he leaned on the rail besides me taking his own bottle his face watching the runway.

“What?” he asked seeing I stood watching him because I didn’t believe he didn’t find any beers from the cafeteria he had gone to get the drinks from.

“come on Ackim, you don’t need to drink today, remember you had a rough night a couple of days ago not to talk of the more than enough drinks you took yesterday.

“Yeah, it’s hard enough to come ad face my wife and tell her father plotted and skimmed to kill me. Now I will have to tell her I killed him afterwards” I spat sighing and joining him placing my hands on the rail.

“yeah this sucks, but that son of a b**** deserved what happened to him, besides you tried to save him man come on stop beating yourself over this” Steve remarked turning to look at me.

“You think she will understand that?” I asked him seriously

“Hm. I can’t tell cause I don’t really know your wife, but she was there way back when you fought so hard to save that man`s ass, why would you want to kill him now?” he shrugged pouring the contents of the bottle in his mouth and sighing deeply after swallowing. I listened as he tried to comfort me but each passing minute was an indication Paula was getting close and I would have to tell her father was dead and it had to do with me.

“Thanks man” I looked at him and spoke sincerely.

“Whatever” he teased hitting my shoulder.

“Yeah am dead serious Steve, you saved my life the other day and you are here with me. You are a true friend man I wouldn’t ask for more” I smiled holding his shoulder.

“Friend huh?” he teased


“Hm. Good, I love the sound of that, I have been waiting for the day you would drop the soldier thing and call me friend” he spoke with a laugh

“You will always be my boy though, you can be all manly and taller than me but you are my boy” I laughed and he joined in. we were still chit chatting when they announced that the plane from south Africa was to touch down in less than 10 minutes.

“Well, here we go” I sighed

“Yeah, good lucky man. Stay calm” he smiled and we walked to the waiting room waiting for Paula.

She was clad in a black body con with pink pumps and a small case bag in her hands. Just the way I loved her, she had left her hair loose as the soft breeze blew it aside as she walked towards us. I raised my hand seeing her searching around.

“Ackim! “She screamed running towards me, I stepped forward meeting her half way and she hugged me tight sobbing.

“Oh, God, I can’t believe this. I thought I lost you my love, I missed you a lot” she remarked as I held on to kissing her, I didn’t mind the eyes on us.

“I love you baby, am happy to see you” I smiled my heart racing as I felt her warm body close to mine.

“I love you too my love, oh Ackim, I missed you” she kept smiling not letting go of me. Steve cleared his throat standing behind me.

“Tone it down guys, this is not your bedroom” he giggled and Paula let go of me turning to him.

“Steve, hey” she hugged him

“Welcome back Paula, how are you?” Steve smiled.

“Okey now that I believe my baby is alive” she smiled placing her hands around my waist.

We walked to the car after I collected the bags for her. I knew the kids wouldn’t be travelling with her just yet as I instructed her to come alone.

“How are my boys and my princes” I asked her as we started driving out the airport.

“They miss their father, but they are doing okey” she smiled pulling me into a kiss.

“I miss them too, can’t wait to set my eyes on them soon” I smiled back.

We arrived at the hotel I had booked for us and Steve dropped us, he was to proceed back to the camping house for another schedule the following day.

“Will see you tomorrow man. All the best there” he shook my hand before leaving.

“Yeah, sharp.” I nodded my heard watching him drive away. I walked back in to join Paula and found her removing her dress.

“Is he gone?” she turned to look at me tying her hair in the middle with a band I knew she was preparing for a bath. I held her close kissing her and rubbing my hands on her nipples and she breathed out heavily.

“Can I at least take a bath? Been traveling for hours you know” she laughed trying to push me away.

“I love the dirty and sweat on you” I kissed her neck and she leaned forward defeated. I was married to her for years but she still had that effect on me, her body just made me go crazy.

“I missed you baby” I whispered lifting her to bed and she wrapped her legs around me giving me access into herself. In a moment I was lost in the pleasure with my wife. There was no disputing how much she had missed me too. For half an hour we tangled and shifted around only the sounds of sweet moans and murmurs was around the room.

“You really missed me huh?” she panted as I lay back down all done.

“You have no idea, plus the near death experience I had” I remarked and my last words made her sit up.

“What is going on baby? Please this time I don’t want any lies” she looked at me her eyes serious.

I extended my hand and touched her face,

“you know that I love you baby, I have always loved you and I never doubt even for one moment that you are my woman and nothing will separate us, except death.” I whispered and she lay back facing me.

“I know Ackim, please tell me what is going on here” she begged

“Remember last time we had issues with your brother, then that white guy and your friend?” I asked her trying to find a better way of breaking the news to her.

“Yeah, I can never forget all that baby” she sighed

“Yeah, I promised to fight for you Paula, I told you no matter what I would lay my life for you and those beautiful children you have given me. Now what am going to tell you today might hurt you bodily, but I want you to know that I would never, never do anything to deliberately hurt you. I know this day and what am going to tell you will change our lives but it will never change how I feel about you my love, you are mine come what may” I went on explaining and she sat up again this time her facial expression concerned.

“Ackim stop” she raised her hand at me.

“Baby you know we have always fought and stood together, please tell me what has gotten you like this, I could see that sadness and worry in your eyes from the airport. I know what you told me on the line that someone wanted me to believe you were dead and the guys saved you. What is it?”

“Your father is dead” I started and she sharply stood looking at me her eyes blank.

“What did you say?” she asked tears forming in her eyes. I knew at the moment there was no turning back as I had to give her the worst part of the news.

“How? Okey, okey” she paused trying to calm herself even when tears where already falling off her eyes.

“Come sit back baby please” I tried to pull her but it was like she was stationed there still in her birth suit.

“I asked how my father died Ackim, I talked to him the other day and he didn’t sound sick to me, he never told me of any illness whatsoever.” She looked at me

“I know Paula, he was killed” I murmured and she walked back to the bed sitting next to me.

“What?” she asked wiping the tears now running down her cheeks.

“How did you know? Okey, tell me at least you found the person who killed dad and have put a bullet in his damn skull” she cried out. I swallowed hard. I knew it was time to blow the heavy news and I had no other way of doing it. I could never get to lie to Paula and that was my weakness with her. I just had to tell the truth and I didn’t know how the next minute would be.

“I know because he died in my arms, Paula, I.. I.. I killed your father” I finally spoke and like I was some kind of poison, she let go of my hand in a rush staggering as she moved backwards landing her body into the wall.

“What the….” She tried to speak and I rushed to hold her

“What the hell did you do?” she stared at me in a way that made me cry, I have never seen that cold look in her eyes before. I tried to speak but my mouth felt so dry I swallowed hard tears coming out of my face as I recalled what had transpired…

To be continued…