Love And Justice Episode 18



I lay down hopelessly awaiting my fate. Be it part of the punishment or simply the fact that Mr. Benson was working on something to pin me down was not the matter anymore, since whatever the case, I was losing my patience and each minute I spend there tied up made me feel like I was going insane.

“Are you ready to face the boss?” a voice snapped me out of my boredom I shook to face who had come.

“Yes” I responded am sure I was faster than he expected as he shook his head walking closer to me. I watched as he untied my legs and he moved to my hands his keys ready to unlock the padlock on the chains.

“Now, I need you to behave man, there are three guys standing outside and they will kill you, should you do anything funny” he warned before unlocking me and I looked at the door to confirm his word.

“Good you gave me a hint you idiot just remove this chain and see what I will do to you” I thought in my head looking at him and nodding silently.

“Am all yours Sir” I teased as he went to my left arm. I watched him carefully seeing a gun shoved in his pants I calculated how fast I could grab it before the guys by the door could snap out of the trance and realise what was going on. He slowly unlocked the lock with a click sound and moved to the other arm. The moment he was done I jumped on him grabbing the gun and shooting him in an instant. The guy from the door pulled his own gun and before he could shoot, I fired in his skull followed by two more shots landing in the guys next to him. Quickly I rushed out and stood behind the door waiting for any activities, it was silence so I run out and there was a narrow passage out the door.

I looked both ways in a second to see who would be there and decided to take the left side. Running out without minding my bare feet, charging forward as two guys approached me engaging in hand fighting. I had to strategize beating the two of them at once though it was not easy as they proved harder to defeat. I was just getting my victory finishing off one the last guy with a right punch and before I could give him the last punch, I heard a voice scream behind me.

“Don’t even think about it! I will shoot her” Mr. Benson smiled pointing a gun at my mother`s head.

“wha…” I couldn’t finish the sentence and he shoot in the room making my mother scream,

“Put it down Ackim!” he yelled and I dropped the gun pushing it to his side as he instructed.

“Let her go she has nothing to do with this!” I shouted my hands on my head as one of his guys tied my hands and pushed me forward to follow Mr. Benson back to the room they had me held up.

“When will you learn to keep it down man, you are too much, and how many people are you going to kill for what? “He smiled pushing my mother aside I almost stood up in anger at the way he was disgracing my old woman.

“Don’t you hurt her or you will regret it” I looked at the guy who was holding my mother close.

“Okey, like I said, we need to discuss business, here is the phone call Steve and tell him to meet you tomorrow evening” he handed me a phone. I tried to refuse but a gun pointed to my mother`s head made me agree with his terms. To keep the story short, he made me call Steve and ask for a meeting with him. I couldn’t find another way to save my mother but to do what he wanted.

“you will be okey mother, as long as I do what this fool wants I will get you out of here I promise” I wiped her face before I was led out of the room.

“God guard and protect you my son, you will be alright” she smiled with tears in her eyes.

“You know what? Am not doing a damn thing till I see to it my mother is out of here” I turned to look at Benson. He argued but I stood my ground. I thought I had enough of his foolishness and decided not to let him have his way with the woman I loved and respected so much.

“well, you got it, she will be taken back home and since I know where to get her, I should warn you, any stupid act will cost her life” he warned and as we drove to Lusaka that day, we had my mother dropped at her farm and proceeded, I knew Benson wouldn’t let her without watch so I whispered for mom to stay safe.

I looked outside the window of the ranger I was driven In with two guys guarding me holding their guns steady. I looked at each of them and shook my head.

“You are idiots you have no idea what is going on huh? All you want is to play goons for the man who is about to destroy your country and take away the future of your kids and family” I spat and they all looked at me without any response.

“You have no idea about this huh?” I went on wanting to have any sort of response from them.

“Shut up!” the guy in the front seat looked back at me and pointed the gun at me.

“I shut up! “ I sighed with a laugh.

“Well, I will tell you what is going on” I sighed again and went on explaining the details of what was going on to them. I knew somehow the guy next to me got concerned as he looked at me I could see his face doubting.

“Say what you told us is true. What the hell do you want us to do?” he asked finally.

“You tell me” is shrugged my tied hands moving a little bit.

“Are you mad? You think this guy is saying the truth, didn’t you hear what the boss told us about him and his friends?” the other guy responded sharply.

“So you want to go ahead and help destroy this country just for a few bucks huh?” I shook my head.

“I said shut up man, shut the hell up or I will shut you up myself “the front guy screamed and I shook my head and kept quiet.

The rest of the journey was silent and I could see the vehicle in which Benson was driving ahead of us. I tried to plan something that would give Steve and hint of what was going on as I met him that day. Unfortunately all my thought out plans seemed stuck somewhere.

The moment we arrived in Lusaka my face was covered and I could feel us driving around till we halted. I was pulled out and led in some kind of building and the uncovered my face.

I waited for them to come back. Standing abruptly as the door opened I noticed it was the guy from the car who walked in his gun at me.

“Tell me the truth man, what you said In the car was it true?” he asked looked back to ensure he was not heard.

“I have no reason to fight a man like Benson my man, he is my father in law and I once saved him. The man is trying to sale this country. If you let me out of her I can show you the evidence. Am a former soldier and I fight to save my country nothing else” I spoke convincingly and he sighed,

“I saw something being planned and I wondered it was for, the guys have seen that something big is up with these guys but people are too scared to do anything about it.” He whispered close to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“Listen, I cannot tell you anything here and I can’t let you go either, it’s too dangerous I might get killed if discovered to be talking to you or helping you in any way.”

“What are you suggesting?” I asked him seeing him panicking.

“Okey, listen in a few hours I will be made to meet with my man. Try to get in touch with him and tell him am here. Give him the location and he will handle all, then we both can move out of here safe and alive” I told him and he stood there thinking for a minute.

“Come on man, please we are running out of time” I pleaded and he nodded his head.

“Give me his line I call him” he finally answered and I quickly told him the number he rushed outside.

“Oh God, let this work” I prayed in my mind.

An hour later Mr. Bensons came with new instructions telling me I was to go meet Steve with guys who will hide somewhere close to make sure I did as instructed, his idea was I get Steve to tell me where the recordings where. I knew that was the plan to get us both killed in one place. He wanted the information and kill us both, retrieve the recordings and it would be game over for us.

“Then what?” I asked him, when he was done explaining himself.

“Then we all go home safe” he smiled

“You lying b******! you want to have us both killed at that meeting” I spat angrily.

“Yeah, I mighty or mighty not, but whatever the case you have to rely on my word. Do as I say Ackim am so sick and tired of this your games. I have no time to waste, big projects lay ahead of us you know” he shrugged before leaving.

“By that you mean those lands you want to start mining for the new minerals discovered in the northwestern parts of the country?” I asked him and he turned to look at me.

“Who told you that?” he asked I knew my guess was right.

“I know more than you think and I can assure you, before the end of this day one of us will be paying for our sins” I muttered and he shook his head.

“I like your confidence you know that” he laughed and walked out indicating for his men to lock me back.

I could feel my skin getting cold, and I knew it was night time, I looked around the room but the heavy curtains mad it hard for me to see anything outside.

I was lost trying to figure out the way out when I heard some footsteps approaching from the back yard. I tried to move my chair to get access to the window but the guys had done a good job securing me. A few minutes later, I heard running footsteps followed by gun shots I knew it was time.

“Good, come on Steve” I talked to myself hoping for them to find me sooner.

As I narrated all this Paula kept looking at me like I was a stranger, her face wet with tears she seemed to be in a dilemma of either believing my story or continuing to trust her father was a good man that she had always known to be.

“So that is why you killed him cause he had lands for minerals, he made some bad deals and whatever it is you are explaining?” he responded coldly.

“Will you let me finish my love?” I sighed sitting next to her she looked in my eyes without responding.

To be continued…