Love And Justice Episode 15



I had gone out for a few minutes, I figured Queen would need new clothes as all the previous clothes she had, burnt together with everything else from the previous house. I had her dressed in one of my t-shirts and I knew the moment she was up and running she would need something decent to wear.

“Make sure you watch her man, I don’t want to assign this to anyone else but you” I told Scar before leaving and he smiled a little standing by the door to my room.

“Am right here man, am not leaving this spot till you come back” he giggled smoking his cigarette.

“By the way get rid of that hood from your head, you might scare my girl” I teased as I trotted out making a mental note to be back as soon as I could. I went round a few shops picking what I could and drove right back, looking at my watch as I approached the house, I noticed I had taken half an hour. I quickly parked my truck and rushed inside just to find Queen laying in Scar`s arms on the floor.

“What the hell happened?” I ran to them throwing the plastic bag I had in my hands.

“She came out and just fall down upon seeing me, she is okey I guess, I was trying to help her up” Scar quickly explained.

“Are you okey my love?” I asked taking her from him.

“Yeah I think so, just weak” she looked at me and back at Scar.

“He sacred me, I thought he is one of the guys with Makasa” she responded as I led her inside.

“What? You know Makasa?” I asked forgetting I had not made any comments on the fact that she was able to speak clearly again.

“Yeah” she nodded as I sat her on the bed sitting next to her and she leaned her head on my shoulder I pushed her hair off her face looking at her.

“He told you his name?” I asked surprised.

“Can we talk about something else for now please” she looked at my face and I held her closer.

Yeah sure, am sorry love, am just trying to figure out a lot of staff at once, you are right though am glad you feel better and I promise not to talk about anything else you don’t want to” I kissed her hands and she sighed deeply.

“Thank you” she whispered pushing her fingers into mine I felt her warmth.

“For what?” I raised my eye blows

“Saving my life from those animals, for taking care of me and for loving me” she listed them out and I smiled kissing her gently.

“No. am sorry for subjecting you to this, I”

“Shshshs” she stopped me holding her slander fingers on my mouth

“it’s not your fault Steve, please stop blaming yourself for all this” she looked into my eyes.

I so much wanted her to be okey, I could not tell her my plans of attacking Makasa that night. I felt I had to spare the details. After giving her some food and staying with her the whole afternoon, I noticed she was getting better and I told Scar and the other guys to guard her that evening after I had left. She had refused to tell me much about what happened to her and I let it pass for that day, I didn’t want to pressure her into saying anything.

I was about to leave after making sure Queen was fast asleep when my phone rung.

“Who is this?” I asked immediately the other person said halo back at me.

“It’s Ackim” he stated and went silent again.

“What do you want?” I asked bluntly, the guy had disappeared on me for some time and I had no idea where he was or what he was doing. I recalled he told me himself to never contact him till he did, but I had expected it to come earlier. I hated that he was not coming in to help me.

“The last time we…” I almost told him off but he cut me.

“Listen Steve, am in Solwezi right now, but will be heading to Lusaka. I had huge Intel on the divergent (our enemies and those working for them). Am coming to fill in everything” he explained but the sound of his voice raised some concern in me. Ackim would usually as me how things were going, he would try to find out how I was before jumping into telling me what he was about to do. My heart beat raced for a couple of minutes as he spoke and I knew the coldness in his voice was either something he was hiding or wanted me to figure out.

“Are you okey?” I asked after letting him explain whatever he was telling me.

“A little tired man, but yes” he sighed

“Tired, what the hell have you been doing?” I asked quickly.

“I told you am coming your way man, prepare for me. Will meet you up tomorrow old meeting place” he added and cut the call. I looked at my cell and shook my head.

“What the hell is going on?” I asked myself but decided to brush off the thoughts. I had to see Makasa and put an end to him. As I drove to his residence disguised in a Police uniform, I was informed he wasn’t home.

“Where could he be?” I asked one of the guards who couldn’t allow me into his resident.

“He was moved to some place for security reasons” the guy told me and I smiled at him knowing so well what they were doing.

“Anything funny officer?” the soldier asked me.

“Yeah, am surprised, is there any such kind of threats in our country to make a man like him to move out of his house with all his family members?” I chuckled and the man pushed me away telling me it was none of my business.

The following morning I woke up slowly opening my eyes as I could feel someone watching me.

“Hey “she smiled as I fully opened my eyes.

“Hey” I quickly sat up holding her hand.

“Are you okey? You need anything?” I asked her panicking, she chuckled a little at my gestures.

“What?” I asked looking around.

“You look so cute when you do that” she laughed rubbing her hands on my face.

“And you look extra beautiful my Queen this morning, are you feeling better?” I asked pulling her close real sing she was still in my t-shirt though looked fresh her hair tied in the middle of her head revealing her long beautiful face I kept my eyes on her slim lips slightly patted. In the moment I wished I could hold her and make her mine again but my inner voice scolded me reminding me of her current health status.

“I love you my…” I could not finish expressing my feelings to her when my phone rung and she stood up grabbing it for me.

“Paula?” she handed me the phone more like asking than telling me.

“Yeah” I sighed without reading her voice tone.

“Wait” I paused before answering

“Are you jealousy?” I chuckled and she looked into my eyes

“should I be?” she asked without any slight expression on her face.

“No, give me a moment” I shook my head and she leaned her head on me as I spoke stroking my chest making it hard for me to pay attention to the call.

“What?” I asked the moment Paula mentioned about Ackim being dead

“What do you mean what happened before he died?” I asked now sitting up even Queen moved up looking at me.

“Steve, I just found your line in one of his things here. I recalled he had written this line in one of his books and I decided to ask what happened to my husband. How did he die, my father has not told me anything sensible and I need to have a clear mind before travelling back tomorrow, I don’t want to stay here without mourning my husband even though dad is insisting, that is why am calling you now” she went on shocking me the more.

“Okey, calm down and tell me everything from the start, you are confusing me right now” I stopped her as she sobbed on the line I could almost feel her pain.

She went on telling me what her father told her and instead of rushing to tell her I just spoke to Ackim that morning, I simply assured her I would find out what had happened and would call her later on.

“I think for now it’s better you take your father`s advice and stay there Paula, wait for my call okey?” I told her before hanging up.

“What happened? Who is dead?” Queen asked me looking worried.

“Apparently my friend Ackim is dead” I sighed without looking at her.

“What? When? How?” Queen panicked shaking her head.

“It’s okey love, I know he is not dead, at least not yet but someone wants his wife to believe he is dead” I held her hand but my mind was still somewhere else. I was so much trying to figure out what had really happened and make sense of the call Ackim had given me that morning.

“Excuse me love” I kissed her walking out of bed in my boxers and pulling on a pair of pants and t-shirts.

“I need to talk to the guys. Someone is trying to mess me and my men around and we have to figure what the hell is going on before it’s too late and we are caught unware” I spoke leaving her seated watching in silence she just nodded her head.

“Coming soon” I waved before closing the door and she let a weak smile waving me back.

“Gather everyone in the living room” I told the guy I found standing outside on guard.

“Something serious has come up” I added pacing around as I waited for them to gather.

To be continued…