Love And Justice Episode 14



I was still feeling so weak, the torture I had gone through in almost a week had left me broken, not to talk of the hunger. Makasa made sure I was given only a hand full of food every day and he had vowed to punish me till I was able to tell him where Steve was hiding.

“If at all I knew where he was, I still wouldn’t tell you, you know why?” I looked at his face as he stood there to intimidate and punish me for being stubborn.

“Trust me, I have been where you are, held up and beaten, everyone gives up Queen after some time, so will you” he responded instead with a hateful smile.

“I will tell you” I ignored his utterance.

“I love him, he makes me feel like a woman, he loves and respects me too and that is more than what you and your stupid goons are going to do to me” I spat in his face and he pushed me to the wall hitting my head I held it in pain.

“I will show you how to respect me you stupid b****!” he yelled and he was about to hit me when a voice stopped him.

“That’s enough Makasa! Do not treat a beautiful woman that rough” the man who just saved the moment walked in and squat next to me wiping my tears and smiling softly.

“I like women, these people are what makes us men.” He looked at me and smiled the more.

“Do you want to get out of here?” he asked softly for a moment I believed he was a good person and was out to save me.

“Yes please, let me go” I responded desperately hoping he was not teasing being nice.

“I know love, I see how these men have treated you badly, I would love nothing more than seeing you go home and be happy. But” he paused looking at Makasa and back at me.

“There is something I want you to do for me” he grinned

“I want you to tell me everything I need to know about Steve, where he is hiding, who he is working with, where he has been and every little detail, then am certain I will see to it you get back to your house and get a nice bath and take a long peaceful rest” he smiled rubbing his forefinger on my arm. I flinched back realizing the game he was playing with me.

“Am sorry I can’t tell you a thing, like I have been trying to tell this man here, I know nothing about Steve or anything else” I uttered seriously looking at him. I was still trying to ascertain whether he was listening to what I was saying or not when I felt some piercing light in my eyes and I fall back down my entire head cracking with pain I held my face as I realized what just happened.

“Stupid b****! How long do you think you will endure in here?” He raised his hand again to slap me and I lifted my hands to my face to shield myself. He slapped me twice more and I could bet he was worse than Makasa, I tried to look into his eyes as I cried in the hope he would have compassion but I realized his eyes were red and the stare he gave me made me swallow hard in fear. I lay down flat expecting another beating but he stood up and nodded his head for Makasa to leave with him.

“Tomorrow get rid of her, she is wasting our time. We will use someone else to get to him” the man spoke as they both walked out I remained crying my hopes of seeing Steve again fading with each passing minute.

The following day moved slowly, I bet it was because I had fed my mind that I was going to die. There was no more fighting spirit in me. I really wanted to stay alive to see my man again but my body had given up I let my mind slip through the hopelessness. I was laying there weeping softly as I waited for someone to come for me when I heard a lot of noise outside, it was some gun shots and I crawled to the corner of the room holding my ears as the noise grew louder. I had no idea what was going on from behind the closed door, but whatever it was making the men around the place scream and cry out in agony and in anger, the loud gun shots blocking my ears I held them shut wimping like a dog.

I was still shoved in a corner when I heard a gunshot to the door and the door opened wide open. He walked in his gun pointed out and then stopped, staring at me my heart stopped.

“Here it comes” I sighed shutting my eyes and crying, hot tears wetting my cheeks.

“Queen?” his deep mainly voice mentioned my name I had to look up sharply to make sure my mind wasn’t playing games for me.

“Steve?” I whispered weakly and he run to me holding me in an embraced I could feel his heart race and hitting strongly.

“Am here, you are safe now” he whispered kissing me as he held me on. I couldn’t hold him firm even though that was what I wanted to do because I was feeling really weak and broken, I felt like every bone in my body was broken and I could not stand on my own.

He was still holding me as I closed my eyes crying on him when I heard a gunshot and surprisingly he pushed me down and covered me. I was so scared the worst had happened but then someone called his name and we left the building in a rush, he had to carry me as I could not feel my legs.

Seeing him walk back in the building made me want to scream for him to come back but I was too weak. I tried to stop him with my hand but he waved me and run away as the man I didn’t know drove the car at a great speed.

I was attended to by the same guy, he lifted me like I was a piece of paper and took me in a strange house laying me flat on the bed. He grabbed a cup and poured some water for me and I gladly took the water thanking him with a sigh after I had finished the glass.

“He is coming, one of the guys was still inside and him and my boss have gone to help him, don’t worry you are safe now” he spoke softly and I whispered,

“Thank you” before watching him leave the room. I tried to look around the place but I couldn’t see anything familiar, only a pair of pants hanging by the small closet that I identified belonged to Steve. I let myself to rest and surprisingly I felt peaceful in an instant I was fast asleep.

I had no idea how long I had slept but when I woke up I felt some presence near me I startled panting.

“Hey, easy, it’s me love, am here” he whispered holding my forehead I opened my eyes to see his face.

“Steve?” I tried to move to look at him but my body was so heavy, my voice only came out in a small wimp even when I so much wanted to say things to him. I think he noticed my struggled and he held me looking at me closely.

“you are going to be alright my love, don’t push it, I have called someone to check on you, am sorry they did this to you, it’s all my fault I could have not put you in harms away. You have no idea how much I regret bring you into my messed up life he spoke sadly and sincerely I could see his eyes tearing.

I slowly lifted my weak hand to his face and he moved it closer reading my moves, I slowly rubbed his cheek and the tears fall on my hand. Shaking my head I tried to stop him.

“Stop” I managed to whisper after a lot of struggle.

“they will pay for this, I swear on my mother`s soul, I will not let anyone that did as simple as lay their hand on you, go scot free.” he nodded his head biting his lips in anger.

A few minutes later a man dressed in some clean formal clothes walked in and started checking me. Opening my mouth, my eyes and checking everything about me.

“She is dehydrated, she has been exposed to harsh conditions and obviously beaten I can see bruises on her body. “The man I figured could be a doctor spoke softly

“Can you help her?” Steve asked looking at me.

“She needs to be taken to the hospital, she is too weak, she seem to have low blood too, she is too pale” he shook his head.

“I paid you a lot of money so that you can help from here. I want her well don’t give me the bulls*** of taking her and my men to the hospital man, do your job dammit and make sure she is up and kicking in no time” he raised his voice.

“Hm.” the doctor sighed

“I will do my best, clean her up and I will be right back to connect her to a drip of water and bring some antibiotics and pain killers.” He instructed and I felt Steve`s strong hands lift me up.

“am going to take care of you my woman till you get better, soon you will be as good as new. So what do you say I bath you huh?” he chuckled removing my clothes I simply looked at him, I had no strength in me to say a thing so I simply let him work.

After an hour I was well cleaned up and laying on bed a drip of water connected to me. I was fade some soft porridge and I felt much better as I fall asleep again. All the time, Steve never left my side he kept whispering how he would avenge me for what they had done to me. He would hold my hand and assure me all would be well, and inside my heart I believed him. I knew right that minute the man before me loved me beyond what I had ever imagined, in fact I doubted he knew he was so much in love with me himself. It seemed he felt obliged to take care of me but I could see it in his eyes. That pure love and concern. I prayed I got better soon to tell him how much I loved him and appreciated his care and for saving my life.

I woke up feeling stronger, I looked around and he was not in my room.

“Steve!” I called his name but it was silent. It seemed he wasn’t nearby so I tied to lift myself from the bed surprised I could at least stand though my legs where still shaking a little. I walked to the door and stopped in my steps seeing who was standing there watching me as I stopped instantly glaring at his serious face.

“Please don’t “I let a small scream but before I could run back inside he stepped forward holding my hand.

To be continued…