Love And Justice Episode 20


The stadium was filled with people, cheering happily for the newly elected President, it had been a week of busy campaigning for Tatila and his group as we planned our last move. I was feeling so relaxed and so composed that morning my head was clear even as I passed through the clouds to get closer to the front. My mind partly trying to accomplish my last mission for my cause and the other part thinking of my woman back at home. I tried to push thoughts of her out of my mind but every time she kept popping up in my head.

“We are approaching the control room” came a voice on the hearing device in my ear I quickly recognized its voice as that of Chama.

“Scar you got that?” I bent my head a little as I talked.

“got it man am in position, my men up here too, I wish you could give me a go ahead to put bullets in those two people seated comfortably in the front seats then the American behind them” he responded with a stern voice I knew he was being so serious.

“We said no more killing unless it is necessary” Ackim came in with a warning sound he had gone to help take out the guards ta the control room with Jim and one other guy. The man was good with silent take outs and I needed him in the back as I observed closely what was happening in the front my head in a cap.

“We got that man don’t worry he is not going to blow it” I sighed as I stood a few heads away from the stage were the inauguration ceremony for Jacob Tatila was being held. I stared at Makasa seated in a gray neatly tailored suit his eyes kept looking around I knew what he was looking for.

Recalling my visit to his house the previous night, we had driven in his luxurious house which he recently bought to hide from me. Thanks to my old inside man I got his location and drove through his gate in the back of the vehicle Scar posing as a normal visitor disguised as gentle business man with an important meeting with him.

“Oh, I see Sir, am sorry I had no information of your coming, my husband didn’t say a thing before leaving” a woman I came to learn was his wife welcomed Scar into the house. He grabbed her and they disappeared in and later on came to open the car for me.

“Get out now, we are in” he whispered and I jumped out of the vehicle following him inside.

“What the hell have you done?” I shouted seeing the woman lying down on the ground

“She started talking nonsense I had to shut her down” he giggled casually taking out a cigarette and handing me one.

“So what do you think about what the man from Benson told us?” he asked sitting down in a couch and folding his legs causally like he was in his house.

“I think he was telling the truth, he could not lie after all that torture. The names on the list are all the people involved in the scam to run this country, I should have known their target was to mine the newly discovered minerals in the North Western parts of this country. How selfish” I shook my head joining Scar and relaxing too as Makasa`s wife started shaking awakening. She looked up at us and tried to scream but her mouth was shut and her hands tied up she winced her eyes wide open.

“Yeah, they will pay for this man, I have gone through hell the past weeks, I have lost some men too in this damn war and its payback time” I shook my head standing up and looking out the window.

“So tell me how they planned to do that” Scar asked

“Do what?” I looked at him walking back to the couch

“You mean run the country and steal our resources?” I added chuckling.

“well you heard the man, the more reason they put such a naïve President in the office was to as to manipulate him and make him their puppet, they would get all they want from this country under our noses without any trouble with the law. “ I sighed

“Hm. anyway, all I want is justice for my men and some cash money “he giggled and we both stood up hearing the sound of a vehicle approaching.

“Our man is here” Scar smiled at me

“Good, he will find us” I smiled and went back to sit my gun closer to my left arm. Makasa walked ion with an unknown man talking and he halted upon seeing us both seated comfortably in his living room his wife tied up on the ground.

The guy with him pulled out a gun but Scar was faster shooting him before he could pull the trigger. The loud sound of the shot made Makasa shut his eyes and wanted to escape but I stepped forward catching him before he could make a move.

“Hey, we meet again old friend” I smiled pushing him down the couch he threw the papers he had in his hands.

“What the hell do you want man?” he spat angrily.

“I want you to lead us inside the building where the coronation will be tomorrow” I smiled casually and his eyes pooped looking at me.

“What for?” he asked

“well, I don’t need to explain myself to you Makasa, by the way I heard what you did to my woman and am going to make sure you pay for laying your filthy fingers at her” I shrugged pacing around as Scar kept a gun at him.

“Well. You have a bad record Steve, you always get left overs, no wonder you end up screwed” he teases with a laugh I landed a few blows in his face breaking his noise in an instant. By the time I was done I could hear him finding it hard to breath he begged to be left alone.

“Listen to me Makasa. You will do as I say or I swear you will end up like Benson. The next state funeral will be yours and I will give your wife to my men, your girl who is in the boarding school will get to marry one of my men too” what do you say, we have a deal or what” I quickly went to the point and he nodded his head in agreement.

We spent an hour with him that night telling him what he was to do and made him drive out with me in the back to monitor him and Scar in the vehicle we came with, with Makasa`s wife tied in the back to act as leverage to get him to do what we wanted, we had to use their method to get our results. The following morning we all were gathered at the house going through our plans.

“Lets put this to an end guys, we all go home and live free and happy” Ackim was the one that summarized our discussion that morning.

“I have taken control of the broadcasting” Chama spoke in the speakers again pulling me off my memory.

“Good, every unit copy that and lets all move to phase two, this is our moment boys! Let’s do this and get home safe” I spoke up.

In a few minutes the TV besides the stage showing what was going on at the stadium changed and played the scenes from the offices of Jacob showing all the talks about their plans. Those of Benson too. There was total silence for some time as people listened in what was being played and I saw the guards panicking looking around the audience, the video was followed by a list of names in block laters listed with their play in the scheme and I smiled at some faces seated in the most important seats in front. They started panicking and shouting for someone to turn it off by now it was too late, media photographers were all over getting the video of wall that was going on. The silence from the audience was followed by murmuring and shouting from the clouds.

“They are traitors!” people shouted and some guards started moving about I spotted two of them heading my way.

“Here we go men, action time “I shouted running back the cloud making it hard for me to move out.

“Get out of there Ackim!” I shouted finding a way to the back stage where I knew the president would be led out from.

“Am coming your way” Ackim shouted

A few minutes later the entire place was full of commotion with angry people throwing things at the stage and the police finding it hard to keep people away from the ministers and the guest’s seated.

“Come on cover the president!” a voice shouted and I pulled the gun ready to fire. Ackim joined me at the right time as the guard’s started shooting at us shielding their president. Jacob started running away as the men covered him.

“He is mine! Take care of them” I looked at Ackim who nodded his head.

Just as he was about to be driven away in his posh vehicle I got to the car pulling the trigger in the head of the driver making the car stop hitting the wall of the stadium.

“Jacob wow you look good” I smiled at his sweaty face pointing a gun in his face.

“Steve, we can talk about this please” he begged his hands shaking.

“Tell me who the master mind from outside this country is.” I asked without wasting any time, he started shaking without saying a thing and I shot him in the leg.

“Okey, I will tell you dammit!” he screamed in pain.

“Who and where is he?” I asked him

“I will take you to him, please don’t shoot” he breathed heavily wincing in pain.

“Just tell me where the hell he is man, I know everyone else except the master mind behind all this nonsense. I know only one man is not revealed on that list, so give me his name and address now” I shouted seeing the place being clouded with soldiers and choppers to try make some order at the mad clouds.

“His name is Augustine Hanes!” he screamed loudly and after wards gave me the address.

“Got that?” I asked from the speaker.

“Yes man heading there now” Jim responded.

“He must be five minutes away from here” he added

“Good, make sure you get him before he escapes, he should be watching the TV now. “ I told him

“Ackim, I got it, this man will be sorted by the mob and the law.” I smiled looking at Jacob now panting like a dog his suit stained in blood as he held his wound tight.

“I will not kill you man, let the law and the people be your judge but this is for my men” I pulled him out of the vehicle and drove it as the soldiers came after me fiercely.

“Come! let’s go!” I screamed at Ackim and he run to the vehicle, immediately I drove out dispersing all the units around the stadium I knew we would meet a few minutes later.

It was so hard to get out as security had increases along the roads with lot of fighting against the people but thanks to the speed Vehicles we managed to find our way out in no time.

Watch out for the finale…