Love And Justice Episode 21 (Finale)


She wrapped her legs around me tighter and let a scream I felt her vibrate a little and the second minute I vibrated too satisfied.

“Wow!” I smiled looking into her eyes the brightness in them making me feel proud she had chosen me. It was the morning after our wedding and we had spent our romantic night in the Lusaka Intercontinental hotel. I was not one to take pleasure in outings and honey moon things, but I needed her to feel special. I had given her the wedding of her dreams 2 months after the mission to cut down the entire crew of those who were about to sell us. There was nothing more I needed than to see the woman who has chosen to love me for who I was with all my flaws and all my drama. She had chosen to love me and my heart found more than peace with her. I was contented beyond what I ever imagined.

“I love you honorable minister of defense” she brushed her lips on mine with smile.

“I love you more my woman ” I responded honestly.

We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon in doors. I was taking a bath when my phone rung and Queen rushed bringing it to me

“Who is it?” I asked before taking the phone from her.

“It’s Ackim “She responded.

“Hm. What the hell does he want am on my honey moon” I chuckled making Queen shake her head at me.

“I know you want to talk to him, besides remember the only reason he is so on this country is because he wanted to attend our wedding. He could be saying bye after all” she handed me the phone.

“Hey man!” I answered after wiping my hands dry.

“Hey soldier what’s up?” I heard his calm voice from the other end.

“Am calling to let you know we are at the Airport, starting off in an hour. My wife says blessed marriage and take care of her new friend.” He spoke I could hear Paula giggling in the back ground.

“You know I still insist you ought to have taken the job offer given by the new government. You could do well as a minister too you know that?” I smiled as I walked out of the bathroom.

“Hm. No, Am done man. I have done what i could for this nation and now my time is up. I want to dedicate the rest of my life to my family. Plus you know am now more than a Rich guy” he added with a. Laugh.

“Yeah thanks to our hard working Father in law my friend has mines and a lot of estates to benefit from. “I teased making him laugh.

“Don’t tell Paula I said that” I quickly added and he laughed loudly I could hear Paula asking what it was I said.

“Nothing baby, he is just being a jerk” Ackim told her.

“Okey man let me talk to you when I land. I got to go now” I heard him sigh, as Queen helped wipe my body dry.

“Cheers man” I answered, well done once again and thanks for doing this with me. “I added and we hang up.

“So?” Queen looked at me.

“They are leaving any time from now” I responded sitting down.

I was to address the nation in a week. It was going to be my second appearance to the public. After the last hit we made in all the culprits who were involved, that afternoon of the inauguration my boys managed to capture Hanes before he could escape. They brought him to the house and after some torture he agreed to the schemes as we recorded him. The video was later on sent to the justice people.

The other ministers had held a convention that same day and removed Jacob Tatila from the presidency. All the involved guys were placed under some hearing two days later, their resources were confiscated, and all of them put prison. There was jubilation in the country as the speaker took over running of the country until after three months when new elections were held and the opposition later chosen as new president.

“Steven you are going to take up the position of the defense minister as we could not find any suitable person other than you. You know the inside of the force and your experience will help in terms of security of this country. “The newly elected president had called me one afternoon.

I was dully appointed and that was the first time I appeared as the hero on the national television. Information about what we had done had spread but people had not seen our faces till then.

After the speech which was as brief as I was not good at words, I just stated the fat that it was a duty for all of us in the nation to guard our land and make sure we all dedicated to the prosperity of our future generation and not give what is ours to some foreign people.

The simple speech was concluded and was followed by jubilation in the house, it was then that I called Ackim, Jim, Chama and (Scar) to the front and introduced them as the men who fought hard with their lives to get our nation in order.

“Am still getting my money man” Scar had smiled as we walked out of the meeting with me clowned in the military lingerie the ministers.

“I know man I will keep my promise do not worry yourself. But I thought what they have given you as an award is enough” I looked at him with a laugh

“Hm, it could be but I just want to have something stolen” he teased as we got to the car.

“Hm, once a thief huh?” Ackim had responded making us all laugh.

We were heading out the state house and went for a cerebration at my new residence in president Avenue. I could not believe I was elevated like that. My mission was to get justice but I was presented with more than I had asked for. Like Ackim had stated, I was the right person for the job and I had earned it fairly and with my life.

Three months down the line here I was married to my woman. She had gone to Mozambique to get her grandfather and we had a nice house with workers around town. A few other relatives joined him and Queen told me how they had mocked them but she wanted what was best for all of them and since her grandfather needed a close relative given his age. We agreed to let two other sisters of his stay with him.

“My love, do you know that Makasa sent a massage to me the night before our wedding?” queen asked making me look at her as I finished dressing up.

“What?” I turned to look at her.

“Yeah he did send someone from prison, he was asking if I may put in a word with you to help him get a reduced jail sentence. He said he was blinded by money and now he knows better”

I shook my head laughing softly as she explained.

“He is mad huh? He thinks he will get away with a free life after what he did” I paused

“Hm. I wonder what makes him think he can convinced me to talk to you about this” she sighed too

“Well, the guy is proud my love, he thinks you still feel something for him “I giggled

“Well I might be feeling something for him” she teased nodding her head.

“What did you say?” I stood up holding her hand.

“Yeah I do” she smiled again but quickly added

“I feel so disgusted at the thought of him and what he did to me “

“Careful how you say your words woman I might go and eliminate him from prison myself” I smiled pushing her to the wall she gasped as I kissed her softly.

“Hm. can we have a break please we have not even eaten our lunch yet” she smiled wrapping her hands around my neck

“I know, just that my wife turns me on all the time I cannot get enough of her” I whispered biting her ear lobe she giggled pushing me back.

“Let’s go and order something am starving my love” she pulled her sandals on her feet and we walked out to the restaurant hand in hand.

The following day Ackim called me and told me they landed safely and that Paula was carrying another baby for him. He said she had some nausea the time they landed. They were told at the hospital she was pregnant.

“Well, that is good news man am jealous of you” I told him

“Get to it man, you need a child to enjoy with what you have achieved. There is nothing that will make you complete than the love of your woman and your children, you will have more reasons to work hard.” He added and I knew he was right.

“I have to make my own kids now” I spoke on the phone looking at Queen laying down.

She looked at me and smiled widely.

“What?” I asked after hanging up.

“Well, Honorable I heard your laments and am glad to let you know that am pregnant already” she smiled.

“Well, stop teasing me or I swear you will not rest till you get triplets in their” I laughed touching her stomach

“Am serious, was feeling strange the past days and I bought the pregnant test last night through the waitress. I just did the test this morning and am glad to announce to you that am pregnant. We need to get confirmation from the doctor though” she explained I could not hold my joy.

“Well, one thing is for sure Queen, I will strive to make you both happy” I concluded after the small jubilation.

Days later, I was to address the nation again concerning the few changes I had made to the defense forces and as I walked to make my presentation, I could see faces of people happy and shouting my name. It was evident they saw me as their hero and I was stunned to see my relatives around too.

“Queen” I sighed in my head knowing she was the one that invited them. I had not decided to have them back in my life but Queen wouldn’t let me. I pushed back the thoughts of my aunties and cousins and looked at the waiting audience to address them. My wife smiled at me and that was enough courage I needed to go ahead. She had made sure I was neat, since she already got me to cut off my beards now she made sure my outfits were befitting to the occasions. She nodded her head again and I sighed before speaking to the people and members of defense forces present.

My name is Steven Banda and this is my story

……………………….The end……………………..