Estranged Episode 11


Just when he was still trying to understand Ana’s new behavior he received a call from him sister.

After a while of speaking with her, Yaa began to share something concerning Ana with him on phone.

Yaa: Bro, is your wife okay?

Rick: O yea. She is. Why?

Yaa: You see, yesterday when I passed by your home to see her, she acted really strange. I even thought it was because I hadn’t made time to see her yet. You weren’t around, she said. She seemed lost the whole time. It was a pretty awkward conversation…

Rick: Really?

Yaa: O yes bro! And you know she always calls me ‘girlfriend’! She didn’t call me that yesterday! And that was strange. She looked tensed, and couldn’t really chat with me. Hmm then the accident was really impactful! It’s like her personality has changed, to me!

Rick listened on as his sister spoke. Ana returned and was dishing out another bowl of porridge again. Rick soon got done over the phone with his sister and was thinking through everything.

Ana felt his gaze upon her.

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“Why?” She asked as she lifted up her head and their eyes met.

“Nothing” Rick replied. In silence they ate.

“Ana….. Did Mercy pass by yesterday?” Rick asked after a while.

“Uhmm…ooo… yes. Sorry. I forgot to tell you… She did”

“Okay…..what of Yaa? Did Yaa pass by too?” Rick asked her again.

“Yaa? Ooooo…. that I dunno. I mean. It was only your sister who passed by to see me. And we spoke briefly.

Rick started to get confused.

To be continued