Estranged Episode 12


Rick started to get confused. “O okay so Mercy passed by?”

“Yes. Your sister did” she struggled to say.

Rick still wasn’t understanding. “Wait… I don’t understand something. My sister passed by. You said my sister… Mercy passed by?”

“Uhm..Your sister passed by…. is there a problem?”

“Ana….. Yaa is my sister. She just called to let me know that she passed by and spoke with you briefly yesterday. Mercy is my friend. Mercy is actually out of the country. And you’re saying my sister Mercy passed by? But Yaa didn’t?”

The stare Rick gave her made her drop her slice of bread.

“Can you make me understand something here? You used warm water for your beverage this morning, that’s something you never do. You used sugar for my porridge instead of honey. You couldn’t remember where you keep your jewelry the last time. You’ve stopped calling me by my pet name… What is happening?”

Ana now was looking petrified and she just wished that she would disappear

“You avoid any kind of intimacy now. You seemed so lost the last time Randy came around. You were asking about his wife whiles Randy isn’t even married yet… You got him cold water, but Randy actually doesn’t take cold water… You’ve… You’ve changed…”

To be continued