In today’s episode,
While Martin pours his heart out on Demetrio’s grave, Nanciyaga sees him from afar and becomes so worried about Martin as he continues to shed tears and she walks to him and said she has to tell Martin every truth to him because she can’t stop the suffering of the boss. Martin then asks Nanciyaga to spare him because the only truth is that Veronica doesn’t love him again and Nanciyaga learning from Martin that Veronica doesn’t want to be with him again, she withheld her words and after Martin left, she asks Demetrio to forgive her for not telling Martin the truth because she realized that there is no point in speaking if Veronica even doesn’t want Martin again.
Botel becomes so furious after seeing the dress Clement brought to Magdalene to wear before the meeting and he decides that he is not going to allow Magdalene to go see Clement least to think of making her put on that prostitution dress. Botel then discuss with her not to fall for their trap but rather should call the police to help them before things get more complicated but no matter what, Magdalene thinks meeting with clement will help her know what led to her daughter’s death.
Manuel goes to his auntie Raymunda’s house to seek refuge but upon reaching there, Polo spills out every threat he said to him before he run to the forest with his dog and Raymunda hearing all these also tells Manuel that he is indeed a monster and therefore is not welcome in their house and nothing will subside the anger in Raymunda’s heart to forgive him. 
Father Juan tries to make Crescencio see to reason that, it is hard time he forgives Manuel and accept him back home since he’s now a wanderer having no place to lay his head but Crescencio still insists on punishing him for a while to make him responsible.
Magdalene puts on Clement’s dress and he calls her to meet him alone. Botel and the detective accept that she goes alone but will follow her with the police to hide somewhere to serve as a rescue in case of anything. 
Emiliano tells his love making with Virginia to Nicholas and though he describes it as a mistake but he still suggests to Emiliano that, if he thinks he wishes to do anything to forget about Veronica, then he should also try and give in to Virginia but Emiliano thinks he will prefer being with Nanciyaga than Virginia but Nicholas wins Emiliano’s heart a bit concerning Virginia and he begins have second thoughts on her.
Claudia speaks with Martin to forgive her for telling Veronica about Demetrio since she never meant to say anything but Martin tells her there is nothing for them to talk about as the harm has already been caused. Claudia still insists that Martin sees her as the only woman who will forever love him and therefore if he and Veronica’s marriage is not working out she is all his because what she started with Dussage has also gone down the drain after he detected that she was still in love with him (martin). Martin tells her that he is going to look for a way to win Veronica back after realizing that she is the only and true woman he’s ever loved and therefore warns Claudia not to try coming in between them because he can never even have her as a friend when he knows truly that she is in love with him and Claudia cries her eyes out.
Virginia begins to contemplate about her supposed pregnancy whether it is Daniel’s or Emiliano’s which she is not certain so she takes a pregnancy test and it turns out negative since that is what she confirm to Daniel.
Veronica and Blanca begin chatting but immediately she sees Martin entering, she quickly pretends to sleep and Blanca also tells Martin that she is asleep and Martin pegs her and gave Blanca some items (Novels, Projector for showing movies, football and many others) he bought for them (Blanca, Ana Perla, Polo and other) for keeping Veronica company and supporting her all these while. After they went out, Veronica says to herself that, Martin’s act sometimes makes her confused about his real character as good and bad at the same time.
Magdalene finally meets Clement and he tells her that, her daughter died of sadness because she run away and abandoned her since she stopped eating and got sick and died and this comes as a  big blow to Magdalena and she pays off his money to him and left. Surprisingly, someone walks towards Clement to take the money and it turns out that it is Magdalene’s ex-husband Aaron and this means those graves found at the cemetery were fake. Aaron then tells Clement that, this is just the beginning of their plans and he can’t wait to show himself to his wife that he is still alive and that their daughter Veronica is also alive.
Magdalene rush in tears and panting and begins blaming herself for being the cause of her daughter’s death and all these while, Aaron and Clement stand to watch them from afar and Aaron tells Clement that Botel is surely going to pay for stealing his wife from him.
Manuel again goes to attack the bar lady for telling father Juan that he may be the cause of the fire at Santelmo’s house and while he threatens her with his knife, Pablo arrives to rescue her and it ends up in a brutal fight. Suddenly, some police officers arrive and the lady tries to defend Manuel but Pablo and the canon guy refuses to let her conceal such attack and the lady is able to convince them to stop.
Martin gives Matilde’s letter to Veronica and after reading it and Matilde asking her to forgive the unforgivable since love is the deepest thing to solve all problems, she begins to cry her eyes out and Martin enters to ask her if she wishes to send a reply to Matilde but Veronica asks him to leave her alone and also there is no point in sending a reply because she doesn’t want her family to find out about what happened.
Virginia calls Daniel to inform him about how things are now moving on in her favor as she and Emiliano are now starting to know each other better and therefore she wishes that Veronica will be in coma as long as she can’t imagine. Daniel then tells her that, Veronica is now out of unconsciousness and what is the most inconvenient thing is that, she had a fight with Martin and therefore wants to return to Mexico. Virginia becomes astonish and fear grips her since that decision from Veronica won’t be best for her knowing how much Emiliano is in love with her (veronica) so she commands Daniel to be giving Veronica sedatives and though Daniel tells her it can affect Veronica’s health, Virginia insists because if she dies it will be better and if she is also refusing to die, he can finish her off.
Martin continues to beg Veronica to let him take care of her because he can’t bear her getting angry with him. Immediately, Dussage enters to offer Veronica his hotel to stay until they find an apartment for themselves and Martin thinks it is not necessary. Veronica then tells Dussage that Martin can’t decide for her again because they are getting a  divorce and therefore she accepts his offer to be his guest in his hotel and Martin turns to stare at Veronica with great surprise.
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