In today’s episode,
Alfredo advises Martin to get the divorce and not be selfish so she (Veronica) can go and be happy with someone else but Martin thinks Alfredo is insane since he can’t stop loving Veronica and doesn’t care about anything else, so he is going to tell her the whole truth about why he married her, if only she is going to admit her affair with his brother Demetrio and prays she forgives him.
Alfredo questions him if he truly thinks that Veronica will forgive him so easily and Martin says to him that, he hopes so because Veronica indeed loves him and therefore she should be able to understand the reasons for his desire to take revenge for his brother. Alfredo thinks that in such cases, women think it as unforgivable when someone lies to them and plays with their feelings because considering his love for Veronica, it is classified as a deception towards Veronica and it needs no forgiveness. Martin again tells him that he feels truly sorry for everything though it might be tough but he knows their love is stronger than anything.
Polo’s still at his hiding place and he continues to encourage himself and his dog that though they do not know their way home and also where there are is a dangerous place, he is going to be brave for himself and the dog till they are found and taken home by his parents.
Matilde receives Veronica’s letter from Jorge and looking so happy for hearing from Veronica for the first time since her marriage, she opens it and Veronica discloses to her all the problems she is going through in the hands of Martin though they have shared some happiness together but the negatives are so much that she wishes to have a divorce. This makes Matilde so worried for Veronica and would have wished to tell Jorge but Veronica has also asked her in the letter not to tell them anything. So she calls Martin right that minute to ask them to meet to discuss things concerning Veronica and he agrees.
Claudia tells Dussage that since nothing is trying to work between her and Martin, she prefers to go back to Mexico but quickly Dussage tells her that she can’t just leave him like that since he’s fallen in love with her and wants to introduce her to his parents, take her to all the French countries in the world and other countries too. Claudia then becomes shocked and happy but at the same time seeing it’s an opportunity, she asks him to give her time to think about it. After Dussage left her, she says to herself that, she is going to use him as an excuse to stay in Pueblo Nuevo till Martin returns to her and this is going to be his last chance.
The next morning, Martin goes to see the lawyer to legally and officially make Veronica entitled to half of the gold mine. He then excused the lawyer to meet with Matilde to clear things up concerning Veronica. Upon reaching there, Matilde questions him on why he has to make Veronica unhappy but Martin explains everything to her and how he wishes to make amends to make her happy. Matilde then threatens him that if ever she finds out that he still insists on ruining Veronica’s life, she will tell Jorge and she truly knows he is never going to hesitate to take Veronica from him and Martin pledges to her everything will change when he returns home.  
Pablo arrives at the hotel and Teo tells him about missing Polo and quickly he agrees to go help in search for him and he suggests to Veronica, Magdalene and the others that Polo might be in the Mina Escondida Forest because he once took him there to the jungle.
Fernandez wishes to have a feel of Virginia but she refuses to give in to him since he failed to cut off the telephone wire of Dussage’s Hotel to prevent Veronica and Emiliano from calling their family so it will push them to come to mina Escondida to pick them up since Emiliano is failing to be with her. So he decides to go disclose to everyone the image hidden behind her the name Virginia. Virginia quickly chips in to ask Fernandez if he is actually going to do that to the mother of his child and Fernandez had no choice than to stop after Virginia tells him she is not lying this time as she knows her to be and this was after Fernandez tries to give her a tough time if she’s trying to lie to him since he knows her perfectly well.
The elders of Nanciyaga’s community finally accept Emiliano to be part of them and therefore for this to be fulfilled, they give Nanciyaga another necklace and now Emiliano’s community name is Ochouhaguran. After the elders disclose to Nanciyaga that, the one the spirits have chosen for her as a soul mate is Ochouhaguran (Emiliano) but she angrily and looking very disturbed with tears in her eyes, she tells them that the spirits have lied this time around or the clouds may be have covered the vision of the elders for them to see clearly, because her heart belongs to a different person altogether because she doesn’t feel any love for Emiliano in her heart. Without understanding anything, she excuses the elders to go help search for Polo and Emiliano runs after her.
Crescencio and Botel arrives in mina Escondida and after hearing about his missing grandson due to the threat from Manuel and also how he locked Ana Perla in the store room, he becomes very angry and then disowns him as his grandson. He therefore declares that anyone who is able to find his grandson for him, he will do anything for the person in a form of appreciation.
Through the help of Nanciyaga and Pablo, Polo and his dog are found but his feet still hurts. Polo’s father Joaquin becomes so happy and he thanks them for finding Polo for him and his family.  
After the search, Nanciyaga meets Emiliano to tell him that they have finally seen Polo. Emiliano then takes the opportunity to ask her about what the elders disclosed to her that made her to look so bad and she tells him that they said he is destined to be with her till the end of time. All these while, Virginia eavesdrops their conversation and upon hearing that, she becomes very nervous.
Blanca suggests to Crescencio that the best way to pay pablo is to allow him to date Ana Perla since he declared to do anything for the person but it comes as a big blow to him but he had no choice than accept to do that since that is the wish of all his family members.
Martin arrives in mina Escondida and immediately he reached home, Veronica gets carried away and embraced him and they both showered kisses but suddenly, she realized all the pain comes back to her and she pulls out of the game and said she is going to sleep with Magdalene. Martin then comes to the point of telling Veronica and he knees and begins to ask her for forgiveness of all the things he’s done because she is the only woman he’s ever loved. He begins with his brother without mentioning his name and said he took his own life which he never deserved  and Veronica becomes surprised. 
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