in today’s episode;
Martin gets so much tormented by the things he overheard Veronica say at Demetrio’s grave and as he goes home, he meets Veronica just at the entrance and  tells her that he was desperately looking for her because he wanted to tell her that she was right by asking him to learn to forgive because he prefers to start things all over again to make their marriage work if only she still wants to. Veronica then asks him why he’s changed his mind all of a sudden and Martin tells her it is due to the love he has for her. Martin thanks Veronica over and over again for giving him the opportunity once again to save their marriage.
Magdalene comes around after fainting with the help of Botel and the detective but she still finds it difficult to believe that her daughter is actually dead and buried beside her ex-husband. She continues to shed tears and they try their best to calm her down but it is to no avail since her only hope was to find her daughter again but this is the case she only finds her dead and buried.
Virginia comes to the dining table looking so extra ordinary happy and when her uncle asks her about it, she tells him that Emiliano called to inform her that he would be returning from his trip in two days’ time so she would like to hurry to the office to do all of her work for her to be able to spend time with him when he comes back. Jorge then advises her not to try doing things to impress Emiliano by working in the company to get closer to Emiliano but rather should accept the fact that she is helping her own self by working. Virginia becomes angry and states to her uncle that she knows if it were Veronica he would have supported her to get closer to Emiliano but she actually wants to correct him that she is working for herself and not necessarily to be near Emiliano. She then angrily walks away and Salma was about following her as usual to calm her down but Jorge asks her to stay and eat and not to try spoiling and calming Virginia down anytime an argument comes up and she feels hurt. Virginia eavesdropping and hearing her uncle, states that, she is actually going to get rid of Jorge to see if his riches will make him say things to hurt people without his wealth.
Crescencio disagrees with the fact that, his family wishes to allow Veronica to take the place of their lost teacher because he thinks that Veronica is going to be a bad example to the pupils since she is an outsider.
Since the pupils’ teacher has passed away, father Juan goes to talk to Veronica and asks if she can help the children with their lessons until they find a new teacher for them and Veronica accepts it gladly with the support of Martin but his only fear is if Crescencio is going to be in agreement since he is never going to allow him to be rude to his wife and father Juan gives them his word to speak to Crescencio.
Ana Perla being so much in love with Pablo fears that, he will not return for her after he goes to the city to talk things over with his girlfriend Mariana. She continuously sheds tears but Blanca calms her down and asks her to have hope that Pablo will certainly return for her since he feels too much in love with her. But the best thing is to give Pablo time to choose between them, the one he really wants to live with.
Nanciyaga goes to Demetrio’s grave to tell him that she is not happy at all because she wants boss Martin to herself but her love for him is too great that she wants Martin to be happy and be with the white woman Veronica but if ever Veronica should cause any suffering to Martin, she is going to have her to contend with. Nanciyaga after her return from the grave discovers that Martin looks very happy with Veronica and she goes to tell him to always be happy because the dead (Demetrio) wants it so.
Father Juan tells Martin that he has done well by trying to forgive Veronica and to make their marriage work and Martin replies that he now believes that Veronica is a good woman and will allow love to take it course.
Claudia goes to the city to help Alfredo following Martin’s request that she leaves Mina Escondida to prevent her from meddling in their marriage. Pablo also decides to go with her to clear things up with Mariana so he can come back for Ana Perla.
Things between Martin and Veronica begins to work for the best as married couples and they both look so happy especially Martin and he is willing to play his part as a husband.
Though Magdalene has seen the grave of her daughter Veronica, she tells Botel that her inner instinct still tells her that her daughter is still alive.
Martin escorts veronica to the school to meet the pupils to start her first lesson with them and they become so happy to have her as their new teacher with the support of Ana Perla and Blanca to assist her. Ana Perla then seized the opportunity to thank Martin for not allowing her brother Manuel to stay in prison. Ana Perla having a chat with veronica tells her that, she can see Magdalene’s attitude in her because she does things exactly as her and this confirms Martin and Blanca’s sayings but Veronica wonders why everyone says so about her.
Mariana and her mum has already done everything about their wedding preparation and she wishes that Pablo arrives so she can show him all of the things they bought for the wedding. 
Martin takes Veronica to the most beautiful waterfall within the forests and Veronica finds it so fascinating and Martin promises her that he is forever going to make her the happiest woman from now onwards because his love for her is stronger than anything. The both of them then make love for the first time in a romantic way in which Veronica confirms that she never thought martin will seem so romantic towards her.
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