"24 Days to Christmas" season 1 episode 22


They all had no idea of whom the note came from. What scared them most was the fact that the unknown person used pure blood in writing.
They all stood there wondering who had brought the note. Their father quickly inquired from the security men at post but they had no idea.
They never saw anyone enter or exit the compound.
Franca’s Father was so sure that the letter was addressed to him since election year was close.
He called and reported the incident to the police, who quickly begun investigation into that matter.
They beefed up security and ensured the safety of the minister and any member of the family.
They once again felt secured as a family. Yaw decided to go home after spending some quality time with Yvonne and her family.
But Yvonne proposed they go out together with Franca.
It didn’t sound like a bad idea at all, Yaw felt he could use this moment to make Franca feel comfortable around him after all that had happened.
You could notice that from Franca’s action, she was a bit embarrassed after what she had done.
Yvonne and Yaw had already finished and were waiting for Franca in Yvonne’s car.
Yaw felt it was the right moment to tell Yvonne how he truly feels about her.
“Yvonne, you deserve to know my stand now. After all what we’ve been through, you have showed love to me beyond expectation. This is the moment for me to appreciate you as a woman, as a care taker of my life and as my angel. I will be very quick to conclude that i love you. I feel something deep for you and i know with time i will give you the love you really deserve. Thank you very much Yvonne”.
Yvonne felt appreciated and was completely satisfied with what Yaw said. They hugged each other in the car very tight.
“Yaw i miss you so much” Yvonne said while they were still clinging to each other with a hug.
“I miss you too, everything is ok now, am here Yvonne.” Yaw replied.
They kissed each other. You could tell they had really missed each other.
Franca came to the car and saw them kissing. She felt jealous though but had no option than to keep it within her and bury it.
She cleared her throat loud enough to create the attention that she’s around.
Yvonne and Yaw stopped immediately and smiled at each other.
When they got ready to set off, Yaw asked..
“Where are we going to by the way?”
” I don’t really know, lets go somewhere we can have our privacy”
Yaw was so much concerned about Franca’s comfortability so he proposed that Franca should be the one to choose.
” Ermmm…….i think “Papaye” will do”
” Good, “Papaye” it is”
They then quickly set off.
On their way Franca quickly texted a strange number
It looked as if Franca didn’t want to be alone with Yvonne and Yaw, probably she was setting up a date with a new guy.
In no time they had gotten to the venue. They settled down ordered their food and took some wine together as they waited for the meal to be served.
Out of no where, Daisy appeared looking very furious.