in today’s episode;
Martin goes to Demetrio’s graveyard and tells him that he promised to avenge his death but he can’t anymore since he has fallen deeply in love with Veronica and she also loves him very much and it makes him feel guilty. He wants to hate her but the fact is he really loves her. So, he is asking him one more favor whether to love her or to destroy her? He therefore demands for a sign from Demetrio so he will know what to do and just when he calls for Lorenzo to take him to the mine, a white dove lands on the grave and Lorenzo tells him that Demetrio looks at them from above but Martin again states that he does not believe in such things.
Joaquin goes to see Martin but meets Veronica at the entrance of their house, she tells him Martin isn’t at home. Veronica then seizes the opportunity to ask him if he actually knows whether Demetrio was buried there or somewhere else since she would like to take flowers to his grave as he actually was a good friend of hers so Joaquin shows her the cemetery. Whiles Joaquin leads Veronica to the graveyard, Nanciyaga follows them secretly to know their steps.
Whiles Martin is at the site with the miners and instructing them on what to do so they do not witness anymore damage, Nanciyaga rushes to inform him that, Veronica has gone to Demetrio’s grave.
The detective meets with Botel and Magdalene to disclose to her about the death certificate of her former husband, so she can now erase the act of fear she had in her heart about her husband’s threats. Magdalene though happy about his death since he cannot harm her again, on the contrary too she becomes worried since that will also make it difficult to discover where exactly her daughter is. Magdalene discloses to Botel about her visit to Jorge’s house and how she discovers that Veronica is an adopted child through the help of Matilde so she thinks that if her ex-husband is dead then it may be that her child was given as an adoption to those family and that is Veronica since it can’t be a coincident that they bear the same name.
Veronica begins to ask herself so many questions standing by Demetrio’s grave on why Demetrio decided to die in that manner. All this while, Martin and Nanciyaga have also arrived at the cemetery eavesdropping Veronica’s conversation with Demetrio whiles she sheds tears. Martin then overhears Veronica stating that, Demetrio once told her that his brother used to encourage him to fight for what he wants and that is exactly what she is doing because what she wants most is Martin and she truly can tell that he (Demetrio) knows him perfectly well and that he was very fond of him and so is she too and that makes both of them wonderful and Martin becomes so emotionally affected by Veronica’s sayings and there he discovers that Veronica could actually be innocent about his brother’s death. Before she could end her sayings, a white dove again landed on Demetrio’s grave and Nanciyaga tells Martin that, the dead is trying to send a message to the living.
Claudia takes the agreement form to Crescencio to sign so his partnership with Martin can be official but as usual he begins scolding her about the way she has dressed but Claudia ignores his scolding and insists that he signs the document so she can send it through fax but Crescencio refuses stating that the great Crescencio can just not be commanded by a mere lady who is also an outsider. Whiles he continues to resist on signing, Dussage enters the bar from nowhere to defend Claudia by commanding Crescencio to sign the document so she can take it away if not he is going to tell Martin how awful he’s been behaving towards his beautiful assistant Claudia and Crescencio sensing danger then picks up the papers and signs them.
Martin meets with Claudia right at the bar and after telling him all that Crescencio did to her, he asks her not to worry because she wouldn’t have to put up with Crescencio’s troubles again since he wants her to return to Mexico to assist Alfredo with the transaction but Claudia will not pay heed saying that, she is never going to leave him alone knowing that he has a problem which is not marrying Veronica for love rather for revenge. Martin then becomes nervous with her statement so he enquires from her how she got to know that and she tells him that she overheard him tell Alfredo on his wedding day. He then asks Claudia to forget it since he truly loves Veronica but Claudia advises him that if indeed he only married Veronica just for revenge and not necessarily love, then, he is rather ruining his life because no matter the sins Veronica committed against him or whoever is not worth it since hatred and vengeance will only embitter his heart so, she doesn’t want him to waste his whole life like that Demetrio because he is a good man who can’t try doing evil. So he should leave Veronica at Mina Escondida and go with her to the city to start a new life but Martin asks her not to interfere in anything pertaining to his life.
Veronica goes to speak with Father Juan to know if Martin ever mentioned his friend Demetrio to him before but since it was mentioned under a secret of confession he would never say a thing about the situation to her. Veronica then tells him that Martin has asked her to leave him to have her freedom back due to the circumstances surrounding their marriage and father Juan becomes happy hearing that martin has come back to his senses by letting her go therefore he will advise her to take Martin by his words and go far away as quickly as she can because Martin is never going to make her happy and Veronica finds it so weird for such words to come out of a priests mouth instead of asking her to defend her marriage. So she tells father Juan to forget because she will not leave Martin’s sight because if there is something tormenting him she has to be by his side and help him to overcome it and then they are going to live happily as a couple. Father Juan then becomes perplexed and he tells Veronica that, she is indeed very admirable and he prays that the heavens will help her to fulfill her marriage vows through patience and all the courage she needs to survive her marriage.
The pupil teacher for the only school in Mina Escondida dies and it brings deep pain to all especially Ana Perla and Blanca but Father Juan Calms them down so they should accept it the way things are.
The detective takes Magdalene and Botel to the cemetery to witness for themselves the grave of her ex-husband and right beside the tomb was also another tomb bearing a name that sounds exactly like Magdalene’s daughter veronica Martinez meaning her husband and daughter were buried at the same time and quickly she collapses.
Martin gets so much tormented by the things he overheard Veronica say at Demetrio’s grave and whiles he goes home, he meets Veronica just at the entrance and he tells her that he was desperately looking for her because he wanted to tell her that she was right by asking him to learn to forgive because he prefers to start things all over again to make their marriage work if only she still wants to. Veronica then asks him why he’s changed his mind all of a sudden and martin tells her it is due to the love he has for her.   
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