"24 Days to Christmas" season 1 episode 20


She came out and also met Yvonne who was by then staring at Yaw from the living room with her packed suit case.
The scene looked as if Yaw and Franca had just finished having sex.
Yaw was more concerned about where Yvonne was going with her belongings.
“Yvonne, where are you going to?”
“hmm, i see you are having a good time.”
“No no is not what you think, i can explain.”
“Yaw, no need ok, am going to look for happiness, i can’t find it when i’m still around here. I want Franca to be happy, she needs you more than i do. ”
Franca was pleased to see her sister going. Nevertheless Yaw was not ready to let her go. all of a sudden he had this strength in him that came from no where to keep fighting for Yvonne.
He rushed to her and held her tight.
“Am not letting you go anywhere, not when i’m here” said Yaw.
Yvonne was amazed and touched by what Yaw was doing, she just couldn’t believe that Yaw could go to that extent and stand for her.
“But Yaw….”
“I don’t care about whatever you believe ok, nothing happened between your sister and i. Yvonne don’t do this, we can work it out. Look at me, i’m here, i’m here for you. ”
Yvonne for the first time felt loved. She just looked straight into Yaw’s eyes as he kept pouring out his heart.
Yaw completely ignored the presence of Franca. As he began speaking from the core of his heart.
“Yvonne, i don’t care about your imperfections, within these few days you have thought me all i need to know about love. And just some few minutes ago, i realized that my heart led me to the wrong place. Even if you have to go, take me to where ever you are going, i want to be where you are”
He kept going on and on that Yvonne couldn’t keep her distance she kissed him passionately.
Franca got furious by then, she kept yelling “Yaw” but he ignored her.
She run towards the kitchen and brought out a knife threatening pierce the same place where she did earlier on when her sex tape went viral.
“Franca don’t do this, we can talk about this”
Yaw and Yvonne feared the fact that she could do it because she had actually done it before.
The noise woke their Father up, who was in deep sleep by then.
He rushed down only to see Franca with a knife in her hand threatening to kill herself. Yvonne and Yaw knelt down begging her not to do it.
“What is going on here, Franca what are you trying to do, drop that knife” Her father yelled out.
“Daddy no, Yvonne doesn’t want my happiness, she is taking what belongs to me and Daddy Yvonne is not the person you think she is. She is a lesbian.”
” Yaw, if you step a foot out of this house with Yvonne, am gonna kill myself”
Yvonne began shedding tears, Franca has gone over limit now, Yvonne had no option than bust out.
” yes dad, she is right, i was a lesbian and am not proud to say that. But when i met Yaw, my life completely transformed. He has been good to me, and in fact has been good to Franca as well. But Dad, Franca has always been your priority. You have always loved Franca more than you love me. The attention you give her i don’t get that back. ….”
Things began unveiling up, ever since Yvonne and her sister’s parents got divorced, their Daddy’s attention was all on Franca. Because she never had that fatherly love, she became vulnerable to any person or thing that gives her much attention and care, this contributed to her becoming a lesbian.
When she began saying all this, one of the maids who was watching all what was going quickly ran towards Franca and knocked her down.
Yaw quickly grabbed hold of the knife that had fallen from Franca’s hand.
Her Daddy quickly instructed the maid to lock Franca in her room and keep her eyes on her.
The maid did that immediately, she stayed with Franca in her room with the door locked.
“Yvonne i’m so sorry but i think this is the point in time that i need to tell you this. I have been hiding this all this while. I made a promise to your mother right after we divorced that i will take care of you as my own.”
Yvonne sat down together with Yaw as they listened to her father.
“Your own? Father what are you saying?
“Am not your biological Father, Yvonne”
To be continued