LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today’s episode;
Just when Magdalene was about taking the picture from Botel, Salma interrupts her with a conversation and Jorge also arrives to ask them to get ready since their car is in to take them to their hotel. After they left, Salma complements them as being great, nice and unique couple and Jorge also stated that he likes Magdalene so much because he reminds him of someone but he finds it difficult to recollect that person.
While departing to the hotel, Magdalene asks Botel why he needed her to take a look at the picture and he tells her that it was because the picture resembles his daughter’s childhood and Magdalene tells Botel that she would have loved to see to see that photo because pictures of little girls reminds her of her daughter very much. So Botel asks her not to worry because they will surely find her before they return to mina Escondida.
For the first time in Veronica’s life since their marriage, martin plays with her to the fullest without having to quarrel till daybreak and veronica slept off. Martin looking at her closely mentions to himself that, his love for her is very strong that he is willing to forgive her for everything because he doesn’t want to lose her but it will also be unforgivable to fail the memory of his brother and now he doesn’t know what to do because he really hate himself for hurting her anytime.
In great anguish and shedding tears, Crescencio prays deeply for Manuel and asks God to forgive him of everything but he doesn’t know if he is to leave him in prison to learn from his mistakes or get him out to prove his love to him and whiles praying Ana Perla arrives to console him. The next morning, Ana Perla goes to see Pablo to take her to Veronica to ask her for forgiveness for his brother to seize the pain of her grandfather.
Mariana arrives to give a fax message written by Pablo to be given to veronica’s family disclosing to them the state of martin at mina Escondida and they all become very disturbed for both martin and veronica. Jorge then suggests that they do something but Virginia says that there is no point in doing that since the letter stated that martin isn’t dead but only stabbed. Jorge then questions her on how she could be so mean and Salma asks his husband not to take it out on Virginia because they are all putting their minds together to solve the situation. After a while veronica begins to think about the possibilities of veronica coming back for Emiliano if martin is die and so quickly she screams and intentionally reacts like being so much worried for martin and do not wish him dead. On the contrary, Emiliano prefers that martin dies so that he can have veronica to himself.
Veronica asks martin to forgive Manuel because by releasing him he might even turn into a different person but martin finds it so difficult looking at the state he is in due to Manuel’s act. After veronica left the room, Nanciyaga enters and martin put the question to her if he is to forgive Manuel and she tells him to forgive him and let him of prison because that might make him change into a new person and since Nanciyaga’s saying also added up to veronica’s plea he gives himself a second thought of the situation. Whiles they contemplate on the issue, Dr. Fernandez arrives and veronica asks him to go with her to mina Escondida to take care of martin. Jorge then pleads with Dr. Fernandez to fly to the place to check on martin without having to go with anyone (Virginia and Emiliano).
Botel and Magdalene meets with the detective Jorge suggested and he take every detail from them on how she lost her daughter and after promised them of doing everything possible to help them find her.
Virginia calls Claudia and in their chat looking at how desperate Claudia sounded on the phone to see martin, she asks her to meet Dr. Fernandez at the airport so they all go to mina Escondida so she can see martin since she still loves him (martin) and this plan was to allow Claudia to away from Emiliano so that she can have him all by herself.
Martin calls for Crescencio and when he arrives, he tells him that he doesn’t want Manuel to stay in prison therefore he is withdrawing the complaint so it won’t prosper in court but on condition that they he and his grandson are going to sign an agreement with him that Manuel will not carry a weapon with him anymore and also forbidden Manuel from going anywhere closer to veronica or him because if anything should happen again he’s never going to forgive him and it comes as a big blow to Crescencio.