Martin calls for Crescencio and when he arrives, he tells him that he doesn’t want Manuel to stay in prison therefore he is withdrawing the complaint so it won’t prosper in court but on condition that they he and his grandson are going to sign an agreement with him that Manuel will not carry a weapon with him anymore and also forbidden Manuel from going anywhere closer to veronica or him because if anything should happen again he’s never going to forgive him and it comes as a big blow to Crescencio but still he signs the agreement. Whiles the signing was ongoing, Lorenzo and Joaquin rush in to inform martin that the mining workers have all fallen sick because it seems they were poisoned through their drinking water and they are having hard time breathing and continuous vomiting. After they all left to attend to the miners excluding martin and Nanciyaga, she tells martin that, there is no way he should have lied to veronica some days ago that the mining suffers hardship because lies always turn into reality and that is what has manifested.
Pablo goes to see Ana Perla at the school and he tells her that martin has forgiven Manuel and she becomes so happy including Blanca and Polo and Ana Perla thanks pablo for helping their family by speaking to veronica and just when she is about kissing pablo, Polo asks them to do it somewhere else since the place isn’t convenient because people might be coming there. Polo then pleads with Pablo not to make his cousin cry again because if ever he does, that will be the end of their friendship and Pablo gave him his word.
Virginia encourages herself that she has finally gotten away Fernandez and Claudia and therefore none of them is going stand in her way to being with Emiliano because he is all hers now.
Crescencio goes to see Manuel in prison and he tells him about all the conditions surrounding his release and Manuel accepts it. He then warns him that, if ever he tries anything awful again after he’s released, he is never going to intercede for him again but will allow him to rot in jail when arrested again. After continuous chart with Manuel, Crescencio gets to know that the problem at the mine was caused by Manuel since he failed to change the filter and he becomes more and more furious.
Whiles the whole community give a helping hand in taking care of the sick miners at the church, they all begin mentioning Demetrio’s name that they never experience this kind of problem during his time and veronica starts asking the miners to give her brief background of Demetrio and Joaquin helps her with that and disclosed to veronica that Demetrio is already dead and it comes as a great agony to veronica. She then asks Joaquin to show her where Demetrio was buried.
Veronica arrives home in pain.to ask martin if he knows Demetrio is dead and martin takes it lightly so veronica enquires from him why he took it in that manner and martin tells her because he already know that. Veronica then asks him why he failed to disclose it to her after telling him how important Demetrio was to him in her uncle’s company. Martin asks veronica if she is only worried because Demetrio was her teacher at their company or because they were lovers and quickly veronica shuts him up and asks him to say something stupid which he ‘is going to regret for the rest of his life because she never had any relationship with Demetrio and she wonder where he had that idea from but if he continues to distrust her as his wife then, she is going to leave. Martin then pleads with her but veronica walks out on him. He then asks himself why he finds it so difficult to make her leave and wonders if it is because of the promise he made to his brother or because he doesn’t want to stop seeing her. Veronica tells martin that though she sees that he sometimes feels jealous about certain things but he does really love her as much as she does but sometimes love is not enough but love has to be kept alive and trust and understanding must build it up.