Martin furiously continues to insist on taking revenge on Virginia and therefore will not let her go unpunished for killing his only brother and no amount of advice from his friend will let him change his mind since he wills to get justice for the death of his brother.
Virginia gets jealous once again about veronica that day in and out her uncle Jorge and Emiliano get fond of veronica on everything that she does so she tries convincing her aunt that it is hard time she realizes that veronica will continue to win Emiliano’s heart until she gets everything in the house and leave them with nothing and also that will mean that she is at the verge of losing Emiliano’s love and that pains her so much because veronica always bounds on anyone she always falls in love with but her aunt assures her she is never going to let that happen.
Martin returns to his work place and his ex-girlfriend Claudia who also serves as his secretary enters to bring him the list of persons who called him whiles away and after Claudia tries to bring up the issue of making them see meaning to be together again but martin tells him he is not going to go back with her not after she broke up with him and if she feels she can’t contain it then the best thing is to look for a new job.
Manuel catches his sister Ana Perla holing a love book in her hands and quickly he pulls it from her hands that he is not supposed to be reading a romantic book because it is going to destroy her life and as a brother she won’t encourage his sister to dive into such books but his sister questions him to give it back to her because he can’t prevent her from reading likewise their grandfather. Whiles he tries to scold her for reading that book, Magdalena who is also going round looking for her missing daughter for so many years arrives to ask Manuel to let her sister go because it doesn’t seem right for a man to maltreat a woman. Manuel drag Ana Perla to the house and after showing the book to their grandfather, he warns her that the next time he sees her reading that book, he is going to take her to the convict.
Veronica arrives home and she only enters her room to discover Virginia lying on her bed and she tells her not to do that especially when she is out of the house. Virginia then tells her that she actually understand everything she is doing to keep Emiliano to herself but she is not going to allow that to happen and veronica advises her to stop being lazy and start doing something for herself and stop always thinking of leaning on a man all her life then she is not going to that because she sees herself as a valuable woman who need not to lean on a man least to lean on relatives to move on in life but will forever work to cater for herself. Whiles they argue their auntie enters to ask why they are arguing and immediately Virginia sits in the chair and pretends to shed tears to make her aunt believe that veronica has hurt her actually and no matter how veronica tries to explain things auntie Salma will not believe her.
Martin reads through the newspapers and he discovers that the Prado Castelo’s family will be throwing a party in their house so he decides to go and also use the opportunity to get closer to that family and know them more.
Everyone dresses for the party and Virginia after Emiliano’s refusal to complement her on how she looks, she brings up the issue of trying to psych Emiliano’s mind that if it should have been veronica he would have complement her without having her to ask him. She then tries to make up false accusation about veronica to Emiliano that veronica is not as everyone thinks of her but a flirt and Emiliano asks her not to say those things about veronica. Whiles they keep on charting, Emiliano’s mother enters to inform him that a friend called martin arrives to ask of him. Emiliano then excused them and to go say hello to martin and upon reaching there he already discovers that martin and veronica are into a great warmly chart and quickly he introduces veronica to martin as Veronica Prado Castelo and this time around martin grows more and more confused inwardly and outwardly as to which of this two women bearing the V name is responsible for his brother’s death.
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