Lets Play Cupid-Episode 23



“Don’t do that..” his hands were holding her waist, she standing between his legs, her body so close to him he could feel her rising and lowering bosom as he held her tight to him

“Don’t do what?’’ she breaths against him

He shakes his head..”Nothing” and lets go off her, if he doesn’t, God know she won’t be able to stop himself, she looking so..beautiful, and he just wanted to kiss her.

“Right” she says stepping away,

Why was being so close to him making her legs weak, her heart beating faster and slower at the same time, making her warm, really warm.

You like him Marybeth, you want him Marybeth

Mayrbeth and Adam sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Her mind sang.

Shut up! Not true


Then why do you look like you can tear his cloths off right now .

Shut up.

“What did I say?’’ Adam frowns, folding his arms

“You don’t need to say anything, being the way you are, strong-faced and arrogant is enough”

Adam smiles, “At least I am true to myself, unlike a goody-two-shoes nurse who apparently likes older guys with money, I see the way you danced with the Mayor, so when are you guys gonna complete the act, would he buy you a yacht, I see the way he was whispering into your ears and how he held you as you both danced..older married guys with money rocks your boat?”

Aghast that he would dare insinuate something like that about her, without thinking, she raises her hands and slaps him square across his face

Adam blinks, and then looks at her, fire in his eyes,

“How dare you, do men like you think all girls are gold-diggers? I may not have ever had it all or born with a silver spoon like the one you have had in your mouth all your life but I have never forgotten where I came from and I have never and will never do things against the way I was brought up and even if I like older men its none of your business, but to say it’s because he is rich that I do is absurd and uncalled for and to say I would go after a married man that’s saying I want to break a home and I won’t stand and take that Mr Adam Pope, if you don’t respect and Value family, which is pretty obvious with you and your father, well I do, and your statement is disrespectful and derogatory to my person and the loving memory of my parents” she spat to his face, her eyes fierce, Adam touches his face and takes a step towards her, she backs away till she was back to the wall

“You have no idea about my life Marybeth, None!!!’’

“And you have no right to insinuate trash about me”

Anger meets Anger
“You have a stubborn and sharp mouth Marybeth..” he says

“And you are Arrogant and proud, very distasteful qualities in a man”

“Good thing you aren’t attracted to me”

“Yes good thing” she replies

He is staring at her, his anger gone.. “Yes..unfortunately, that’s not the case with me..’’

“What is?’’

He raises his hands to her face, she turns away, scared he was going to hit her, instead he turns her to face him,

“I wasn’t going to hit you Marybeth, you are annoying but I won’t hit you.. I never treat a lady to such barbaric act”

“So how would you treat a lady then?”

He touches her face “I thought you said you aren’t attracted to me Marybeth..’’

“I am not Adam’’

“Then why are you breathing hard?”

She licks her lower lips.. “Anger causes that too Adam..’’

“Anything else?’’

She frowns “Anything else what?”
“Causes you to breath like that too? “ his finger tentatively brushes against her lips. She sulks in her breath again



He really wants to kiss her, but he wonders if he should. He knows he shouldn’t but..damn he just wants to.


Marybeth, is trying not to think. She is growing warm, her anger left her like minutes ago, and he is back to being close to her, touching her face, touching her lips..

She bites it ..

Was it wrong to want to be kissed. Would she be crazy to want Adam to kiss her right now..

She doesn’t like him. No she doesn’t, but the way he is looking at her right now, her knees are shaking and she isn’t so sure anymore..


She bites her lips again

Then He moans

“Please don’t do that again..’’ he pleads, that was one of his turn-ons, ..watching a girl bite her lower lip

Unknown to him, that was Marybeth’s default habits when she was nervous, unsure..in a state of pleasure

“Do..what?” she says, wondering how long she was going to stay in control..she wants to run her hands through his hair, she bites her lips again


Screw it.

He leans in and kisses her, a light brush. And pulls away..staring at her, she was looking at him, then he leans in and kisses her yet again..and again..and again

When a tiny moan escapes from her lips, it was his weakness, he urges her mouth open and kisses her hard, she responds and before long they are savoring each other’s lips, holding her closer, kissing each other…not stopping, only to come up for air.

Leaving the wall, he kisses her to the bed, and sinks to it, their hands groping, touching, feeling caressing and before long, they were fiddling with buttons, and soon cloths begin to fly to the floor and they were left with nothing but underwear’s..as he lays her back on the bed..kissing her and running his hand over her body, his lips replacing where his hands has been..

“Adam…” she whispers against his lips

“Yes..should I stop?” he says looking at her, he would if she tells him to.


She shakes her head. She wants him, later she would think..for now, she was just going to enjoy the moment..

“No..don’t stop” she kisses him,

“I won’t” he kisses her,

Naked, they savor each other’s bodies, the heat between rising, he kisses her lips, then her neck, kneading her bosom he goes to her flat tummy, parting her thighs he buries his heads there and kisses those warm lips where her core resided, causing her to moan out holding tight to the sheets..and he doesn’t stop till she shatters, crying out her orgasm..

Going back to her lips her kisses her till she climbs down from her seventh heaven, wrapping her legs around him he stares into her eyes… “You are beautiful Marybeth” he tells her, as she holds on to him, running her hands through his hair and digging her nails into his back, slowly he sinks into her as she aches up towards him, moaning into his mouth..

Groaning, Adam dances with her, meeting twist for twist, rhythm for rhythm, caress for caress, pleasure for pleasure, as he felt her go again, when her core walls tightens around him, he takes her over the top and off the cliff as she holds him tight, crying out.
Satiated, she goes on top.

“Your turn” she kisses him as she straddles him, placing one of his hands at her twin towers and the other her soft cheeks behind, she rode him slowly and then increased her pace when his breathing changed,..passion over board, he grabs her and brings her down, kissing her as he neared his climax..feeling her quake..together they fell, breathless against each other..they kiss until their eyelids become heavy. They stay glued till morning .


She just had $3x with Adam. No scratch that.. she just made love to Adam last night and it was freaking AMAZING!!

Oh Marybeth what have you done.
Quick, she should leave before it becomes awkward. Slowly she tries to get off the bed

“Where do you think you are sneaking off to Marybeth, or should I say..Nurse Marybeth, I wonder is this how you treat your patients?” his eyes are open staring at her

“You aren’t my patient, your mother is”

“Still” he says rolling on top of her, kissing her nose

“Get up” she laughs “I have to go check on your mother, stop it Adam’’ she laughs as he kisses her neck making her squirm

“Why, you didn’t seem to mind last night” he touches her thighs, she hits his hands way.

She shouldn’t have slept with him, what was she thinking. He was just going to see her like some random girl now and after today it would be back to been an arrogant dick and she an annoying nurse and when her duties are finished here, she leaves and he forgets about her.

Never get involved. Don’t be attached..emotionally. Dammit Marybeth, she chides herself

“I need to shower, and get to work” she fights him off and runs out of the room, he laughs. A good laugh

Dammit Adam what have you done. Last night was unplanned but if he had to be honest, he didn’t regret it. Not at all.

Did he like her? He didn’t know.
Maybe. Was she annoying. Hell yeah. Was she trouble. Most Definitely..
Does he still want to kiss her again and again after last night.YES!!

You like her Adam, ADMIT IT

He sighs getting up, not wanting to think. He would think later. For now, he would just enjoy the moment..maybe he would see how it goes.

He hasn’t felt suddenly connected to a woman like this for a long time. He had had plenty..but No one gets him as easily irritated and full of desire all at once..

Marybeth was a total package of annoying, pissy, fierce, trouble..in fact all things that would want you to throw her over your shoulders and spank her..

And then she was beautiful, $3xy, confident, brave..too brave..and a sharp mouth.. and he seemed drawn to her, or was it seeing her in that red dress yesterday that had his heart beating fast?

Last night was…AMAZING!

She intrigues him..he smiles.

He strolls to her room, hearing the shower on he goes to the bathroom, slides the door open, she was backing him, he holds her from behind as she lets out a scream, he laughs

“Its me princess..relax”

She hits him with the sponge,
“Adam..you scared me” she says, the close body contact of a naked Adam was something else as he rubs himself against her..

“Sorry, let me help you with that” he says taking the sponge away,

Sighing she hands it to him, feeling tingling as he began to sponge her, when he gets to her thighs, they were breathing hard and before long..the sponge hits the floor and her back is to the wall as he lifts her, straddling her legs around him as he thrusts deep inside her again and again until they climaxed.