Lets Play Cupid-Episode 22


Gerald was talking, people were clapping, cheering, whistling, clicking of glasses, some project was announced, congratulations feel the air, cake is cut, more applauses.. the Mayor moves to the stand as he is called, Adam is now standing next to her.

Gosh she smelt so good. He should tell her she looked pretty atleast

“So whose dress did you steal, you clean up nice for an annoying nurse.?”

Marybeth scoffs, “I didn’t steal, I was given and the Mayor …why am I explaining to you. And do you have to make a ruckus for an entrance, everyone is talking about the dude who beat up the security guards”

“This fine $3xy body of mine needed some work out to keep fit, and they didn’t ask nicely who I was..”

“Right, the ‘Do you know who I am “ card” “

“You learn quickly !!”

She rolls her eyes, she was tired. She had indulged the Mayor, she wanted to go and lie on her soft bed and sleep.

But she did look nice, everyone was complementing her. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she was shown the mirror, she felt like a $3xy goddess off a vogue magazine.

And this moron couldn’t say she looked nice. she didn’t care though
Yes you do Marybeth, because he and his father didn’t , but you seem to care that he didn’t.

Shut up

“what did I say?” Adam frowns


The Mayor was back, he sweeps her again to the dance floor, Adam doesn’t take his eyes off her, he was tempted to go take her away from the mayor, instead, he leaves the party and goes upstairs.

When Marybeth is released, she looks around not seeing him again.


Adam frowns when he finds his mother, she is sedated and has an Iv attached to her arm.

“What the hell happened” he sits down on her bed, “Mum, mum” he calls her, she doesn’t move, fear grips him, what happened to his mother to have her looking like this, did she become worse, how come no one told him..

“Mother, I am sorry, I didn’t know, I wasn’t here..oh God if anything happens to you I would die” he places kisses to her face an forehead and her hands.

Getting up, he opens the door, finding a servant passing, he calls her inside
“Why is my mother like that? What happened, did she get worse?”

Silence ,

“is she worse ?” fear soakes his voice as his throat closes

She shakes her head, “Sir, she is okay now, just a scare”

“What kind of scare?”

The fear in her eyes had him on alert

“What happened to my mother, are you going to tell me or I would force it out of you” His voice rises

“Sir please..Mr Gerald would fire me, sir please I have a family …I don’t want to lose my job” she begged

So Gerald did this..

“He wouldn’t do anything to you, I promise, I just want to know what happened. He won’t hurt you, he wouldn’t know who told me.” He pleaded. She began to spill, before she was done, he was making his way downstairs, his hairs standing , his fist folded.

He won’t hit him back if he had hit him, but when it came to his mother, he had a blinding rage to hurt who hurt her in anyway, today, Gerald would see why he shouldn’t be stepping on a sleeping dog for years

Walking through guest, Adam made his way to Gerald, he intends to make sure his father bears a tiny burnt of his anger..

Marybeth turns right on time, her eyes following him as he made his way down, it was his eyes that freezed her to her toes, then she looks back upstairs as the servant appeared behind him, fear on her face.

She wasn’t the only one who saw him, Richard and Meredith did too.

“Oh Lord, Adam knows..Richard stop him, he is going to..

Richard already made his way to him, Adam pushes him aside,

Oh this wasn’t good,..

She didn’t like Gerald, infact what he did today she was infuriated but this was neither the time nor the place to spread their dirty linings infront guest, who knows if the media team were around looking for gossip.

Think Marybeth…

She saw his fist folding, a death glare in his eyes.. and then the unsuspecting Gerald turning right then

She ran, coming face to face with Adam, as he grabs one of his Gerald’s hands, she holds his fist mid air, brings it down and laughing nervously..

“Adam, shall we dance ..” she says as the guest are curious about the sudden commotion

Gerald looks down to notice Adam had grabbed him, painfully digging his nails into him and then he looks up, “Let go off me boy” he says through gritted teeth

“Did you put her in that state she is in huh, answer me” Adam says,

Marybeth won’t let go off his fisted arm, holding it tigher “Let go Marybeth, “

“Stop it you both, acting like children” she whispers, then says loudly “come on Adam, one dance please ‘‘ for people to hear

“ don’t make a scene here. It wasn’t intentional okay, Gerald..didn’t mean to. Was my fault..he was angry and your mother just couldn’t handle his baby tantrums and she went into a state, she is fine. So please Adam..not here” she lowers her voice “Adam!! “ she removes his hands from his father who is sneering at him too.

“Don’t feel like dancing. If I stay here another minute I would break his face” with that he turns and walks away, Marybeth follows him out

‘’what was that about Gerald” The Mayor turns coming to him

“Nothing Mayor,. Carry on everyone”

The party continuous..


“Argh!!” Adam punches the wall as soon as he enters “He makes me soo angry..DAMNIT!!!”

She leaves him to get ice, comes back, “Adam…

“its your fault Marybeth, if you just left things the way they are..she wouldn’t be in that state right now..you just ..

“I am sorry. She seemed happy being out and it is good for her” she says

He walks away from her, she follows him

“Don’t follow me Marybeth, I am so mad right now I’ll..”

“Do what, hit me?’’

He is resting on the table, his fist is hurting, he rubs it

She takes his hands and places the ice in a bag to it “This would help”

He is staring at her, his anger slowly ebbing away, something else takes its place, and he smiles,

“De-ja vu” he shakes his head

“What De-ja vu?’’

“Same position a couple of nights ago, me on the table, you between my legs..are you trying to seduce me Nurse?”

She looks at the position she is in now, a flashback occurs, indeed it was a De-ja vu. She smiles

“Honestly I am not, and even though, you not my type”

“oh! What’s your type?’’


“Not you!!”

“How so, how do you know that?”

She shrugs and made to move away, he holds her waist and brings her closer..”Running?’’

She scoffs “why? Am not even attracted to you Adam so..No!!”

“Oh! You are not?”

She shakes her head..he holds her closer,


She is breathless now.. “Yes”

“even now?’’ their faces are a few breath spaces away

She swallows “Yes!!”

“Now?’’ he could feel her beating heart

Silence ..

then she bites her lips


He swore