Lets Play Cupid-Episode 24



“Good morning Meredith, Richard”

Marybeth breezes past them as Meredith hands her Thelma’s food, telling her that her food is in the microwave, Marybeth nods a thank you with a smile on her face and leaves. Meredith has a curious look

“Sounds chirpy this morning”
Richard shrugs.

An hour later Adam is seen coming into the house and heading to the kitchen, Richard sees him too late to hide

“Oh, Sir Adam is going to be cross with me about yesterday, stopping him at the door, and at the party” he says to Meredith who turns as soon as Adam walks in,

‘’Just apologize, it wasn’t your fault, Mr Gerald is the boss, you did what you were told, Sir Adam might be cross but he isn’t that mean like Mr Gerald” she whispers to him, Richard nods

“Good morning Sir Adam, I made your favorite” she says setting the table for him, Richard drops a cup of coffee on the table before him

“About yesterday Sir… I am trully So-“

“Don’t worry about it Richard. Thank you Meredith. I am expecting a package, did it arrive?’’

Richard quickly hands it to him, it was his book, a finished one with cover, he tears it off and looks at it, smiling “Thank you’’, placing it beside him he continues to eat, Meredith and Richard exchanges look.

This was unlike Adam, he may forgive but after he shouts your head off when you step on his toes..but he wasn’t showing anger, instead he was..smiling. Adam rarely smiles, not when he was in the compound..Never!!

Something had changed about him.

“Why are you both staring at me?” he doesn’t look up

“Erm nothing..” they replied, still staring.

“Then don’t, at least go on and eat. Before I wonder if I have grown horns for head” he smiles into his coffee

There, he was smiling again


Adam was trying to eat, but his thoughts keeps going back to Marybeth in his bed last night and then the shower this morning and then back to the small palour ..on the table..they must have done it like..what how many times just today and whenever he keeps thinking about those things she says, a language he couldn’t understand when he is really deep inside her and how her eyes fall into her head and the sounds she makes,..he smiles.

Damn!!! Just a night and he misses her in his arms already. Was that even normal.

It wasn’t just the $3x. It was great. He can’t get enough, but it’s the after glow..its the way she smiles into his mouth when he kisses her, or holds him tight, it’s the way she looks…its..about HER, MARYBETH!

He smiles

“You have been smiling sir..” Meredith says, Richard nods

Adam frowns, “Water please”

Marybeth enters with a tray, seeing him, saying nothing she drops the tray

“Thelma is full and happy. Watching tv now. “

“Lovely,”  Meredith replies

Adam is busying eating or trying to eat, Marybeth takes a cup of coffee and trying not to look at him, she is talking to Richard and Meredith as she takes a seat next to Adam, his left hand is on the table, she places hers there as she drops the mug

Adam reaches out for his mug, and brushes her hand with his on purpose, lingering.. they snake their pinky fingers together briefly and then lets go.. thinking it wasn’t seen..
Meredith and Richard sees though, Marybeth is talking still..

“Oh let me go back, need to access the progress of my patient, spoke to the doctor today, there is a new method they want me to try on the Madame..see you guys later” She gets up, reaches across Adam to get a slice of bread

“Oh sorry” she says as her bosom brushes his shoulders and hands, she moves away.. Adam smiles

“Oh no problem’’ he says, his hands snakes to her legs and squeezes her bum, a gesture only him sees and she feels, Marybeth gasps, then covers it with a cough, she smiles to Meredith and Richard “Oh this cough” she coughs again and leaves.

Adam gets up.. “Need to see my mother before I hit the road” then he follows behind Marybeth

Meredith and Richard share a smile

“Do you think Adam’s sudden change is because of a certain Nurse Richard’’

Richard laughs “Indeed. I think she is a good medicine for his broken heart”

“And maybe the spice the family needs. Thelma looks brighter, Adam is smiling to himself..and who knows, Gerald might stop being grumpy”

“oh if only that can happen, Christmas would come early”

They laugh going about their duties


Adam is watching her from the door way, he has been standing there for over forty minutes watching the way she was with his mother.

Thelma sometimes just stares into space, talk to herself or listen to him read and remembers things as they shouldn’t, but he has never given up on her, being bed ridden and the trauma of losing Damien and her distant husband did things to her, that broke his heart. But, surprisingly, she seemed better since Marybeth came. She couldn’t work or move her lower body except her upper body and sometimes..her memory loss sometimes makes him hurt, but slowly she focuses back on him and calls his name as sweetly as she does..as she did now..seeing him standing there

“Adam , why are you there, come in. I never see you in the mornings..come, have you met my friend, Marybeth, she says she is a nurse…come say hello”

Marybeth turns , wondering how long he has been there. Adam comes and sits beside her, taking his mother’s hands..

“Yes mother, I have. She is a pain” Marybeth nudges him

“Oh don’t trouble her Adam, she is a sweet girl. I think” Thelma says

Adam turns to Maryebth “ Yes, she is”

Thelma smiles “Hmmm.. “ turning away “ I wanted to be a nurse..I was fifteen then, but papa Gibson couldn’t send me to school then. And then I met Gerald, your father.. and you came along Adam, my little diamond” she turns back to him

Adam kisses her hands..

Marybeth made to leave, they were sharing a mother and son moment, she shouldn’t be here.

Until Thelma stares blankly, Marybeth freezes

“Damien, he was my star too..happy baby. And Gerald ..Gerald and I had another chance.. he was so angry..he didn’t want you. But I did it for him..to help him but… I didn’t know, I didn’t know it would come to that. And he forced me, he threatened me..he said Gerald won’t make it..and I had no choice, he was my husband and I loved him..I had to save him. But he didn’t stop..he doesn’t stop. And Gerald ..”

“Mother, what are you talking about?”  Adam holds her hands..trying to understand what she is saying,

“Gerald..hates you because..” she began “Because…you..remind him” tears fill her eyes, her lips shake “because you remind him off..off”