Lethal Bride Episode 29


“Easton for the love of Christ, stop all this and let’s have a normal new year”. He ignored her and laid on the bed with his shoes on. “Easton do you realize my bed sheet is white”

“Crystal do you realize my heart wants you”. She stood looking at him, shook her head, then moved to seat on the couch. They stared at each other for a long time before he got up suddenly. “I will keep doing this everyday until you see how serious I am”. He shoved his hand into his pocket and left the room. Easton kept to his word and kept coming back everyday, saying the same words to her over and over again. He was bent on having her. It didn’t seem like anything was going to change his mind.

Everyday she expected him and everyday he came. Soon her thoughts centered around him, but she tried hard not to make him see she was in-love with him.

A month had passed and to her surprise he had not come up with any form of assignment for her. It was unusual and she missed having the thrill of doing everything, she missed the authority. She missed handling a pistol. She felt reluctant going to the club. She spent her time writing songs to take her mind off everything. She wrote on several pieces of paper, squeezed and threw them away, she never settled for anyone. She kept writing as her thoughts hovered around Easton. She sighed, squeezed and threw the last piece of paper away.

She spent days avoiding him, but he always found ways to talk to her. After bathing and eating, her next goal was to sleep. She laid back on her bed and shut her eyes, soon she dozed off, dreaming of a life with Easton. She woke up slowly with a feel of someone’s lips on her lips. Her eyes opened slowly to see Easton kissing her. For some reason she didn’t push him away, she kissed him back with a passion she didn’t know she had.

Her hands went slowly around his head as she pulled him closer. Part of her wanted to stop, the other part wanted everything. He stopped kissing her and looked deep into her eyes, she looked deep into his eyes too. He smiled with the corner of his mouth.

“you kissed me back”



“I don’t know”

“are you mine now?”. She smiled a little, but didn’t answer. “I guess that’s a yes”. He kissed her forehead, “can I take my girlfriend out tonight”

“Who?” she asked.

“You of course”

“Hmmmmm, I see, when did that happen?”

“Now. Take your bath, get dressed and let’s have our first outing as a couple”. He carried her over his shoulder. She giggled like a little girl. He opened her bathroom and dropped her, but couldn’t let go of her hand, he looked at her with so much adoration.

“Are you going to watch me bath?” she asked.

“Oh! Shit! Sorry, sorry, I was lost looking at you. You’re beautiful. Let me let you be, I will be downstairs waiting for you”. He left. Crystal took her bath feeling good. She hoped what they’ve started would not end abruptly.

She changed into a casual mini dress, slipped her feet into a black flat sole. She got downstairs and saw Easton waiting patiently for her. He watched her as she took each step. Having her made everything perfect for him. He decided in his heart that he was going to make her the happiest woman on planet earth. He could perceive her perfume and he loved the floral scent.

“so where are we headed?”, she asked



“i will take you there”. He held her hand and led her to his car and off he zoomed to where he wanted to spend time with her. She had never been to the beach before, she always saw it as a waste of time and unnecessary, but being with Easton it felt different.

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The sea roared and rolled fiercely, seashells were scattered all over the sand. She watched as kids ran cheerfully around the seashore with the attentive guidance of their parents. Easton asked her to pull off her shoes and feel the sand beneath her feet, she obeyed and he did the same too. He held her hand as they walked together watching people. Easton drew her attention to children that played around them,

“watch these children play, look at how their parents watch them with an eagle’s eye”

“yea, I can see that, why?”

“good, that’s how we would watch our own kids when we come to the beach as a family” She couldn’t believe what she just heard. Easton of all people is thinking of having a family with her. He noticed her reaction to what he just said.

“don’t worry, I will make sure they have a beautiful life away from crimes”. She smiled and shook her head.

“Easton, you are going too fast”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it”. He took her hand as they stood watching the waves of the sea, each of them deep in thoughts. A boy and a girl of not more than ten years of age stood in front of them, disrupting their individual thoughts. One of them held a phone in their hand,

“please can you take a picture of the both of us”,

“sure”, Crystal was quick to answer. She took the phone from them and started taking several pictures. Easton watched her with so much admiration. She finished taking the pictures and handed the phone back to them. They thanked her and ran off.

“you are going to be a great momma”


“yea, I know you would be, I can see it”