Lethal Bride Episode 28


The Christmas vacation that was supposed to be relaxing ended up creating tension between Easton and Crystal. It was New Year’s Eve already and she was going to spend it in her room alone. Since they got back from New York, she avoided Easton like plague. No doubt she had feelings for him also but she was scared it would not work out then that would mar their friendship. She decided she wasn’t going to allow any romantic feeling come in between them.

She looked at the clock, it was half an hour to new year, she kept staring at the clock waiting for it to struck twelve so that she could wish herself a happy new year, maybe send a text to Reuben and Francesca and sleep off. At exactly 11:59, a tap interrupted her deep thinking. She sat up, she knew it had to be Easton, there was no one with them at home, Easton had given them the time off.

“come in”, she said with so much reluctance in her voice. He got in and stood at the door. He seemed nervous.

“I just wanted to be the first to wish you a happy new year, it’s about one minute to midnight”. She didn’t know how to respond so she kept quiet. He got closer to the bed, “can I sit down?”,

“of course you can”, she tried to conceal every form of uneasiness from her tone.

Easton sat down and they both waited for the New Year. The clock struck Twelve; they simultaneously said

“Happy New Year”. He got up to leave but sat down again. She watched him but didn’t utter any word. For about two minutes there was a loud silence between them before he broke it.

“Crystal, I am not leaving here without your heart”. She still didn’t know how to respond so she kept quiet. “Please Crystal, I know it’s unexpected but I have nursed this feeling for a long time”.

“what about all the women you flirted with Easton”

“I just used them to distract myself from what I felt for you”.

“Easton, this wouldn’t work, it’s going to affect us”

“it won’t I promise, just allow me show you how I feel, let’s begin this year with Us”. she got up from the bed and got to the door, turned the door knob and opened the door.

“Easton lets not make things complicated, you have to go now”, he stared at her as a cloud of sadness hovered around him. Easton stood up and got close to her, he gently lifted her hands from the door knob and closed the door.

“I said I am not leaving without your heart, and I mean it”. He was dangerously close to her now, she swallowed and tried to maintain a calm composure. She knew what would happen next, she knew she didn’t have the strength to overcome what was coming. She wanted to move away from him but somehow her feet got stuck to the floor. He took a hold of both of her hands and drew her really close to him.

“Crystal please be with me, you’ve known me for eight years, I’m not a stranger”. Words got stuck in her throat, she couldn’t utter anything. For some reasons she felt butterflies in her stomach. He cupped her chin with his right hand, “Don’t push me away Crystal”, his voice turned into a whisper. She felt his hands tremble a little.

There was no inch of distance between them, she could feel his breathe, she could perceive his natural manly scent, by now her guards had given way. He kissed her forehead.

“Crystal don’t deny that you don’t feel something for me, I know you do, even if it’s little”. She remained speechless,

“if only you know how much i want to kiss you now”, she thought. He brought his face down to her face and lingered there for a while, she shut her eyes hoping her wish for him to kiss her would come true but she was disappointed when he withdrew and let go of her.

“Let me not ruin the New Year for you”, he simply said and left.

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Immediately he left, she pinned her back on the door and dragged a long sigh. She realized she had been really tensed in his presence. Her thoughts were fixed on him; she knew sooner or later she would give in. What sane girl would have Easton at her door and not let him in? She got back into bed; she knew Easton would be at her door at dawn. She dozed with thoughts of him.

True to her expectation, at dawn he was at her door knocking. She turned and faced the door. She waited a while to see if he would give up and leave, but his knocks became more persistent. She got out of bed and opened the door. Immediately he saw her, he cradled her chin and planted a kiss on her lips. She was dazed, it was unexpected but she liked it.

“Crystal I’m empty, there is a void I feel, you are the only one that can feel it up”

“what happened to the women in your life”

“you are different Crystal, can’t you see how much I want to be with you. God knows how deep I’m in love with you”, he drew her closer, “please start this year with me. You have known me for eight years, there is nothing to be scared of, you know me, allow us to be, please”. His eyes were pleading. She tried pushing him away but he held her firmly.

“Easton please stop”

“I can’t”. She knew he wasn’t going to leave until she accepted him into her life. So many thoughts rushed through her. Deep within her she knew she felt something for him.

“he has to work to get me, I’m not giving in easily” she thought. She didn’t want to be like the other women that threw themselves at him at the slightest signal. She wanted to have a long and different stand in his life.

“Easton you need to leave”. He let her go and sat on her bed.

“I said I am not leaving here without your heart Crystal”. She ran her fingers through her hair,

“why are you so adamant Easton”.

“Crystal, that’s because I want you. Crystal I have messed around with ladies but that because I was running away from my feelings, you saw me like a brother and I didn’t want to ruin that. But this time I will not run away, I’m staying to have what I want. I love you and there is nothing you or I can do to change it”. She saw how sincere he was.

“this is funny Easton”

“what is funny?”

“Us, together, its funny”. She folded her hands and stood right in front of him, “Easton its too early for this drama, you need to leave”

“Crystal have I ever lied to you?”


“then believe me when I say I’m in love with you and I am not going anywhere”.