Lethal Bride Episode 30


Days passed, months passed and their love grew. Their hearts became knitted together. Crystal felt like she was in a Disney world together with her prince charming. Easton felt so blessed to have her by his side. They did things together, went everywhere together and were quick to show the world that they were in love. For all of Easton’s life, he had never felt a love so true and pure. He decided in his heart that he would treat her like his own flesh for the rest of his life. With all the women he dated he never saw the need to have a family, but with Crystal, his thoughts were fixed on having a family with her. For the first time he felt genuinely at peace and happy within.

Every morning when he woke up, the first thing that drops on his mind was Crystal. He would walk to her room; tap at her door which would swing open almost immediately and her beautiful sleepy face shows. He would cradle her face and plant kisses on her lips and forehead before muttering “good morning”.

Life was blissful everything about love was the way she had always imagined it. With every passing day, her love for him grew; she was so attached to him already and couldn’t bear the thought of a life without him. She was content and happy with him. “no other guy would make me feel the way he makes me feel”, she constantly thought. She knew her heart belonged to him and his heart belonged to her too.

Soon her thoughts dwelt on carrying his children. Most times she day dreamed of a swollen belly with his child in it. She saw how he cared and loved her, she felt his sincerity, she observed how he paid close attention. She knew she was a lucky woman. The maids and everyone that met them saw the bond between them.

On the other hand Easton thought of so many ways to ask her hand in marriage. He wondered her reaction would be. He was scared that she was going to refuse, so that made him change his mind anytime he wanted to ask her. He started becoming nervous around her. She noticed it and got bothered.

“is there anything you want to tell me?”

“nope, why?”

“you are acting weird these few days and its getting me worried”. He smiled a little,

“Crystal, I am fine”, he assured her. He spent most of his time searching for the perfect engagement ring to buy for her and for the perfect time and way to ask her to marry him. Deep in his heart he knew he loved her so d–n much, she made him happy and content.

Crystal saw his withdrawal as a sign that his love for her might be waxing cold. Somehow she dreaded the moment he was going to totally withdraw. She paid close attention to every gesture he made, every sentence he said, she looked at his body language, just looking for a sign. Something was cooking up in his head, she knew this, she had known Easton for more than eight years and when something troubled him.

She tried over and over again to get something out of him, but he kept insisting that he was fine and there was nothing to get worried about. She forced herself to believe him and tried to ignore his new attitude. She didn’t want to loose what they had, what they shared couldn’t be shared with another. Another thing that got her worried was the lack of jobs that came.

“Could Easton be getting soft and wants to start on a clean slate”, she wondered. Nothing was normal anymore, but she kept to herself, she knew eventually he would fill her in on what has been happening. Easton knew she noticed his behavior,

“if only she knew how far I would go to please her, if only she knew how much I want her to be my wife”, he thought.

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He tried to cover up his lapses and make her feel wanted and love, but his attention was taken over the plans to ask her hand in marriage. Starting a family with her would be his greatest fulfillment and he knew deep within that their relationship would be the best ever. He kept searching for the perfect ring, a ring that befitted her. He wanted everything he did for her to be perfect. Finally he got the ring. It was beautiful and he knew she would be thrilled by the sight of it. But one thing worried him, “was she going to accept his proposal?.

He walked around with the ring in his pocket for days, thinking, planning and hoping. He loved this woman so bad and didn’t want to loose her to anything or anyone. One evening at dinner, Crystal couldn’t help but notice how he ate slowly.

“Now Easton, what is really the matter, you always look like there is something heavy on your mind these days. There is a bridge in our communication. What is it?, you know you can tell me anything”, her eyes were sad. His heart broke to see her that way. He held her hand.

“I’m in love with you Crystal, and you know this”

“but that doesn’t explain how you are so absent minded these days”. She pushed further. He sighed,

“I have just been thinking lately”

“about what?”

“about us”. That got her worried,

“what about us? Are you having a rethink?, tell me”. Easton smiled,

“nooooooo, common Crystal, why would you think of that?”

“You are not giving me any reason to think otherwise”.

“Crystal, I would never leave you, I promise you this. We belong together. Remember I can do anything just to make you happy. It’s just a phase and soon it will pass”.

“Won’t you let me in? Let me pass through this phase with you. I feel neglected Easton”

“Don’t be my darling, soon everything would be perfect. I promise”. He gave her an assuring kiss on her forehead. She felt defeated but there was nothing she could do at this point but to wait until everything became perfect. She just hoped another woman wasn’t taking him away from her, but she trusted Easton and waited for him to reveal what had been on his mind to tell her. Looking at the ring everyday tortured him, he needed the ring on her finger, he craved to see her reaction. He wanted to take his time and give her a memorable proposal.

“the ring would fit her beautiful slender finger”, he thought and smiled. Soon he started thinking about the number of children they would have together, the kind of schools they will attend, the kind of home and the kind of parents they would be. If there was anyone who made him feel different, it was her; she had shown him a whole new gate way to true love.

Days kept on going and he still waited for the perfect time. He had to ask her soon and his plans on how to carry out his proposal to her would soon be a reality. The day grew closer. He became nervous and excited. He was going to ask the love of his life to marry him. He already told his father about his plan and his response was

“are you sure, you want to do this ?”

“one hundred and one percent sure dad. I love her”

“you know we took something away from her that she knows nothing about”

“it will remain that way dad”

“alright. I have no objection to your happiness. You can ask her to marry you”. The approval from his dad lifted his spirits, he knew it was time to put that ring on her finger.