Lethal Bride Episode 20


She found her standing in the kitchen looking regretful. Crystal cleared her throat loudly, the maid turned round to see the face of the boss lady.

“what were you doing with Mr. Easton Rita”, the maid couldn’t say anything, she looked really remorseful and scared of losing her job, her hands went behind her and her head bowed. “anyway, I am not giving you another chance to prove anything, I need you out of this for good in the next one hour, we can get a replacement, its not a problem for us”

“yes ma’am”, she moved away from crystal and got to her room to get her things out, there was no arguing this one, she was caught red handed.

Rita had always crushed on Easton. Everything about him seemed perfect, she held herself from falling for a long time. Sometimes she saw herself as the lady of the house but not with Crystal in it.

She pulled out drawers, the closet and threw her clothes on the bed. She felt terrible and stupid for her actions. She wished she could turn back the hands of time, she would have held herself from behaving stupid.

“what are you doing Rita?” she turned to see Easton standing with his hands shoved into his pocket.

“I am going away”

“did I tell you to leave?”

“Miss Crystal told me to and I have to please”


“I can’t, I messed up big time, I regret my actions, and I have to pay for it”

“you don’t have to. We all have our moments of weakness and I understand”

“no you don’t sir. I can’t be in the same house with you after this. I have to leave”

“so there is nothing I can say to stop you”

“nothing sir”. He nodded and turned to go but stopped when he saw Crystal standing with her hands folded.

“why are you begging her to stay”, he ignored her and walked past her, he had no answer for that question.

She moved to the door of the room and made sure she left the house for good.

Later in the day, she jolted out of her sleep by the nagging knocks on her door. She slipped out of her bed and walked towards the door. She got to the door and turned the door knob. The door opened to Easton looking drawn and tired.

“I am hungry and that maid was good and knew what I like and how I liked it, she paid close attention to every little detail of a meal, hope you are working on a replacement someone as good as she was”

“you mean someone with her kind of body right”, she raised an eye brow “anyway a new person would be here soon, besides you have other hands and they can cook too, why are you insisting? Or you are punishing me for sending your mistress away. I know what to do, I will bring in a maid that has no form of attraction whatsoever”, she laughed, he saw nothing funny in what she said and kept a straight face.

“okay, okay Eason. Everything would be fine, you don’t need her. Lets go out tonight Easton, somewhere different apart from the club, maybe a restaurant and have dinner or a casino, you look troubled and stressed”.

“ I prefer the casino to the restaurant ”

“not a problem boss, at 8pm I would be ready”

“alright”. He smiled a little and left.

Immediately he left all she could think about was the dress, the shoe and accessory she would put on. She had a thing of showing off and she felt like showing off this evening. She opened her closet and started searching for that perfect dress. At 7:45pm she was all set. Her white contoured Jovani dress clung to her body, it brought out her hour glass physique. Her gold Miu Miu shoes had an eclectic style. She loved packing her hair into a high bun for occasions like this. Her neck wore a twenty two carat gold pacchi necklace adorned with cz stones, emeralds and south sea pearls.

She stood in front of her mirror and admired her look. Her make up was simple. She picked up her gold purse from the bed, walked to the door and opened it to see Easton already dressed. She looked at his Salvatore Ferragamo brown shoes and up to what he wore, he looked so classy and smart.

“is that Gucci Guilty Black cologne” he smiled

“yea, you like it?”

“yes I do, its sensual, brave and magnificient”

“so shall we?”

“yes boss”.

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They walked down to his car and faced the direction of the casino. When they got to the casino he seemed more relaxed, as usual she received long stares from both sexes.

Easton dressed the part, played the right game, acted like a pro and girls hovered around him. He drew one lady close to him and spoke in her ear saying “winning is cool, loosing is nerdy”.

The lady laughed out clinging her body to him, she obviously had a crush on him. Crystal never really liked the idea of gambling. She moved away from the table and looked for a seat to sit down. She finally got one and sat down. She took out her cell phone from her purse and started surfing the internet.

“hey beautiful” came a deep voice, she lifted her head to meet his familiar face, her eyes widened. He ignored the shock on her face “ I met you at the party not too long ago, can you remember?” all that came out of her mouth was “Bruce”

“no I am not Bruce, you called me that once, my name is Brian”, she got up

“please can you excuse me for some minutes.” She looked for Easton but didn’t see him by the table she left him. She finally saw him by another table, she rushed there and pulled him away.

“why did you do that? You brought me here to have fun, why spoil it?”

“look Easton there is something going on here that I cant wrap my head around it, Bruce is here”

“please who is Bruce?, she frowned

“the guy we killed that wanted to kill me by seducing me”. Easton laughed

“you must be joking”,

“no I am not, if you don’t believe me follow me”. Easton followed her, eager to laugh at her madness. Brian was still standing at the spot she left him. Immediately Easton saw him

“holy shit” escaped his mouth. “how in God’s name is this possible”

“now you know I am not insane, I knew what I was talking about”. Brian saw her and he moved closer. He looked at Easton

“hey I am Brian and you must be….”

“Easton” Easton completed the statement for him. Easton kept staring at Brian, wondering about the possibility of what stood in front of him.