Lethal Bride Episode 19


“ what truth?, look Mister this man was harassing me and I had to put him in his place. Why are you following me?”

“Miss Crystal, I am doing my job and I would go an extra mile to get the culprits. Have a splendid day ahead” with that he turned to the opposite direction and walked away.

“this guy gives me the chills” she shook her head and continued jogging. She was ready for anybody who tried to harass her again. She stopped and faced home. She saw him sitting in the sitting room. His eyes closed and his head thrown back, his face seemed peaceful.

She got closer to him, squatted and touched his arm slightly

“hey”. He opened his eyes slowly and looked down at her.

“How was your work out?”, he asked, she remembered her encounter with the lunatic over weight man and the detective, but she simply said her work out was fine, excluding the details. “you look great, why bother about a workout anyway. Many girls would kill to have such a body”. She blushed a little,

“don’t flatter me Easton”

“it’s not flattery, I mean it. Anyway concerning the detective, I have stopped the investigation on the three of you. So you won’t have any trouble with any cop or detective”

“how did you do it?”, he smiled

“I have my ways”

“you keep saying that. What exactly did you do?”

“I have insiders everywhere; people in top places helping me to sort my cases. I’m sorry about not doing my homework well; I don’t know how I messed things up. But my erasers are on it right now”, he held her palm and used his other palm to pat her, “now go and freshen up then eat breakfast. And before that, help me check the back of the house to see if the sprinklers have been put on”. She nodded.

Easton watched her as she left, he felt a little bit guilty, he wondered how life was for her without her parents before he picked her up, she was so used to him already and knew she was dedicated to her work to please him because he picked her up from the street and took her into his home. He shut his eyes and inhaled and exhaled slowly. The sound of his cell phone ringing jolted him out of his thoughts; he picked it up and pressed it against his ear.

“Mr Easton” came the voice from the other end,

“Has is it be done?”

“Yes sir”

“Good. So there would be no disturbance from anybody?”

“Yes sir”

“Alright then. Thank you” he ended the call and resumed his reminisce. His thoughts roamed through so many things, his childhood and his father.

His father was a hard man, a man who just wanted perfection and was pissed if that wasn’t reached. Little Easton then was always scared of his father and quivered at the sound of his footsteps. Sometimes his closet was his refuge anytime his dad was angry.

Finally he found a place by the side of his dad, his tolerance increased. Sometimes he wished he had his father’s perfection but shoved it aside, he kept to his philosophy, life would be boring with perfection, colours are needed, black and white would be dull.

He opened his eyes and looked around him, everything was just where he wanted life to be, he was doing well, better than what his father did, he proved to his dad that he wasn’t that clumsy little boy he knew.

His thoughts took over his whole consciousness that he didn’t see the maid standing with a tray of breakfast in her hand, she called his name the third time.

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“Mr Easton”, he blinked his eyes severally and looked at her,

“what is it?”

“your breakfast is ready sir”

“alright, take it to my room please”

“ok sir”, she walked smartly up to his room. He combed through his hair with his fingers and got upstairs.

He loved his dad and always wanted to impress him, make him to be a proud dad, as far as he knew, he was doing that. As he opened the door what he saw shocked him to his bone marrows, his maid was on his bed, clad with nothing, she wore her hair down, as soon as she saw him she got up and wrapped one arm around him, let the other hand to roam his chest. He stood fixed to the ground, he didn’t believe what was happening, he closed and open his eyes and still saw her there, her lips had merged with his. This time he got himself and pushed her away.

“what the hell are you doing?, do you still want to work here?” she came closer and tried to seduce him again,

“come on sir, I know you what this, just do this It wouldn’t affect anything between us”. Her voice which he knew to be pitchy, was suddenly calm, beautiful and seductive. His breathing became labored when her hand played around his belt. Warning bells were ringing in his head, he wanted to push her out of his room and relieve her of her duty in the house, but he was weak.

The scent of her skin played around his nostrils. She wasn’t a really pretty lady, but with what he saw, her body was perfectly molded.

He swallowed hard. She drew his head down so his lips could come over hers, he resisted for a while, but lost strength later.

He succumbed to her and found himself returning her kiss. Slowly his hand went round her body and pulled her closer, he was already drowned in her sea when he heard his name.

“Easton”, Crystal called his name sharply, standing with her eyes wide at the door. He pulled his head away from the maid quickly and looked at her, his eyes were still darkened with desire. The maid was full of guilt and shame, she knew the consequences, Easton would regain his senses and push her out of the house with maximum support from Crystal, she quickly rushed to the bed and started wearing her clothes.

“Easton, what do you think you are doing. Have you lost it?” Crystal asked. He had no words, he sighed and watched the maid quickly wear her clothes and leave. The maid rushed out without daring to look at the face of Crystal. “how could you stoop so low Easton”. He ran his fingers in his hair and slumped on the bed. He had nothing to say. Crystal left him alone and went in search of the maid.