Banking Episode 32


Just like many other organisation, Royalty Bank has a grading system in which it uses in appraising its staff depending on their department. For the marketing department, once a marketer meets 80 percent of her target there is possibility of being promoted that year. But when the target is surpassed, the promotion is inevitable.

In a couple of weeks of joining the bank, Nike had surpassed her target for the year by over 300 percent. SLOT Nigeria Ltd was the leading mobile phone dealer in the country with over 30 branches nationwide. Moving such accounts was a big deal for the bank, and of course Nike. She started her career at a very good pace. Her future in the banking system was indeed brighter than many of her colleagues.

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The development didn’t seem to go down well with Doyin. She has been with the bank for over three years and the only time she got promoted was in her dreams. She had dreamt of bringing the account of a major organisation to the bank and as a result, got promoted. The only difference between her dream and reality was that her new colleague brought the account not her. The same colleague was about to be promoted not her. With this, Nike made a grand entry into Doyin’s hate list. She would do anything to bring the new bee down.
So when Deji’s mother came few days ago to make an offer, she gladly accepted. Ireti was even kind enough to give a clue.

‘’Keep a close tab on her and my son,’’ was enough hint for her to deliver her own part of the deal. If bringing Nike down would earn her promotion as Deji’s mother had promised, she would end up killing two birds with a single stone.