Banking Episode 31


Deji only nodded and that was enough to answer Uju’s question. It was her turn to raise her supercilium.

‘’No…… way.’’

‘’Yes way, dear.’’

After a brief silence, Uju stated, ‘’since you obviously can’t be calm around her, let me be the one to talk to her date.’’

‘’You sure you can handle him?’’

‘’if I could handle those BVN customers, who else cant i?’’

‘’Fair enough.’’ Deji stated as he gestured his assistant to go ahead.

Walking up to the duo’s table, Uju was welcomed with a warm smile from Nike.

‘’Colleague. What’s up?’’

‘’I’m good. I can see you’re enjoying yourself.’’ Uju said beamingly.

Nike tried to introduce the two, but they made her know they were familiar with each other. Of course they were.

There was a day Peter was expecting a payment from Los Angeles. One of his internet scam victims had sent him money through Western Union around 8am US time.

He got the notification at 3:45pm here in Nigeria. It was not unusual for magas (the term used by Peter and his colleagues in the internet scam industry to refer to their victims) to change their minds shortly after sending money.

Peter was the biggest fan of the phrase ‘Delay is dangerous.’’ He made his way to the bank immediately , but he didn’t get to the front door until 4:10pm. The man in a security uniform refused to let him in. His power of persuasion that works for his magas disappointment him as the security man, who look like he was in his forties, acted as if denying Peter entrance would earn him double promotion.

Who uses a pensioner as a security anyways? Peter thought.

Luckily for Peter, Uju and Amanda were just coming from one of the in-branch ATMs they had to check due to the fact that the machine was just trapping the users’ cards. They met Peter on their way in and after a short conversation Uju allowed him in.

Back to the buffalos. Peter and Uju made their way to the escalator after Nike excused them. Knowing he owed Uju for her kind gesture the other day, without wasting much time Peter agreed to transfer the N405,000 to Uju’s account, but not until he had strangled a promise out of her. She had to promise to keep the issue away from his date.

Peter was incognizant that keeping the matter away from Nike’s attention didn’t depend on Uju alone. She made the promise regardless.