KUMKUM BHAGYA – Thursday (03-11-16)


​The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to meet Tanu and Tanu is shocked. Nikhil asks if she is dreaming about Abhi and she replies him that he should not take  advantage of her, and says she will land in trouble if anyone sees them together. She gives their child’s promise.
 Just then, she sees Pragya standing there and pushes Nikhil making him hide behind the curtain. Pragya asks why she is sweating and Tanu says she was torturing her. Pragya says may be Abhi wants to torture you. Tanu says you are lying. Pragya then says that Abhi sleeps on the left side of the bed so why did he call you on the right side? Tanu gets doubtful and thinks to ask Abhi. 
She pulls the curtain and sees Mitali standing. Mitali tells her that the person who was standing there went missing. Tanu leaves makig Mitali believe there is a ghost there and runs. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks where he is. He says he is outside the house. He thinks Tanu might have divorced Abhi by now, but she didn’t marry him till now.
Dadi reaches the restaurant to talk to Pragya, Purab and Bulbul. Pragya tells them that Tanu got angry and held her neck when she provoked her. Dadi says Tanu is thinking you want to create misunderstanding between them. Bulbul gets an idea and says they will make Abhi scold Tanu when he sees her not taking care of baby. She says Tanu will dance in Dussera and then Jiju will scold her. Pragya doesn’t like the idea and says she can’t play with a baby’s life. Dadi says I am with her. Purab says I don’t think so and asks her to think about the other idea. He goes to bring chocolate for her. Bulbul thinks she is stuck between them.
Tanu tells Abhi that you called me at right side of bed and tells him what Pragya told her. Tanu says you don’t love me and I know. Abhi tells her that she is a the left side of her heart, so he called her at right side. Tanu threates to leave the house with her baby. Abhi asks her not to cry. Pragya hears them. Abhi asks her to take rest. Pragya thinks that Abhi is angry and shouldn’t go near him.
Sarla gets ready. Bulbul gives her a compliment and leaves with her. Pragya asks Ronnie to check arrangements. She asks everyone to rehearse for Ram Leela. Sarla comes and greets Dadi. She looks at Pragya and looks on. Pragya asks Dadi to rehearse her part. Dadi welcomes the guests and says she wants to call Ajay Mehra who is playing Dasharath’s role. Dasi comes and enacts her role. Aaliya comes and says she will play Sita’s role and rehearse the lines. Pragya says you can’t do acting and asks her to leave it. Aaliya says who are you to judge me. I am not interested, but you have forced me. Ronnie says you can’t do it. Pragya asks him to keep quiet.
Dadi calls upon Sarla to rehearse her lines. Sarla enacts as Mata Ansuyya. Sarla talks about women duties towards her husband. She says a woman who gives more preference to other things, can’t be happy. Even if she stays in the Palace without obeying her husband, she can’t be happy. Pragya gets teary eyes and hides her face.
The Episode continues with Sarla rehearsing for Ram Leela and says a wife should obey her husband and fulfill her duty towards her husband. She says if she stays in palace and doesn’t follow her wife’s duties then she can’t be happy. Everyone claps for her. Pragya gets emotional. Aaliya says they are both dramebaaz. Pragya says atleast someone said her dialogues perfectly. Bulbul says I am so proud of you. Jhanki says you have touched my heart. Dadi calls Mitali and Taiji for Mantra and Kaikiye roles. They argue and start their usual saas bahu fight. Pragya asks them to stop it and be serious with their dialogues. She says Sponsors will leave her if performance is weak. Aaliya and Tanu leave. Dadi praises Sarla’s performance as Mata Ansuya. Sarla says she needs to go. Dadi says I will ask the driver to drop you off.
Purab reads some papers about sponsors names and is surprised as the sponsors agreed to give crores because of Pragya. He praises Pragya and says she has some skills. Abhi says I don’t do small things. Purab asks him to have a partnership with her, and says you will earn much. Abhi says I don’t need her help, but need yours. He says she makes me cry, create misunderstandings between me and Tanu etc. I want to take revenge from her, and want to torture her. Purab says I will talk to Bulbul and asks for an idea. He asks him to think about a plan.
Dadi tells Pragya that they don’t know Tanu much, but they know Aaliya well. She says we shall expose Aaliya first. She says we have to make a plan and know her weakness. Pragya says Aaliya’s weakness is money and marriage which was broken twice with Purab. Dadi says I will provoke her and get her to talk about her marriage. She asks Pragya to make Aaliya angry with her provocative words. Pragya says you are superb. She says Aaliya will then meet the person who is helping her.
Mitali says that she is very hungry and Ronnie asks her to have something. Pragya comes and says everyone is looking happy. She signals Dadi. Dadi asks Dasi, if there is a good guy in her Pind. Dasi says there are young boys in her Pind, and asks why she is asking? Dadi says I am in tension and worried for Aaliya’s marriage. Aaliya says marriage will happen. Dadi asks her to keep quiet and asks Dasi. Dasi says there are many boys, but not for Aaliya. Dadi asks what do you mean? Raj comes and hears them from far. Dasi asks her to search for Mumbai guy. Aaliya asks them not to worry and says whenever she say yes, many boys will stand in queue to marry her. Pragya asks her to tell about the boys who will stand in queue. Aaliya asks her to mind her own business. Pragya says my money will be spent on your marriage, so it is my matter. She says nobody would want to marry you. Aaliya says it is enough and you are crossing your limits. She asks until when will she refer other’s rejection as her excuse not to marry. Aaliya says you are crossing your limits. Pragya says your past says it all. You wanted to marry Purab twice, but he didn’t want to marry you even after knowing you for many years. She says I am happy as Purab’s life is not spoiled. Aaliya asks her to keep quiet else…………….Pragya asks her to get married and show her. She says a good man will never marry you, and even my assistant will not agree. She asks Ronnie if he will marry her. Ronnie is silent and doesn’t reply. Pragya says Ronnie doesn’t want to reply, your life is finished before it starts.
Dadi tells Pragya that Aaliya is very clever and will not fall for their trap. Abhi hears them. She asks her to take care, and stay away from Aaliya. She says I didn’t forget the day when she harmed Bulbul. Pragya says she will take care of herself and asks her not to worry. Dadi leaves. Abhi thinks I will talk to Dadi now. He comes to her and asks what she is doing with Pragya. He asks her not to hide things from him. Abhi says you were talking as if you are talking to your daughter. Dadi says I was talking to her, but…….She says she is worried about Aaliya’s marriage. She says we can’t get Aaliya married without her consent, and says she has bent down infront of her for her grand daughter’s happiness. Abhi says I will handle everything. Dadi asks him not to think her wrong, and says she is doing this for his good. Abhi says Pragya has snatched everything from me, and asks her to promise that she will never hide anything from him, and never lie to him. Pragya hears him. Dadi thinks what to do, she thinks she can’t tell the truth and she can’t lie. Dadi is about to give promise, just then Pragya comes and stops Dadi from putting her hand on Abhi’s hand. She asks Abhi to come and says it is an order. She says sponsors called her and the deal will be cancelled if she don’t talk to him. Abhi says I don’t care. Pragya says I will not go if you don’t come. Abhi asks Dadi to sleep and goes with Pragya. Dadi thinks about Pragya.
Raj and Tanu talk about Aaliya. Raj asks her to find her. Tanu gets Aaliya’s call informing her of something. Tanu says Aaliya went to Delhi, and hired a killer who will kill Pragya on Dussera day. She cries and says why did she have to go there. She says I will be blamed. Raj asks her not to cry, and says Aaliya is in Delhi, so she will not be blamed. He says after Pragya’s death, I and Aaliya will fraud Abhi’s company, and you can marry him. Tanu becomes happy and smiles.
Abhi asks where is the call? Pragya says it is on laptop and asks him to login. She thinks to ask whom? She asks God to call Abhi. Abhi asks where is the call. Pragya says sponsor is in foreign so first he will do breakfast and then call. Abhi argues. Just then someones call comes on. Pragya thinks thank God I am saved and wonders whose call it is.
Abhi tells Pragya that he met this girl before their marriage. Pragya says Tanu was in your life before our marriage. Abhi says it is none of your business.