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Koforidua: Marriage counselor starts movement to fight divorce


An organization called “Maintain and Enjoy Your Marriage Movement (MEMM)” has been formed in Koforidua to safeguard the future of children and the society at large, by crusading against divorce, which is on the ascendancy.

The movement which has over 200 members in the Koforidua Municipality is made up of couples who meet regularly to discuss ways of maintaining their marriages and act as voluntary counselors in their communities and workplaces to help couples.

The founder of the movement, Mr Gabriel Dei Yeboah a marriage counselor and deputy Eastern Regional Director of the Electoral Commission (EC) told the GNA in an interview that, the crusade was based on the conviction that strong families could eliminate social vices society.

He noted that the Movement reached out to many people with the basic bible subsidized educational materials and experiences to save marriages, homes and society at large adding that marriage was an institution created by God and its sanctity must be protected.

Mr Dei-Yeboah mentioned that many women had suffered mental conditions from bad marriages that resulted in painful divorces, while many children had become social misfits and liabilities because of broken down homes through divorces which could have been prevented.

He said “this crusade is base on the conviction that when marriages work, the fabric of society will be safeguarded because many of the social vices that confront us today are traceable to unworkable marriages”.

He said the rate at which marriages were breaking down and couples were filing for divorce was alarming and could discourage the youth if not properly tackled.

Mr Dei-Yeboah said it appeared that four out of every ten marriages broke down before the fifth year and called on all couples to join the movement so that together they could share ideas and experiences to maintain their marriages as well as support others who were facing challenges.

He said a book to help couples and those planning to enter into marriage to get the fundamentals right in marriage would soon be launched to serve as guide for the movement and the general public.

 Source: Myjoyonline.com
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