While many couples enjoy the security and regularity of monogamy, these days it seems like more men and women are opting for open relationships. Sometimes, opening up a relationship can be a great way to revive a long-term couple’s sex life, and other times it can be disastrous. Those who are considering letting a little “side play” into their relationship must take a few measures before trying things out.

Talking about sex with your partner is always a good idea, and this occasion is no exception. Be sure to be open and honest about your wants and needs, and take the feelings of your loved one into consideration. If your lover protests, or if you feel anxious about them matching your forays into other sexual relationships, then now is not a good time to experiment.

If after discussion you both agree that an open relationship is a good idea, then it’s time to work together to lay out some ground rules. You’ll need to decide if you want to keep your relationships completely separate, or if you want to share partners. Some couples prefer to have threesomes exclusively, while others don’t want to share the details of the relationships with each other. Find the right balance and make a vow to stick to it.

One rule that should not be up for negotiation is the practice of safe sex. Using condoms during every sexual encounter is essential, especially for those who have multiple partners.

Other options to consider include whether or not you will allow bringing others into your own home, what channels you can use to find other partners and how often you should be seeking out others for some sexy fun.