Knowing Alpha Episode 5


Dwelling on yesterday’s scene with Alpha almost made me skip school. But here I am, walking down the school corridor. I hurry to my locker, eager to see today’s note. Would you let me hold you even for just a moment? Would you let me take you on a magic carpet ride?

I read his words over and over again. I press the note to my lips, smearing it with lipgloss. Now more than ever, I need to know who mends my heart after Alpha breaks it like it’s made of glass. I move to close my locker, but then I see an envelope. I pick it up. I’m not quite sure what to expect. Perhaps another letter? But why? He’s never sent two at a time, so it’s definitely not a letter.

I rip open the envelope and find a chain necklace. One look at it, and I can tell I’m dealing with a fellow millionaire. I’m relieved my Mr. Anonymous isn’t middleclass. The necklace is so beautiful, I hyperventilate with sheer excitement.

Okay, there’s a little exaggeration there. But still… I wish for a chance to see him, to say thank you for this wonderful gift. My parents rarely buy me any gifts, and my friends don’t either. They believe I have everything I could ever need, so buying me a gift is just pointless.

Do they have any idea how jealous I feel when I see people my age receive surprise packages? I don’t think they do, and I’m not about to tell them.

I look around, hoping to spot Mr. Anonymous staring at me from a corner, but it’s a pointless move. A few students walk along the corridor, but there’s no significant person I can point out to. This is starting to get uncomfortable. I know he’s not a ghost or anything, but still, I find this very spooky.

How is it possible that no one sees him when he drops the notes? Why won’t he reveal himself to me? I’m sick of this anonymous love. It’s been eight months already. What is he so afraid of?

Shoving off these questions, I sweep my hair to the left side of my neck and struggle to clasp the necklace. That’s when I feel a presence behind me. Before I can react, an additional pair of hands joins mine, clasping the necklace in no time.

“Thank you.” I turn around to acknowledge the person. And I find him.

“You’re welcome,” Alpha says. He smiles at me. That’s when I notice his arms snaking around me. We are in a near embrace. I don’t understand. I’m not complaining or anything, but still…

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“Are you forgetting you’re supposed to hate me?” I ask. Although I want to be giddy I’m with him, I place the butterflies in my stomach on hold.

“What can I so?” he asks. “You’re trying so hard to get close to me. I should at least give you a chance. You look beautiful by the way. Nice freckles.”

Cheeks on fire, I try to look away, but he slips two fingers underneath my jaw and tilts my face upward to meet his gaze.

“If I am Alpha,” he says. “And Beta is short for Bethany, will you be my Beta?” He strokes my hair with deep concentration, it feels like he’s been craving a chance to do this all his life. I open my mouth to speak, but he doesn’t give me a chance.

“Would you let me hold you even for moment?” he asks.

“Would you let me take you on a magic carpet ride?” I gasp as a realization hits me. Alpha Jordan is not only my crush, but my very dedicated secret admirer who never fails to brighten up my day. How is this even possible? I shake my head, trying to understand.

“You hate me.”

“I hate the girl you used to be.”

“I’m sorry about…” I can’t believe this is me apologizing. He cuts me off with a kiss I never saw coming.

“I’ll be your Beta,” I hear myself say.

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This is just the beginning

The End

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Story By D.L Biranen