Knowing Alpha Episode 4


I’ll cross seven seas to be the reason behind your smile. My Mr. Anonymous attached a drawing of me to today’s note. A drawing so real, I can tell he invested a good deal of time and emotions. I wish Alpha could see that there’s someone who would cross seven seas just for me. Isn’t that like going the extra mile? Alpha can be a jerk sometimes. Why is it the guy who pushes me away I’m attracted to?

I push away these thoughts and focus on applying my makeup. A touch of purple lipstick completes my flawless look. Brad and I are going out, so I have to look my best. And no, he’s not my boyfriend. How many times do I have to clarify this? Mum walks in, holding a bottle water.

“Here, catch.” She tosses me the bottle. “The mechanic asks for water.”

“What the hell, mum?” I yell. “If he’s so thirsty, I’m sure he knows where the nearest store is. Now I have to serve some middleclass dude just because he’s fixing your car. Just great!”

“Where are your manners?” mum asks, walking away.

“Never had them,” I shout after her. “Perhaps you could lend me yours?” I look down at my heavenly white mini gown.

That mechanic best not ruin my outfit with the grease all over him. Seething, I step outside for the downgrading errand. I spot the mechanic crouching beside mum’s car, with his back to me. He’s dressed in a very greasy overall. I whistle to get his grease smeared attention.

“Here, catch.” He gets up and turns around just in time to see the bottle rocket towards him. And that’s when I see who he is. I gasp. What’s he doing here? I don’t understand. Time seems to slow down as the bottle swims in the air. It hits him squarely on the jaw. OMG! I’m so screwed.

To complicate the already messy situation, the bottle lands on his foot. Although he doesn’t even flinch, I know how much that thing hurt. His eyes take on the darkest shade I’ve ever seen. Like a miserable little mouse standing face to face with a hungry lion,

I step back. I should apologize. But I don’t. I don’t know how to say those words. I was only ale to apologize the other day thanks to hours of strenuous practice. I’m not about to go through that again. I stand motionless, gawking like a fool. I pray for the ground to just open up and swallow me. Anything to get me away from him.

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Brad drives in, answering my prayers. My hero. Thank you, God. If prayers are answered this fast, I’ll pray everyday. Eager for escape, I brush past Alpha and disappear into Brad’s car. Brad sniffs my perfume.

“Hmm. Wild.” I mute Brad’s voice, my gaze lingering on Alpha. Leaving the table water on the ground, he returns to mum’s car and resumes his work. I know he hates me so much, but couldn’t he have at least yelled or something? His silence is much more menacing than words ever could be, and although I hate to admit this, it makes me tremble.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Brad asks.


“Hey, is that Alpha I see over there?”

“No,” I say. “That’s just a mechanic.” Brad stares at him for a moment or two. I hold my breath, praying Alpha doesn’t turn around. Impatience overwhelms me.

“Are we seeing the movie in your car?” Brad starts the engine.

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