Knowing Alpha Episode 2


Standing in front of the restroom mirror, I reapply my makeup. Okay, not exactly makeup. Unless powder and lip gloss count. I stare at my reflection. What’s not to love? Who wouldn’t drool over a five foot six brunette who looks like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine? I don’t want to brag, but I’m that gorgeous. At least that’s what everyone tells me.

Alpha definitely has some issues. But hey, I’m willing to help him fix them even after he made me feel worthless. Yeah, I’m that forgiving.

A classmate behind me catches my eye. Katie. Some people call her Katy Perry, but I’m sure they’re only jesting, because, hello, if Katy Perry looked like this, who would listen to her songs?

“Don’t you have a comb or something close to it?” I ask, turning to face her. My nose wrinkles at her outfit. A striped and very ordinary T-shirt and faded jeans. Her shoes look like they survived World War Z. Who dresses like this? Oh, Katie Adams.

Her face is littered with freckles, and my eyes squint to block out some of them. My gaze strays to her lackluster blonde hair. It’s styled in a messy pony that looks like it has been slept in for no less than a week.

“Do you need some beauty tips?” I ask.

“Do you need some tips on manners?” she asks just before she storms out. I only let her walk away because I’m not good at exchanging words. I’m only good at throwing an initial comment, but when it’s time to hold a fight, I find the nearest escape. I’m so pathetic.

Cursing myself, I swagger into class and find plain Katie sitting beside my heartthrob. Although they are out of earshot, their moving lips tell me they’re in a conversation. How is this even possible? I don’t understand. If he speaks to someone like her, why then does he ignore me?

I gaze at them long enough to give everyone an idea of my rage. She hasn’t even got class! But I am everything a girl should be, and more. I’m so frustrated. Alpha Jordan will be the death of me. I march to my seat and dump my body on it. I reek of hopelessness. My eyes shoot laser beams at Katie.

“What does she have that I don’t?” I ask. Liam chuckles.

“Whoa. If looks could kill.”

“Look at the hair on that head.” I glare at her lackluster hair, her worst feature. I just want to chop it off and see if he still likes her. I’ve never had this much headache over a guy. Where is your esteem, Beth?

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“He’s a lost cause,” Paisley says.

“Forget him.”

“No, I always get what I want,” I snap. “I never accept defeat. I don’t give up!”

“Wow, the shit just got real,” Liam says.

“What does she have that I don’t? She’s so plain and ordinary. I wouldn’t even look at her if I were a guy.”

“Your loss,” Liam says.

“I’m looking at her.” I stomp his foot. Yelping, he almost springs to his feet.

“Ouch!” he cries.

“What did you do that for? Okay, I get it. I’m looking at you.” Paisley stares at Katie. I stare too. I won’t rest till I figure out what the devil Alpha sees in her.

“She’s his type, Beth,” Liam says.

“How?” I ask.

“She’s middleclass. Look at him. He’s a hundred percent middleclass, and so he knows you’re out of his league. So just forget it.” Although it breaks my heart, I know Liam’s right. Alpha and I do not belong in the same social class. But I’m not complaining, or am I?

Brad strolls into class. He heads for my seat. Although everyone thinks we are seeing each other, we aren’t. We’re just friends. Okay, maybe a little more. But we’re not dating or anything. He draws nearer and drapes an arm around my shoulders.

“Hey, babe. You free after school?”

Why, yes. Anything to get away from my boring house. Just as I open my mouth to answer, Alpha turns to look at me. His eyes burn into me.

“No, Brad,” I say. “I’ve got homework.” Homework? That’s the only thing I could think of? Yuck, I suck. Really. We currently have no homework. Oh hell, why do I have to be such a jerk? Alpha’s lips curve upwards, resembling a smile. But then he turns away, obviously disgusted with me staring at him. Wait, a smile? Did he just smile at me? I flashback to the look on his face. It’s definitely a smile. Holy fudgemonkey cow! My heart flutters with wild excitement. I want to do a victory dance right now. Alpha Jordan smiled at me!

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