Just For Laughs



  At a women fellowship the leader asked the members

  “When was the last time you said ” I love you ” to your husbands ?”
Some said yesterday, others said they couldn’t remember.

  The leader then asked them to pick up their phones from their bags and then text “I LOVE YOU” to their husbands & exchange their phones to read the replies from their husbands. Here are some of the replies some women Received from their husbands.

1. Who is this?????

2. Eeeiii Jane what happened to you?

3. Mary is that you?

4. i told you to stop drinking now see what you are texting

5. Hey!! Who is holding my wife’s phone?

6. Since when did this madness start?

7. Just tell me how much you need and stop this nonsense

8. I love you too

9. Kindly give the phone to the owner

10. Is this a trick?

11. Who are you sending the text to? Because I know this is not mine

12. Don’t tell me you crashed the car again

13. Oooo God Kate! What is it this time?

14. Wrong number!!

15. I already know u have a boy friend long time. Foolish  woman.

16. Eeeiiiiiii after 32yrs this is not real!

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