Just A Dare Episode 6



Classes are already over and I’m just coming back from my last class which is a class I don’t have with Zoe so she must have already left.
I sigh as I lay my bag against my shoulder and cross towards the other pathway before taking the street down and just as I’m about to walk towards the sidelines. My phone vibrates against my pocket. Who could be calling me? I have only four people that can call me.

My mom which is almost like she’s always calling.
Father, but he doesn’t call that much. It can be either of my brothers or it can be Zoe. Five actually.

I smile as I stare at the caller ID. Vince.

I swipe to the receiver button and glue the phone to my ear.

*So you’re just calling me”
I laugh as I walk down the sidelines.
I should get a car so I wouldn’t have to walk back to campus always like this. Well it seems like getting a car would be the only thing I would agree on with mother though I know she will make a lecture out of it as soon as I tell her that I need one.

*Hey stranger. How are you doing?
I can hear ruffling in the background so I assume he’s doing something. I hope it isn’t something that he always does secretly when mother isn’t around.

*I’m fine. College has been fun so far.

Well, not exactly fun cause all I have been doing since I’ve got here is go to class. Sleep. Get ready for class again. Go back to the dorms. Then sleep again. It isn’t really any fun or maybe I’m the one not having fun but anyways , I’m grateful that I don’t have to have mother around always so I could say it’s peaceful.

*You get a boyfriend yet?
Here he goes. the constant remainder that I need a boyfriend. I don’t really need a boyfriend and I don’t like feeling among either. Trying to do something just because I feel like others are doing it too and I should just imitate them.

*I don’t need a boyfriend Vince. I’ve told you that multiple times over.

*Come on, you’re more than old enough for one. What’s holding to back ? Is it mother and Her constant reminder for you to know that you already being tied to someone.

I couldn’t help but to laugh and I’m getting near the dorms already.

*No you don’t. It’s not that, I’m just not feeling it.
How’s Zara?

I quickly change the topic before he goes on and on about it. He’s exactly like mother. Always finding this or that to talk about but the only thing is that he isn’t always preaching to be like mother does.

*she’s fine. I broke up with her just yesterday.” And yet he doesn’t even seem the least affected by it.

*How many are they? Cause I’ve seriously lost count of them.”

I groan and he chuckles on the phone and silence follows, giving me the tip that he’s getting busy.

*We will talk later Vince and take care of yourself and my other brother that knows when to call.”
I tease and he chuckles before getting off the phone while I sigh and stare at the phone screen, is that.. A drop? There’s another drop on it and I hiss before staring up.
sh*t! It’s about to rain.
I hold my hands over my head and start running towards the dorms. I’m almost there… I’m almost there.. I’m almost there. Almost, just a little more. I’m almost there… And…

“Ahhh! ”
I scream as I trip over the already slippery ground and my phone falls to the ground. Thankfully for me, my books didn’t fall from the bag. This is exactly why I need a car. I’m sure I wouldn’t be tripping over the slippery mud if I’m inside the car.

I sigh and took the phone from the floor and the screen is slightly cracked. The mud is covered over it and I hiss again before swiping my hand over it.

“Are you okay?