Jezebel Episode 7


” how are you doing this morning ” she asked me as she dropped the fancy bag on the table and joined me on the three sitter I was sitting on.

She was wearing a tight gown which was a little above her kneecap.

” I’m doing fine, what about you ” I asked her in reply to her greeting.

” as you can see, I’m doing great ” she said smiling as she peeped at what I was doing on my laptop.

” are you also reading this story? ” she asked excitedly staring at my laptop.

” yeah, it’s a nice story, especially the actions its connote ” I replied her wishing we could go on and on with the conversation till she forget about the food.

” yeah, I’m well aware of it tho I stopped at season one ” she said handling the laptop mouse to scroll down to the last bit.

” wow, this is even the last episode ” she said as she saw the end at the end of the episode.

“” yes, it’s the last episode for the season 2,tho I’ve seen in the group that the author is already working on the season 3 ” I replied her.

” that’s good ” she said excitedly.

” can you summarize what happened in the season 2 so that we can both read this last episode together ” she asked with a pleading tone.

” diluted bullet ain’t a story that you’re gonna enjoy hearing it from someone, if not read it yourself ” I replied her.

” but I’ll brief you about it because I owe you one ” I swiftly added noticing the change in her mood.

” thank you ” she said with a bright countenance as she changed her sitting posture and sat facing me.

” Ben escaped with Gina ”

” Gina, the president daughter right ” she asked

” yeah and they both had a narrow escape with the help of Sophia ”

” Sophia! ” she said with a surprised expression cutting me short.

” isn’t she the lady Mask asked Ben to kill when the story began, I think Ben killed her with a poisonous kiss and has to kill all her guards too and almost lost his life ” she added showing how much she still remember the story.

” you’re right but Ben wasn’t going to kill her in the first place, he outsmart Mask and saved her ” I explain to her.

” wow, I love Ben ” she said smiling and I smiled as I replace my Ben with the Ben she meant in my mind .

” Gina was later kidnapped by a notorious kidnapper, in order to save her, Ben teamed up with Wisdom ”

” what the feck ” she exclaimed.

” Wisdom and Ben “she added with a surprised countenance.

” that’s a picture I wouldn’t have think will work together ” she added still looking surprised.

” I think I’ll settle for what you said earlier and read it myself , don’t tell me again, it’s too intense to listen to its summary ” she said changing her sitting position.

” that’s better but let me give you a spoiler ” I said getting her attention.

” what’s that ” she asked curiously.

” Precious is still alive and extremely deadly ” I replied her.

” the author of this story is a badass, I really don’t want her to die like that, I love that ” she said smiling.

” oh, I forgot that you’ve not eaten yet ” she said on seeing the fancy bag she dropped on the table.

” I’m not that hungry ” I swiftly said but it was too late as she’s already on her way to the kitchen.
Few seconds later she’s out of the kitchen with a dish in her hand.

” why did your number suddenly went off yesterday and I tried to call you back but it was already off ” I told her as she was dishing the porridge.
It smelled nice but I wished the smell could complement its taste.

” my phone’s battery was down and I prefer letting it stay off when charging it when it” she replied me.

” oh, that was what happened ” I said putting on a fake smile, praying in my mind that the food should mistakenly splatter on the floor but my prayer wasn’t answered as she served the food successfully.

She placed two spoons on it which meant that we’re eating together.

With fear in my mind, I offered short prayer over the food before we started eating.

” hmmmm, delicious ” she said shutting her eye as she took the first spoon into her mouth.

The sound she made gave me courage to start eating.

I shut my eye as I took the first spoon and place it in my mouth.

” wow, this is delicious ” I complemented on eating it opening my eye excitedly.
The food was delicious, everything she used was moderate and flawless unlike the first one she prepared, I couldn’t even tell how it tasted because of how pepperish it was.

” thank you ” she said smiling as we continued eating.

I was happy that the idiots left me to the meal alone.
Jezebel didn’t eat much, I could say I ate everything she brought.

” I thought you said you’re a light eater ” she said teasingly when I was done eating.

” ehn, it depends on the situation ” I replied her.

“I see ” she said with a tone that depicted she didn’t believe me.

I cleared the table and took the plates and the flask she used to bring the food into the kitchen.

I decided to wash the plates at once

When I was through doing the dishEs, I head to the sitting room and met Jezebel operating her phone. But she was sleeping on the three sitter facing the arm of the chair.
The gown she wore made her a** to propelled out in a seductive manner. The gown was a short one but with the way she slept, it has rolled up revealing almost all her thigh.

I stood transfixed to the spot I was standing as I fought the thought creeping into my head.
The temptation was much but I was able to overcome it as I sat on one of the chairs in the sitting room.

” what are you doing ” I asked with the motive of announcing my present since she didn’t notice it.

” you’re through ” she said not answering my question as she sat down and drew her gown down.

” yeep ” I replied her.

” good, just reading the episode one of the season 2 of Diluted Bullet , but I’m almost through with ” she said as she buried her head into her phone and continued reading it.

I took my laptop and also continue reading the last episode from where I stopped.

I was through before her so I opened my note and try to put some things down from the lecture I attended before I missed the next one, but I was unable to put anything down as my memory was kinda blank.
I found it hard to remember anything lecturer Kasali thought.

Out of frustration, I shut down the system and wait for my new joy to finish the story she’s reading.

” wow, that was hot ” she finally said excitedly when she finished reading it.

” if not for you, I wouldn’t mind reading all the episodes today ” she said dropping her phone beside her on the chair.

” me “? I asked feigning to be surprised.

” yes, you know if I continued reading it, then you might feel isolated till I leave ” she replied me smiling.

” you’re right, thanks for your consideration ” I replied smiling.

” You’re welcome ” she said.

” I think it’s time for you to use your drugs ” she said bringing out two tablets of drug out of her bag.

” I don’t think I need any drug again, I’m perfectly healthy now ” I said to her as I’m not a fan of drug.

” you look like it but I think you still need medication to get at full health soon ” she said returning the drugs into her bag.

” I’m alright, thanks for the consideration ” I replied her..

” is that PS 4 ” she said noticing the PS 4 for the first time.

” yeah ” I replied her.

” do you know how to play it ” I asked her.

” I’m good at it ” she replied me.

” wow, this is the first time I’m hearing a lady claiming to be good at playing pes ” I said looking surprised.

” not all girls are fans of candy crush or cooking fever ” she replied with a smile.

” let see what you’re made of ” I said standing up as I head to switch the TV and game on.

I gave her the second pad while I took the first and sat beside her
Judging from how she made her team selection which is Barcelona and did her formation, I knew she knew how to play the game like she claimed.

I acted like a gentleman and selected Wolverhampton to play against her Barcelona.
I wished I didn’t do that when the game ended and she won me with five goals to two.
I underated her and I suffered for it.
She played like a veteran and even better than Lekan.

” who thought you how to play this ” I asked her as I chose another team which was Bayern Munich, my favorite team.

” my friends in the State did, when we’re not in class, we’re either partying or playing games ” she replied me as we started the second match.
The match ended in two goals tie and she won me with penalty.
I felt my pride crumble at once as I challenged her for more.

With a mind set to win her, I was able to defeat her with a lone goal.

We played up to six games more, I won four and she won two.
It was fun all through as we laughed at our errors and gist about some issues as we played the game.

We’re on the seventh game when the light suddenly went off.
We’ve been using the light on three days streak without it going and I was sure it’s going to be brought back before nightfall.

” you’re good ” I said to her dropping the pad.

” but you won me most” she replied feigning a long face.

” that’s because I’m a guy and I play this game a lot with my friends too ” I replied her smiling.

We’re both sitting on the three sitter close to each other.

” you’re right, but do you know there’s something strange about you ” she said facing me.

” what’s that ” I asked with a curiosity filled tone.

” I seemed to be happy around you, it seems like I’ve known you long time ago ” she said and I suddenly felt my chest got cold, my heart was freezing as it started beating fast. I stared at her like a dummy not knowing what to say.

” even tho our meeting was kinda unpleasant but it felt like we’re destined to meet because it felt like you filled a shallow space within me ” she went on and on and on till I couldn’t comprehend what she was telling me again.
It was the first time a girl I truly Like will be telling me such and apart from my mom, she’s the first girl I seemed to get emotionally attached to.

I didn’t know what she was talking about or how what happened next happened as I placed my two hands on her cheek and she stopped talking as I stared deep into her eye.
My head was controlling itself as it was moving closer to her face, few inches to her face, I suddenly felt a hot slap landed on my cheek and fell off the chair as she pushed me down.

That was when my brain rebooted itself and started working normally.

” do you want to take advantage of me because of what I said to you now, I meant as a friend not this” she said angrily as she got up, took her bag and left.

I was ashamed of myself for what I did but I was also curious to know what she said.

” what did she meant as a friend ” I asked myself
I just stayed on the rug feeling devastated.
If only she had known that my ear had stopped functioning at the peak of the conversation.
My first trial at love and I blew it. I really felt like crying but I manned up as I sat back on the chair and slept off wishing it was just a dream.