Jezebel Episode 6


” brother, how far my phone ” I asked the engineer as I got to his place in the evening.

” na you bring that hot 6 abi ” he asked me as he had a phone in his hand which he was unscrewing.

” yes, have you gotten it working ” I asked him.

” the thing is that the complete screen and touch is scarce right now, I’ve even been to computer village but they no get am ” he replied me not looking up.

” I knew it, I shouldn’t have paid you the full amount ” I said angrily.

” ahn ahn, padi mi, I swear I no dey lie, I was just coming back from computer village and as im big reach, na everywhere I searched but them no get am ” he said, dropping the phone he was losing.

” Smallie ” he called a boy beside him.
I presumed the boy to be his apprentice, the boy was operating a small nokia express music.

” Smallie ” he screamed when the boy seemed to be lost in whatever it was he was doing on the phone in his hand and didn’t respond to his first call.

” Sir ” the boy startling replied as he got up.

” ma shi seize phone yen lowo e, koto shey ori pipa bi ti ijapa ” he threatened and abuse the boy in Yoruba language, meaning ” I’ll still seize that phone from you with that your bald head like tortoise own “.

” e ma binu Sir ” the boy apologize putting the phone inside his pocket.

” oya where did I go this afternoon ” he asked the boy who looked utterly confused.

” oga, you didn’t go anywhere oo ” the boy replied.

” abi were ni e ni, o ti gbagbe nkan ti mo so fun e tele, ma pa e leni ni ” he said to the boy in Yoruba language thinking I don’t know the language.
Meaning “are you mad?, have you forgotten what I told you before, I’ll kill you today “.

” ah yes oga, I’ve remember where you went to ” the boy said feigning to just remember where the guy had went to.

” ehn ehn ” the guy retorted smiling.

” you went to go and play bet9ja virtual in the next shop and you ” a knock landed on Smallie’s head before he could complete the sentence.

” yeeh ” Smallie screamed holding his head.

” oya outside ” the engineer said to Smallie pointing at the exit.

” what I do na, shebi I answered your question ni ” Smallie protested, holding his head as he head outside.

” don’t mind that stupid boy joor, he always smoke India hemp whenever I’m out ” he said to me after Smallie has exited the shop.

” it’s okay, when should I come for it ” I asked him.

” before 12 tomorrow morning ,it would have been ready ” he replied me.

” I don’t want to hear story tomorrow oo ” I said to him holding my ear.

” trust me this time, it will be ready before 12 ” he ascertained me.

” okay, let me have my sims and
memory card ” I said to him and he handed a small nylon which had “Ben ” inscripted on it.
The nylon contained my two sims and memory card . I collected it from him and made my way out of his shop.
I had almost gotten to the exit before I stopped and turned back.

” and one more thing ” I said gaining the attention of the engineer.

” e ma pa Smallie oo ” I said smiling before I exited his shop not waiting to see the shock that would have clustered to his face.

Many people always think I was from the eastern part of the country, from the igbo tribe. Momma was from the east but she’s been in the west for a long time that she speak Yoruba fluently than some of the western indigenes. None out of my elder brothers or me could speak the Igbo language because mom didn’t teach us.
If not that she use to communicate with some of her relatives on the phone or when they visit us in Abeokuta with the language , I would have thought she doesn’t understand or had forgotten how to speak the language.

Dad was from the west, an indigene of Lagos state but residing in Ogun state, Abeokuta precisely.

I took after mom’s late father with facial look and that’s how I got to look like Igbo.

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On getting home, I asked Lekan to borrow me his small itel china phone which he had abandoned because it has earpiece problem.

I inserted my two sims into it but didn’t put my memory card because I was scared it might corrupt it.

My mom’s call was the first to appear on the screen.
I knew she would have called me more than hundred time, especially when my number wasn’t going through. And because such hasn’t happen before, she didn’t bother to collect my friend’s number. I connected my earphone to the phone before I answered the call.

” hello mom ” I said as I answered the call.

” omo mi, what happened, I’ve been calling your number since morning, I’ve drop many messages for you on WhatsApp but none was going through ” she said with a worried tone.

” my phone got spoilt, just borrowed one of my friend’s phone and inserted my sim into it ” I replied her.

” but you should have done that since, I was just about to leave house and start coming to your school, my mind has been restless since morning ” she said to me slightly raising her voice.

” I’m sorry mom, it didn’t cross my mind ” I swiftly apologize.
I knew my momma better to apologize at such moment.

” okay, how are you doing ” she asked.

” I’m doing fine ” I replied her.

” and your friends ” she asked.

” they’re all okay mom ” I replied her.

” good, hope nothing is wrong because my mind has been with you since morning ” she asked.

” nothing is wrong mom, I’m okay ” I replied her kinda getting frustrated at her repeating same questions in different format.

” okay omo mi, ma shey jeje oo and my regards to your friends, lord will be with all of you ” she said finally dropping the call.

” Thank God ” I said dropping the phone on the bed. It suddenly started ringing again, I swiftly took it thinking it was Jezebel but was disappointed as I saw it was my mom calling again.

” hello mom, what’s it again ” I grudgingly asked as I answered the call

” wanted to remind you of the warning I gave you yesterday ” she said

” hope you still remember it ” she added.

” mommy ” I stressed it out.

” don’t mommy me my dear, just answer what I asked you ” she barked at me.

” I remember mom, how will I forgot such important message from the holy spirit ” I replied her.

” better, don’t forget it, and make sure you’re prayerful so that any Jezebel won’t come into your life ” she said kinda sending a electric wave into my body.

” Jezebel ” I didn’t know when I said it loud.

” yes, make sure you’re prayerful that any lady that will lead you astray like Jezebel did to Ahab doesn’t come your way ” she said clearing me of the thought that had firstly crept into my mind when she made mentioned of Jezebel.
I thought that she had seen another vision about Jezebel that I just met.

” alright mom, I’ll make sure I put it to mind and prayer ” I replied her.

” that’s good, remember to attend the church program you have tomorrow and ”

” okay mom ” I interrupted her , dropping the call at once before she nag me to death.

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I dropped my phone on the bed and head to the sitting room to get my laptop so that I could form note for the lecture I attended earlier in the morning .

Lekan was playing road rash on it while Usman and Samuel were reading, tho I find it wierd because exam wasn’t coming anytime soon.

I wanted to take my laptop from him, but he didn’t allow me and after many trials I gave up on collecting it from him and returned inside.

I took the phone to check the time and saw a missed call from a strange number.

My heart jumped for joy at once and I hurriedly dialed the number.

” welcome to your airtel offer for today ” was what I heard next inside my ear.

” what ” I exclaimed irritatingly as I drop the call.

I was too excited to cross check the number before dialing it.
I knew all airtel customer care off hand and doesn’t pick it whenever they call.

I sank into the bed as all the day’s activities started replaying inside my head.
I suddenly remembered the pepperish porridge Jezebel prepared and I started smiling.
It was indeed a terrible event, one I pray I never encounter in my life again.
And I was punished by it by the three idiots as they made me prepare dinner, not minding the situation I was in.
The Fentanyl that she injected me with worked a great deal as I felt no pain from the bruises I procured from the beating.

I was sure I’ve fallen for her and I couldn’t lie to my heart about it.

I was already lost in thought when my phone rang. I jerked away from the thought as I swiftly took the phone, it was an unknown number. I put the earphone into my ear as I picked the call.

” hello ” an angelic voice said to me. I recognized the voice at once.

” Jezebel ” I said feeling excited.

” yes, am I talking to Ben ” she asked.

” yeah, how are you doing ” I asked her

” I’m fine, how’s your health ” she asked back.

” I think I’m getting better and the pain reliever you gave to me really worked a great deal ” I said to her not hiding how excited I was.

” it should be, I have my own recipe added to it, which enhanced its functions ” she replied.

” really ” I exclaimed.

” that’s great “I added smiling.

” thank you ” she said chuckling.

” and thanks for the meal you prepared today, it was delicious, wish I can have it again ” I said to tease her.

” really ” she exclaimed.

” maybe I’m gonna prepare it for you when I come around tomorrow since tomorrow is a lecture free day ” she added shocking me.

” what ” I exclaimed.
I didn’t know if I should be excited that she declared she’s gonna come around the next day or if to be sad that my joke landed me in trouble.

” or I’m gonna do it this way, I’ll cook it along when coming and you’ll have it as breakfast with your friends ” she said shocking me more and to worsen the situation, the call suddenly drop.
I tried the number but it has been switched off.

I tried it again and it was the same.
I felt like crying as I stood up and head to the sitting room to inform the three idiots about the situation.

I knew the reason Samuel and Usman were reading and Lekan not returning my laptop when I got to the sitting room.

Usman and Samuel were into a bet and Lekan was the referee.
He’s using some of my saved note on the laptop to ask them questions and the one with the highest point wins the two thousand naira they both bet.

I would have teased them and disrupted the bet but the situation I was in made me sat down gently and watched them till they finished their game.

After five minutes, the game ended and Samuel won with two points.
As the board man, Lekan received two hundred naira. After teasing the hella outta Usman life, Samuel gave him two hundred naira and kept the remaining one thousand six hundred naira for himself, tho I knew he’s going to use the six hundred naira gain to entertain us the next day.

” wetin do you ” Lekan asked, noticing my mood after they’re done teasing Usman.

” guys , I’m in serious trouble ” I replied looking worried.

” what happened ” Lekan asked as they all gathered around me in a flash

” that girl is coming tomorrow ” I replied and they all suddenly bursted into laughter.

” chai ” Samuel exclaimed shaking his head.

” so you’re in trouble because a girl is coming to visit you ” Usman said still laughing.

” this guy will just kill us with unnecessary suspense one day” Lekan said as he head back to where he was sitting, same as Samuel while Usman head to the bathroom .

” she’s coming tomorrow’s morning and she said she’s going to prepare porridge for us and bring it with her when she’s coming ” I dropped the bombshell and they all paused where they are like they’re been controlled by a remote.
Then in a swift motion, they turned back and scampered to where I was seating.

” you said ” Lekan asked as they squat beside me.

” you heard it the first time ” I replied him.

” why’s she preparing the porridge ” Usman asked looking worried.

” I was joking with her that I enjoyed it and wished to have it ones more ” I replied stuttering a bit.

” go and get me a gun ” Lekan said tapping Usman.

” we don’t have gun ” Usman replied.

” a knife should be better ” Lekan retorted.

” his blood will stain everywhere ” Usman answered.

” then let poison him ” lekan retorted.

” no poison ” I watched the two of them as they performed their drama.

” stop joking na, what should we do ” I said frustratingly.

” what do you mean by what should we do ” Lekan asked giving me deadly stare.

” you’re the only one in this mess and will be the one to elevate yourself from it ” Lekan said standing up and I dragged him back to me.

” help a brother in need na ” I said with a pleading tone.

” you no deserve am joor ” Lekan said trying to free himself from my hold.

” please na ” I pleaded with him.

” let me sha help you like that ” he said with a weird smile.

” oya ” I said paying attention.

” call her and tell her you won’t be around tomorrow ” he said to me not losing the wierd smile.

” her phone is off ” I said to him.

” when did she said that she’s coming ” Lekan asked me.

” I don’t know but she said it’s going to be before breakfast ” I replied him.

” before breakfast means between 8:30 and 9:30 ” lekan said standing up.

” guys let go and sleep, I already have a plan ” he said heading to the bedroom.

” gist me about the plan na ” I screamed after him but he didn’t reply as he went into the bedroom.

Usman head to the bathroom while Samuel shut down my laptop and switch the TV off before he also exited the sitting room leaving only me there.

I didn’t know when I slept off on the three sitter.

I woke up at few minutes to eight in the morning.
The atmosphere was sort of weird as I saw Usman coming out of the bathroom with water clustered to his body ..

” you’re awake ” Lekan said to me coming out of the kitchen.

” yeah ” I replied him stretching my bones.

” is Usman going somewhere ” I asked him.

” I don’t think so, he just wished to bath early ” Lekan replied me heading to the bedroom.

I prayed for some minutes before I head to the bathroom to defecate and brush my teeth. My habitual act on lecture free days

I was through at 8:22.

I met Lekan and Samuel playing pes when I came out while Usman sat on one of the chairs operating his phone.

” guys, what are we eating this morning ” I asked them and got no reply.

I thought maybe it was because they’re engrossed with what they’re doing.

I took my laptop, it was already plugged and switched it to life, connected it to my hotspot and login to Facebook on it.
I had some stories I was reading in some groups, so I continued with reading it.

I had forgotten about Jezebel until we heard a knock on the door.

The three idiots swiftly stood up, switched the game and TV off.
That was when I noticed they’re already dressed up.

I watched them in terror as they all went to the door together to open it.

” hello ” I heard from the person who knocked the door as they open it. And it was none other than Jezebel.

” morning dear ” Lekan greeted while Usman and Samuel waved at her.

” are you all going somewhere ” she asked them as she entered, and in her hand was a fancy bag which I knew had the cooler containing the porridge in it.

” yes, we have a fixed lecture to attend ” Lekan replied.

” ugh, but I prepared something for you guys ” she said with a dejected tone.

” ouch, and we already had breakfast but he will cover up for us ” Lekan said pointing at me.

” he’s been complaining that he’s hungry since he’d woken up ” Samuel added and I felt like stabbing him where I was sitting.

” alright, see you later ” Jezebel said as they exited the room laughing out loudly.

” hello ” Jezebel said smiling at me as she moved closer to me.

” hi ” I replied almost with a teary voice.