In The Dark-Final Episode 14


I wore a red shirt,a blue flowing skirt and a black sneakers with a red hand bag. My hair was rough at that moment so i had to use a face cap. I applied little makeup and went to khole’s room. Khole was simply dressed in a jean trouser and a loose top. We went to inform Mi mom(aunty oyinkan) of our departure and she only told us to come back before 6pm. We happily left for josh’s house in khole’s car.
Khole drove into an estate and we alighted from the car. She pointed at an apartment and told me that was josh’s apartment as we walked toward it. Khole pressed the door bell and waited for a response, a min later the door was flung open. Josh was looking dapper in a casual wear of a body hug shirt and a three quarter pant. He was full of smille when he saw us and he ushered us into the house. Josh hugged khole and extended a handshake to me, i took his hand and settled in a couch. Josh made me remember the two important guys i once had in my life. He smilled like kelvin and he had a well built body like Jordan’s. I wished kelvin will give me a call but jordan was already on my black list. “What will you love to have ladies? I made rice and stew but the stew is bitter” Josh question brought me out of my thought and i faked a smille at his joke. We all went to the dinning room where we had a meal of rice and chicken. I complemented josh on his ability to make delicious meal and he replied with a smille. Again he smilled like kelvin.
After the meal, we decided to go shopping at shoprite since time was still on our side. Josh excused himself and he came back dressed in a black jean and a red shirt. The colour matched my dress and we some how looked like a couple. Khole teased us about planning to wear red in order to make her look like the third party and we all laughed.
We arrived at the shopping mall, since we were shopping for nothing in particular, we tour the mall in a bid to while away time. Khole and josh walked hand to hand while i walked alone feeding my eyes. I saw a very attractive pink gown at a distance, so i left the couple to check the gown out. I was still checking the gown out when i noticed a couple behind me. They were arguing about the colour that looks good on the lady. I would not have bothered to turn and look at them but their voices sounded familiar. Yes i think i have heard their voices before from somewhere but i could not place it, i had to clear my doubt so i turned and i saw another shock of my life. Standing in front of me was Jordan and Nelly, shopping hand in hand. Nelly saw me first and i could tell she froze for a min, jordan followed her gaze and he saw me as well. He stared at me for a minute and walked out. I was hurt so deeply, the fact that they betrayed me by having s-x behind my back did not hurt as deep as their attitude after their act of betrayal. None of them ever apologised or felt sorry. My mood was ruined for the day so i went in search of khole and josh. Immediately i saw them, i told them i would love to take my leave. I could tell khole was surprised but she supported my wish and we all left.
We went back to Josh’s house first to pick up khole’s ride before going home. Khole asked what was wrong with me during the drive home and i told her what i saw. She felt sorry for me and advice me to keep nelly and jordan out of my mind. In a bid to cheer me up khole played party songs as we drived home.
Mi mom was absent when we got home,so i went to my room and had a shower before laying on my bed to have a nap. I was trying all i could not to think about Jordan and nelly but they kept on coming to my mind. Khole’s advice on forgetting them seemed like an impossible mission. Since i could not get a nap, i went to khole’s room to free my mind.
I was at home alone with the maids on the third week of staying with Mi mom when she called me at exactly 12pm. Mi mom told me that waec result was out and i should send my center and seat number to her. ‘Not again’ i thought as i sluggishly sent the required number. I prayed and hoped to have a brilliant result this time around. I wrote the examination when mom was still with me and throughout the days of the examination, i read and studied hard so i had the assurance of coming out in flying colour. I never wanted to disappoint mi mom and i wanted to be able to study “Journalism” which had been my dream course ever since i was little. I was expecting mi mom to call me immediately she check the result but she did not. That made me more anxious.
At exactly 6:30pm, Mi mom came back with a straight face, i rushed out to greet her but she did not respond to my greetings which was unusual of her. “Not again! I think i failed woefully and now mi mom is mad at me. Why do failure keep coming my way?” i thought to myself as i followed Mi mom to her room with a sad face.
I followed mi mom closely from behind as she walked to her room. I closed the door behind myself and sat on a couch as mi mom undressed. I was waiting to be scolded and i was sad i might not be able to study the course of my choice or i might end up waiting an extra year before gaining admission.
“Have it” aunty oyinkan said as she passed a printed paper to me. I collected the paper from her and i was scared of seeing my failure ones again. I could remember how i felt when i failed jamb and failing Waec as well will make me feel worst. “Open it on time” mi mom’s voice brought me out of my thought. I sluggishly opened the paper and read the content.
Mathematics A1
English B2
Literature A1
Government C4
Biology C5
Economics B3
C.R.S B3
Yoruba C6
“WTF!! I passed! I passed!” i shouted after reading out the content of my result. Mi Mom was full of smille as i hurriedly hugged her. I breathe a sigh of relief. “I thought i failed again mom” i said as i released myself from mi mom’s grip. Mi mom smilled and said ” My child you are never a failure and you will never be a failure. You should believe in yourself dear just the way i believe in you. I knew you would pass, you failed jamb because you lacked preparation. Determination is success and success is determinantion. Be determined to never give up no matter how difficult success prove to be” Mi mom ended her speech and i went into her arms again, my happiness knew no bound, not only because of my success but because i had someone to share my success with.
I remembered i was yet to share my success with khole, so i hurriedly released myself from the hug and i told mi mom i would love to inform khole of my success. I made to leave and mi mom pulled me back and said “dont you love the suspense i kept you? Lets do the the same for khole and dad. They are both coming home today. We are having a family dinner to celebrate your success. Promise me you wont spoil our package” mi mom made me promise and i left her room hoping i will be able to fulfil my promise. I got into my room and i jumped on my bed. I could not hide the excitement as i started jumping around my room. From my bed, i jumped ontop the couch, then to the table. I could not just hide my excitement. I made a promise to mi mom so i could not call khole, she was like the only person i had, to talk to. If only i still have kelvin’s contact, he would have been happy at the news. If only guys like Jordan and nelly are still around, it would have been a more happy situation but they are now in my past where betrayals should be.
I had my bath and went to the kitchen to assist mi mom since she was making the special dinner herself.
Khole came back with dad at exactly 8:00pm. She picked dad up from the airport on her way from school. I rushed out from the kitchen and knelt to greet mi dad. He helped me up and hugged me,he asked if i was ok and i noded as a reply. I rushed to hug khole and the first thing she asked from me was about my waec result. I was about telling her my real result out of excitement before looking at mi mom. She cleared her throat and frown at me. I quickly changed my happy face to a sad one.
On our way to the main building, khole continued to ask about my waec result. I told her i failed and she requested to see the result herself. I did not know what to do so dodged the question and left her. We entered the living room and mi mom welcomed everybody home again, after which mi dad hugged us all again. He looked at me again and said “Nancy i heard you did not really do well in jamb, thats ok my dear. Your aunty also told me that your Waec result is out, did you perform excellently?” i did not know what to say, probably to go on with mi mom plan or tell mi dad the truth. “She did not do well darling, let her show you the result” mi mom said in a bid to bail me out of the trouble.
I rushed to my room and got my result, dad was asking khole questions about school when i go back but he stopped immediately i handed the result to him.
“Wow! This is brilliant! Sweetheart you were making a joke of me right? I will so deal with you” Dad said. Mi mom smilled and told him it was her pleasure to fool him. We all laughed, then dad looked at me and said “Congratulation my child. I will take you to a senior lecturer in the state university next week. Consider yourself a student of kwasu right away” i rushed to embraced him due to my excitement, he took me into his arm and pat me on the back. “Now am jealous, why is nancy getting all the hug after planning with mom to deceive us?” khole said playfully and mi dad released me from the embrace. Mi dad hugged khole and mi mom joined in the hug. I did not want to feel left out so i joined in the hug as well. We had a group hug full of laughter as a one big happy family!
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