In The Dark-Episode 13


I did not know where to go but i was certain i had to leave my street on time. I knew my uncle will arrive in no time and a search team might be sent after me, (i have to act fast) i thought as a struggled with the heavy boxes.
The boxes made me exhusted on time since i have used my last strength to deal with nike, an action i now regret (i was possessed for few minutes i gusse). I stopped to struggle with the boxes and i sat on one of it, i brought my phone out and i was stil confussed on what to do. Time checked 8:30pm, everywhere was dark already. I no longer have Jordan as a helper, neither Nelly, nor kelvin. The only people i have as family was aunty oyinkan and khole. Calling them to inform them of my present situation will make them worried. I decided to go to them instead of calling aunty oyinkan or khole. The street was empty already, but somehow, i was not scared of the dark. I placed one of my boxes on my head and i held the other one with my hand.
I got to the main road and i had to wait to get a cab. Ilorin was a peaceful place, but i was stil praying not to be kidnapped.
5min later, i saw a cab coming my way, i signalled for it to stop and it stopped in front of me. The driver was an elderly man who seemed ready to retire for the day. I told him where i was heading and he charged me three thousand naira. Without hesitating, i got into the cab with my load and i was of mixed feelings when i finally left my street. Was sad i was leaving my home, my inheritance and happy i was leaving my days of struggle behind me.
The cab driver dropped me in front of aunty oyinkan’s gate at exactly 10:30pm and he helped me to offload my luggages. I paid him extra because of his kindness.
It took the gateman five minutes to question me before he opened the gate. He apologised when i got in saying he had to be sure of who the person is before opening the gate because of the frequent robery in the area. I left my luggage outside for him to bring in. I was in front of the main building already before calling aunty oyinkan, her line was switched off and so was khole’s, i had to resolve into knocking on the closed door. Ten minutes later a voice from inside asked who it was and i replied, immediately the door was opened. The house help welcomed me into the living room and she went upstairs to call aunty oyinkan. I stood up and rushed at my aunty, immediately i saw her. I could tell she was sleeping already. She took me into her arms and asked what happened?. I could not reply her, i only held her tight and started to cry. Aunty oyinkan stopped to question me and she led me to her room upstairs.
She sat me down on the bed and said “Nancy, i do not know what is wrong with you but you need to open up to me my dear, what happened?” she asked again but i could not bring myself to tell her about what i did to aunty nike and how i ran out of my father house at that moment. I burst into fresh tears and she took me into her arms again and said “Its ok dear, you are safe here.” aunty oyinkan’s words relieved me a bit and i felt loved again. Few minutes later aunty oyinkan left me in her room and return with a night wear i gusse it was khole’s. She asked if i wanted to eat and i replied no, she then gave me the night wear to change into. After changing, i laid in bed with aunty oyinkan while she pat me on the back till i slept off.
I woke up fresh the following morning and met aunty oyinkan beside me. She was reading from her bible so i also went on my kneels and prayed. After praying i greeted aunty oyinkan,she respond and hugged me, she then said breakfast was waiting for us. We had a breakfast of yam and egg sauce and i ate to satisfaction with peace of mind, i realised there is nothing more important than peace of mind. After the meal, aunty oyinkan called me to her room, she sat me down and held my hands then she asked me what happened again. I told aunty oyinkan all that happened without skipping any part and after narrating the whole event to her she took me into her arms and said nothing.
It was after aunty oyinkan released me from the hug that i realised she was furious. She stood up from the bed and said “Dress up, we are going to meet mike, i want to see that devil in human clothing”
i was scared aunty nike might return me to uncle mike so i rushed to hug her and pleaded with her not to take me back to hell. Aunty oyinkan held me to herself and said “Dont worry baby, am taking custody of you from now on. I just want to make them realise they cannot treat you like a slave and go scot free” i felt relived when aunty oyinkan ended her speech. My hope was restored and i found myself looking forward to a better future filled with love again.
Aunty oyinkan called khole and informed her that i was with her. I could hear her scream out of suprise over the phone, aunty gave the phone to me and khole kept asking me if everything was ok over the phone. I told khole i was alright and she promised to come over to confirm things for herself.
After the phone call with khole, i returned aunty oyinkan’s phone and said “Aunty i am really greatful for what you have done for me. You promised to be there for me and you fulfilled your promise. I have felt love and i have felt betrayal and now i know the worth of love. May you reap your good work aunty”. Aunty oyinkan pulled me to herself. I did not know where the emotions came from but i found myself crying in aunty oyinkan’s arm just the way i do with my late mom. Aunty oyinkan released me from her grip and wiped my tears, she sat me on her bed. “Your father was my only brother and your mom was a sister and the only sister i ever had nancy. Whatever i do for you now, i seek no appreciation from you. My dear i want you to see me as your mom and dad if you can, i promise to take care of you more than the way your parent did. Just make me proud and aim high” aunty oyinkan said and she embraced me again. She released me from the embrace and told me to get dressed. I asked her where we were going to and she said “Mike and his wife are yet to see the last of me. Lets me set things right and make sure they release you to me themselves” i asked aunty what will happen if they do not, she smilled and said ” Baby, do not worry about that, you should worry about getting use to calling me mom instead. Your things are in the next room to khole’s. You now have a room here, welcome home once again”
I gave aunty oyinkan a quick peck and rushed to my room.
The room was a shocker when i opened the door, it was beautiful decorated in colour red. I do not know when aunty oyinkan pulled this off but she took my breathe away. After my mom, she is the next woman that takes my breathe away. I hurriedly took my bath and got ready to go to my father house for the last time..
We got to our compound and i could tell that my uncle was home, probably nursing his wife’s wound. At first i was scared of what my uncle reaction might be if he should see me. I took a step backward and aunty oyinkan held my hand and smilled at me. My safety was reassured again with her simple smille and i followed aunty oyinkan into the house.
Aunty nike was laying down on a sofa in the living room when we entered, immediately we got in, she jumped up and started to shout her husband’s name. I could see my finger print all over her face and for ones i felt pity for her.
“Mike come out o! She is here again, she want to finish me now, somebody help me!” aunty nike shouted while olding her head. My new mom was trying to calm her down but she refused to be calm. Minutes later uncle mike and lizzy rushed out of the house. Immediately uncle mike saw me he rushed toward me with his hand raised at me. I closed my eyes expecting a slap but i did not get any. I opened my eyes and show aunty oyinkan holding uncle mike’s raised hand. I could tell uncle mike was furious, aunty oyinkan released his hand and he said ” sister oyinkan,you wont believe what this good for nothing girl did to my wife. Can you believe she has the guts to beat my wife up?” Aunty oyinkan fold her arms and said “And so what? What did your wife do to her before getting what she got? Mike you and i know what is at stake if you loose this girl and you still have the guts to treat her like a slave. After all her parents did for you when your parent died. They treated you like there son when you were left with nothing. They made you successful after your numerous failure mike. I am disappointed in you and your wife. You should know you wont go scot free because you know what she worth and you still treated her like a slave.” aunty oyinkan ended her speech in a angry tone. I did not know why aunty oyinkan layed more emphasy on my worth, does that mean there is probably a will or the chance of me been the legal owner of my parent’s wealth after all? I asked myself. “I dont care about the worth, if it pleases you take her with you and never come back. I will definately work for my money before that time. You cant threaten me with that poo” uncle mike thundered.
Aunty oyinkan held my hand and said “Mike dont say i did not tell you. Expect your downfall” and she dragged me out.
while aunty oyinkan was dragging me out i noticed lizzy was running after us, i released myself from aunty oyinkan’s grip and ran at lizzy. We hugged for some minutes before she released me and said “I will miss you Nancy”. Before i could respond aunty oyinkan dragged me out of the compound and we left in her car. I wished she could come with me, she was the only one that cared for me.
The ride home was a silent one.Aunty oyinkan was unusually quiet while i was full of thought as well.I was of mixed feelings toward aunty oyinkan.I was angry with her for dragging me away without allowing me to bid lizzy goodbye but i was happy she protected me from my uncle and took me away from hell.Throughout the ride home, aunty oyinkan’s repetition of my worth back at my uncle’s place got me troubled. No doubt, she was keeping something from me. Aunty oyinkan was nice to me and i do not have a reason to doubt her, but i was sure she was hidding something important know to herself and my uncle.
We got to aunty oyinkan’s residence and i took her bag from her. Khole rushed at me immediately we entered the living room. I was so happy to see her and she continued to turn me around to see if something was wrong with me. When she got no sigh of me been injured whatsoever, she breathe a sigh of relief. Khole hugged her mom and aunty oyinkan asked us to come with her to her room. We got to her room and sat on her bed while she undressed.
Aunty oyinkan sat on a couch, cleared her throat and said “Khole from now on Nancy will stay with us, i know the two of you are close before but i want you to be closer now. Mike and his wife has made her suffer, i want her to know peace and love here. Do you understand?” Khole noded and said “Ok mom” before taking my hands into hers. Aunty oyinkan continued and said “Nancy i called my husband and informed him of the present situation. He has agreed with you staying here and he has promised to sponsor your education. You do not have to worry about a thing my dear. Just leave mike and his wife to God” i noded and was about to say ‘thank you’ when aunty oyinkan said ” You dont have to thank me, i am doing all this for my child. Talking about education, i want you to gain admission and start schooling this session. Have you checked your jamb result?
The question about my jamb result came as a shock and i did not know how to tell this woman who has promised to stand by me if i make her proud that i failed woefully. I bit my lower lips and aunty oyinkan asked about my jamb result again. I could not lie to my aunty and khole, so i summon the courage to tell them i failed and i said “Aunty…ehm… Sorry……….. Mommy….ehm…. Mom i failed jamb, that was my reason for me leaving home which led to my accident.”
Aunty oyinkan came closer to me and sat on the bed. I was made to sit in the middle of herself and khole. Aunty oyinkan placed her hand on my laps and said “it is not a problem if you failed, i just need to know your score for me to know the necessary button to press”. I was relived by aunty oyinkan’s words,so i told her i scored ‘176’. Aunty oyinkan then smilled at me and said “Thats not a realy bad score, just pray you pass all your subjects excellently in WAEC. If you do it wont be difficult to get you admitted into the university to study the course of your choice but if you do not, you might not be able to get the course of your choice. Any which way, you will resume school this session, i promise” aunty oyinkan ended her speech and i felt so happy. I hugged her and kept on thanking her. Khole also joined in the hug and it became a group hug. Aunty oyinkan released herself from the hug and teased myself and khole of acting like a child.
Mi mom (aunty oyinkan) told us she would love to take a nap and i left her room with khole. When we got to khole’s room, she hugged me again and asked why i did not tell her what i was going through. I told her i did not want to disturb her in school and she hit me playfully on my back. We sat on khole’s bed and i narrated everything that has happened to her. I was surprised i did not cry while narrating my ordeal with uncle mike and his wife to khole. I only felt happy having someone to share my story with. I also told khole how much have missed kelvin and he was yet to call. Khole promised to be there for me and we hugged eachother again. Khole ended the hug and said “dont worry buddy, am here now. Best pal forever” khole stretched out her hand and i took them. That was our way of renewing our promise.
Myself and khole had lunch,after which she told me to come with her over to Josh’s place. Oh i was happy i will be seeing Josh again! Life is good only if there is love. I found love with family.
I rushed to the bathroom to get ready for the outing with josh. Before taking my bath i brought out my chain lock and checked the family picture in it. I found a new family now i thought. I looked at the picture again and i said “Mom…………. Dad………..i know you are irreplaceable and theres no family without you two, but i know you too are happy i found happiness with my new family, i miss you guys so much and i wish to make you and my new family proud.” i wiped my tears and took my bath. It was not the time to cry but the time to be strong and be happy.
To be continued