In The Dark-Episode 3


An incoming call interupted khole from going on,i almost cursed the caller but couldn’t when i saw that it was my mom. She asked the usual question about our safety,she also spoke with khole to confirm we are alright. I hurriedly ended the call and bestowed on khole to continue, she then coverd her face with her hand saying shes blushing since its getting personal and since am still under age,i should not be hearing about love yet. I hit her playfully and grabbed her hair she then surrender her hands in the air and said she will continue. I released her hair and put my full attention on her. Khole then stood up and changed her sitting position from the bed we both occupied to the big couch in the room,i readjusted my self,ready for the full story.
I resumed school and found myself think about the cool dude i met but since i do not have his contact i had to wait for his call. He did not call for more than a week but later did on a friday afternoon. I was done with one of the day’s lecture that lasted for more than two hours. I was on my way to get lunch when my phone started ringing. The number was a new one and i was reluctant to pick at first, i eventually did and the caller said he is the dry cleaner i gave my clothes to. I do my laundry with my washing machine,what is he talking about? I told him its a wrong number but he denied and described my physical appearance perfectly,he also got my name right even the school i attend. I was surprise d and told him i do not have a dry cleaner and i do my laundry myself but this dry cleaner guy is so sturborn,he was insisting its not a wrong number. When i got tired of the argument i dropped the call. I was yet to take three steps when the number called again, i ignored and he called and called again more than ten times. At the last ring i picked the call and yelled at him to go and burn the clothes and leave me alone,he laughed and i ended the call. I got to the resturant and my phone vibrated signifying a new message. I clicked on the message and the content was ‘Hi, I am brooke so i thought i could make money from a big girl like you(smile)……………….JOSH.’
At first i smilled then laughed and laughed out loud, what a lame trick. I got some people looking at me already, i composed myself and dialed the number. We talked for a while and he told me he has been sick and he was discharged two days ago. He promised to call back and add me up on whatsap. I had my lunch and left for my next lecture. On getting home he called back and asked if we can chat now? I was positive so we started chatting that day. He asked me out on a date and we went to a resturant at first. Later we saw a movie at shoprite. We started hanging out more and its realy cool to be around him. I got to know he his a graduate of mechanical engineering and he works in one of his father’s company, he is also the branch manager of Ilorin branch and he is twenty three years.
Josh brought me back from one of our outings one day,i was about to open the car door after saying goodbye when i noticed it was locked. I gave him the ‘what are u waiting for?’ look. He looked deep into my eyes and i frooze. He lean over and i was contemplating in my head if this is going to be a kiss or he is about to pick another pen. My eyes widened when his cute pink lips fell on mine. Many thought were going on in my head. The thing is that ever since i have been little have always imagined to get my first kiss on my wedding day on the altar. Apart from that anybody that try kissing me will get a hot slap. But i was there with eyes closed receiving the kiss whole heartedly. I wanted to pull away but i ended up giving in to the kiss. He finally ended the kiss and held me close to himself and whispered ‘Be my girl Khole’. I did not respond i just remained in his comfortable arm since it feels like i belong here. My silly self did not pull away again, he released me and asked if i have to think about his requst, I noded and he unlocked the door to his car. I climbed down and with shaky legs walked to my apartment. I could feel butterflies in my stomach or is it mosquitoes Dunno!
Inmediately i got to my room i got his call. I was a ali2 bit shy to pick at first but i did finally and he asked if we could chat. I logged unto whatsap and I got his message already. He asked if i was angry and went on and on telling me how bad he is in asking ladies out so he always love to confirm if his feelings is reciprocated before going for what he want. I made a joke about everything and insisted on him asking me out. He then replied with “Hi lady,my name is Josh, i am young,handsome and bold,i have six packs and would love you to be my girl. Pls say yes.” I was almost rolling on the floor with laughter. I gave him a capital ‘NO’ over and over again be4 he got serious and sent a sms to express his feelings.
“I built my wall so high against love becos i was afraid of been committed to love. Love is love but ur love is different and beautiful. I wonder how u brought my wall down and launched a full attack of love into my heart,my heart fell helplessly inlove with u and it cries for u and u only. Be my girl khole and i promise you the most beautiful kids ever.”
Woah I couldn’t stop smilling at my phone screen. I wished he had done this in person tho. The big girl in me wanted to say ‘no’ and form hard to get bt d sily me ended up saying ‘YES’. He called and made promises to be the best boyfriend ever and all i ever wanted. So we are here it been three beautiful months we started on Feb14 and today is march 7 my best buddy’s birthday. End of story madam.
I kept on screaming ‘Woah’ when khole ended her fairy tale. I decided to start attending church since Khole found her prince charming in church. Khole laughed at my decision and i told her its not bad to serve the lord and look out for my prince charming as well. We both decided to play music and learn dance steps for my party.
khole is a realy great dancer,she has attended a dance training school be4 nd according to her shes aiming at becoming a great dancer and performer like jenifer Lopez. Myself on the other hand do not have two left legs like some people i know but am not a good dancer as well. I got exhusted after trying different dance step with khole,we did belly dance,whinning, twisting and even twerking. The list wont be complete without our special Nigerian dances like Shoki,Shakiti bobo, skelewu,etigi and azonto. Khole is realy an energetic dancer which made the competative me wanto beat her at her game but she ended up beating me. If there were to be a judge am sure the score would have been ratio 20:80. I exhusted my energy while dancing so i attacked my meat pie immediately after d dancing session. I was stil eating when mom called nd said she was sending the driver and makeup artist over. Time checked 4:00pm. I hurriedly finished my snack nd informed khole to start getting ready. We took turn to have our bath after which the make up artist form ‘Nana Aisha beauty saloon’ arrived with a photographer from ‘Josh collage photography’. The beauty agents gave us body massage before dressing up for the party. Our makeup us done in beautifully and we had our first birthday shoot.
We took a selfie with my iphone and posted if on my social media. Lots and lots of comments was been made.
Time checked 6:30pm. Mom called again to confirm if we were ready for the party and she informed us that our driver is on the the way with one other guy that will drive khole’s car home. 5minutes later the driver was at the hotel. The Hilux mom sent was beautifully decorated like a wedding vehicle. I hugged khole so tight out of excitement that i thought i over squeezed her.
We got to my compound and through the front screen i could see cars everywhere,the side glasses is tinted so i could not get a better view. The driver told us that my mom said we should not step out of the car before she gets to us since she will be the one to lead me to the event. Five minutes later we heard a tap on side glass and i opened the door. There she was looking breathe taking,my mom ‘Mrs.Lillian William’. I got out of the car excitedly and hugged my mom,she was so happy and she kept on muttering ‘Oh my baby, u look so beautiful’. The hug was interupted with the M.C, who was shouting loud into the microphone, saying ” Give it up for the beautiful celebrant and her mom…Miss and Mrs.williams”. Mom released me and told khole to bring what she gave to her,khole brought out a blind fold and gave it to my mom. I had my mouth open, how can u keep such a thing from me,do u people want to kidnap me
? They both laughed and wore the blindfold on me. ‘All of me’ by John legend. Mom led me gracefully to the event and finally stopped somewhere. The M.C asked me to gusse where i was and i said in front of my car. Everybody laughed but they cant understand can they? Have always wanted to drive a car,my car. Mom removed the blindfold and i could see a very huge cake in front of me fully decorated in pink. Everybody was on there feet when i cut my cake and fed my mom with some. I went to my sit which was beside mom and mom was later called for an opening speech. She thanked everybody present and talked about me when i was little and the sweet and loving memories of my dad be4 ending her speech. During mom’s speech khole told me Josh was present and she will do the introduction later. I was happy i will be meeting Josh for me to know if khole was truthful him. I was called to dance with my mom first be4 anybody wil be on the dance floor. .Because you love me’ by ‘cellien dion’ was played and all the words in the song got to me. If not for this lovly woman who has been loving me,where will i be? My tears was flowing freely and my mom pulled me to herself. People were clapping and appreciating the mother and daughter display of emotion and the photographers were doing there work. After the dance with my mom,we went to our sit and the M.C announced it was game time. People won different prices like iphone,ipad,rolex wrist watches,designer bags and lot more. During game time mom told me theres a friend she would love me to meet now before people will start leaving since it was getting late. I followed her and we got to the a table. She greeted the woman as if they are sisters and the husband like a brother. She introduced the husband as a minister and the wife as an international bussiness woman. I greeted them and the woman hugged me so tightly like a daughter,the man also shook my hand. The woman looked as if looking for someone before she happily said ‘thank God my son is here’ A young guy came to the table and bent down alittle to greet the couple he then greeted my mom.. I did not take note of his face until his mom said he should greet the celebrant,he moved closer and i remembered him.yes
To be continued