In The Dark-Episode 2


The drive to the hotel was beutiful and crazy as well. We would sing along,laugh,shout and do some naughty dance step.
I was not a stranger at our hotel neither do i frequent the place. The name was ‘A.J paradise’ it was very big with different kind of sections.
It was a little difficult to get a place to park on time but we finally did. After securing a parking space, khole said she wanted to make a phone call before joining me in the hotel. I gussed she wanted to call her lover since she was been too secretive about the call. I teased her and told her to let me know my brother inlaw on time before it would be too late.
She eventually pushed me out of the car and i walked toward the hotel alone. On my way to the hotel my mom called and she was asking so many questions about our safety. I was still on the phone with mom when khole called my name,i turned back and ended the call with mom,khole was shouting something not audible enough for me to hear. I was still taking backward steps toward the hotel entrance, and asking khole to speak louder since i couldn’t hear her. I took one more step when my feet stepped on something hard and my back hitted something as well,or was it someone?
“There is no rock here is there?and according to my calculation am yet to get to the hotel entrance”. I thought.
I was still thinking when The lovly saint of the perfume filled my nostrils and this made me realise i bumped into someone not something.
Khole made an OMG expression and i hurriedly turned back. I looked up to the unknown and saw a frown on the handsome face,he had a good height but not really taller than I was (ok thats a white lie he is way taller). He had a not so fair skin and not dark as well (chocolate) and with is body structure he sure frequent the gym.
I was so lost in thought that i forgot i was supppse to apologise,his words brought me back to reality. “Hello Girl?”, he said.
I was’nt happy he called me a girl and am so not hidding that. He continued ‘ you should be careful next time, see what u’ve done to my foot wear,how could you be walking backward in a public place like this? Is it ur first time here?” he asked angrily.
“Wait a minute who does he thinks he is?me? Girl? And is this my first time in my family hotel? Oh he thinks am poor?”
All this thought was going on in my head, i did not realise i was yet to respond until he waved into my face and said “Hy girl,are you not suppose to apologise?”
like seriously this guy sure has a degree in making people angry. I looked up at him and said
” hey Boy am sorry if i stained ur darling foot wear, but next time dnt u dare call me a girl, Jeez! Everybody deserves some respect, plus this is not my first time here,learn not to judge quickly”
i yelled at him and wrapped my hand on my chest.
He romoved his sun glasses and said “its obvious ur parent did not teach you some manners,what are u? A spoilt rich kid??”
i was about opening my mouth to give him the right tongue lashing when khole interrupted.
She quickly apologised and dragged me away with her,i was so furious, i turned back to look at him and he was still standing there with a wicked smile,i gave him the middle finger and he put his tongue out and shook his head.
“Khole will so regret interrupting me today,i would have taught that rude boy a lesson!” i shouted in my head.
I was so angry with khole that i decided not to talk to her when we got to the room. I brought out my shopping bag to check my dress. Khole quickly jumped up immediately i brought out my dress she was screaming “OMG!” cos the dress is so beautiful, i abandoned the dress with her and took my jewelry box. Mom got me the best set of gold necklace, earring and hand breacelet have ever seen. Khole grabbed the necklace and quickly went to the mirror to try it on. She then turned to me and asked ‘how do i look’ i did not give her any response and that was when she realised i was angry. Khole asked what her offense was and i told her she should have let me give the rude boy a piece of my mind. Khole smiled and apologised telling me its becos she as gist for me thats why she doesn’t want to waste our time on baseless argument. I forgot i was angry immediately i heard gist, i smiled and told her to tell me,she then said since am mad at her no more gist. Her phone started ringing and i grabbed the phone since it was closer to me, the caller I.D was ‘RIB’ she started to beg me, telling me how important the caller is, i eventually gave her the phone and she rushed to the rest room. I wonder what this girl is hiding tho. Khole came out thirty minutes after and i was already bussy with my phone even though i was hungry,i could not place an order without her. She asked wotsup? And i gave her a frown, she then smiled and sat close to me on bed. I asked her who she was on phone with and she said she wont tell me cos of what i did. I pulled her hair playfully and she put her hands in the air begging. I released my grip on her hair and She cleared her throat like an old woman telling her kids a story and said ” you know there comes a time in life when we all meet our prince charming who will sweep us off our feet?” i smiled nd she continued. “It all started in church one day. We sat together and during sermon i realised i brought only a jotter without a pen and he had a pen without a jotter, he asked for a piece of paper first nd i asked for a pen, we both smiled and we did the exchange. I was the last person that used the pen. I some how forgot to return it to him. After benediction he was out of sight. I searched for him to no avail and decided to go home. On stepping out of the church i saw him about to enter a red range over sport, i waved at him and shouted ‘hey!!!!’ since i do not know his name, he did not even notice me. The distance btw us was long so i decided to walk to the gate since he will pass through the gate. Just when he was almost at the gate i waved at him and raised the pen up. He then signal me to get in. I got in and he drove out. I told him how much i hate keeping others belongings no matter how small which is the reason am returning the pen. He just smilles and asked what my name is. I looked up at him and realised how handsome he his. He has a dark and glowing skin,a handsome face with lips i think its too pink for a dark skinned guy. He said smth which i did not hear and i told him my name. He smiled and said’ am asking where u are heading to?’. I was a li2 embarrassed but i composed myself and told him ‘Agric’. An area for the wealthy in ilorin kwara state capital. He said he was also heading there to see a friend and if i do not mind he can drop me off. I smilled and replied yes. The silence was becoming disturbing so i brought out the pen,i was about giving it back to him when he suddenly made a U-turn. The pen fell from my hand and i could not find it. He told me not to worry about the pen. He then parked in front of a big gate and told me this was his friend’s place and he apologised for not dropping me off at my door step, i told him no problem and made to unbuckle my belt when he bent over toward me. I was shocked and surprise, i moved backward thinking its a mistake and he bent more, i moved again and he did the same utill my back was touching the car body. I looked away frighteened,thinking i will get my first kiss from a total stranger when he bent fully and picked the pen close to my leg. OMG that was close, i thought as i adjusted myself. He asked ‘what were u exepecting?’ and started laughing, i frown at first and later join in the laughter. How can i be so daft??
On monday afternoon i was going back to school in my car this time around when i saw him sitting on his car in front of his friend’s house. I horned at him to get his attention to no avail, i had to park properly before going to meet him. On my way to where he was sitted i was shouting ‘Hey!!!!’ since i dont even know his name. I walked up to him and said ‘hey Mr.pen’ he looked up when i waved into his face. He smilled and removed his ear phone,he then said ‘ hey, u say what?’ I smilled and repeated what i said,and he shook his head and smilled. He asked how i was doing and where i was heading to,when i told him, he went further to ask abt my school. After the whole school conversation,th
ere was silence again, I then ask what is name is? He smilled and said i should stick to ‘Mr.pen’. I laughed then he asked me to apologise which i refused to. He shook his head and promised not to tell me his name. I asked him what he was doing here and he said he was waiting on his friend and a pretty angle he met lately, i was alittle bit jealous thinking this cool dude is taken already? I asked him who the angel is, at first he refused but later on he agree to tell me. I could feel my ear grew bigger and my heart was beating faster. He then said K.H.O.L.E. We both laughed and he finally asked for my digit, i asked what he needed my digit for (forming hard to get) and he said ‘ well u know,since we met in church it wont be a bad idea to wake u up for sunday school every sunday with a call’ we both laughed and i called my digit out for him. I told him i should be on my way and he said no problem. I asked him for his name again and he playfully asked me to beg him again,i did since i wanted to know his name and my time is fast spent. He then asked me to beg louder and louder until i refused to say a word forming annoyance. I shouted good bye! and turned to leave, he then held my hand, i looked back and he was smilling as usual he then said ‘ J.O.S.H……..the name is Josh’ he relised his grip on my hand and i smiled saying ‘bye Mr.Josh pen’ I did not wait for his response before heading to my car. I knew he was looking at me so i allowed my a-s swing seductively in my tight jump suit. I got to my car and was about opening the door when i looked back hoping to catch him looking at me but the naught guy i was doing all the cat walk for backed me already, with his phone glued to his ear as if he was receiving a call. With frustration i shouted .Josh!!!!!!!’ He hurriedly turn back and waved with a smiled. Gosh!!!!!!! What a waste of talent. I forced a smille and got into my car.
To be continued