In The Dark-Episode 4


The smile on my face turned to a frown when i saw him,he also had is innocent smile replaced with a wicked smile. In order not to disrespect the elders i took his hand and greeted him. The timely arrival of khole saved me from lashing out my hidden anger on him. I was called on stage to receive gifts from guset. My friends took turn to hug and complement me before dropping their gifts. After the gift collection, i was asked to come on stage and deliver an appreciation speech,after which the party ended officially. Mom told me she will retire for the day after see her friends off. I promised her to be a good girl and she left. Khole invited me over to her table where i met josh. Khole did not over rate the dude instead she underated him. He was so handsome with a charming smile. Minutes later Josh told us he would love to be on his way and u should see him off to the car together with khole since he would love to deliver my gift personally. We got to Josh’s car and he brought out smth big wrapped. I collected d gift and left the couple to have their privacy. I could not take d gift back to d stage so i decided to take it to my room. I was heading to my room when someone behind me said ‘too heavy for ur tiny hand?’ i turned and i saw Mr.rude,i hissed and continue walking without a reply. He came close to me and grabbed the gift from me, he then asked ‘where?’ and i told him ‘hell’. He smilled and said ‘common am an only child,cant die now’. I kept on walking without a response while he followed. We got to the front of my apartment and i asked him to return the gift,he refuse and said he will take it inside. He ended up following me to my room. I expected him to drop d gift and leave but he refused. He said he wont leave until i thank him for his kind gesture and apologise for me rude. I smilled and fold my hands. He did the same and i told him he his the king of rudeness and i wont apologise for defending myself. He then said ‘ok i apologise,how about that? An apology wont reduce my worth,will it?’ I was surprised and wonder where the humble behaviour was coming from. I also said thank u and he was about to say smth else before khole call interupted. She asked of my where about and i told her to wait for me. I told jordan it was time to leave and he turned to leave without an argument. I wonder wotsup with the rude jordan. Khole saw us first and she came over,jordan introduced himself and apologised again. I saw some of my friends hanging around so i left jordan with khole. Khole later came to inform me that jordan wants me to see him off,i excused myself and went to him. On our way to his car he held my hand,i frowned at him and he smilled as if he did nothing. We got to his car and he said ‘goodnight angel’ after releasing my hand. I waved at him and he left.
The party finally came to an end by 10:00pm, myself and khole also retired for the day. Khole told me how cool jordan his during our chat before we bid ourselves goodnight. I ended up staying awake on my bed thinking about the event of the day. Everything was all have always wanted apart from the encounter with the stranger who turned out to be jordan. Talking about jordan he held my hand on our way to his car,what was that for? I was stil thinking about this well i fell asleep.
Hey people am sweet sixteen!!! (that was my last thought in my semi conscious mind)
The sound of foot step woke me up. My eyes were not fully opened so i turned to the other side of d bed. My body touched some one else’s on the bed,i opened my eyes fully and saw khole sleeping beautifully. I smilled,Sewa and Tori came into the room with some gift,they greeted me and that was when i noticed that a corner of my room is been occupied with gifts. Ohh how can i forget something so special. It was my birthday yesterday.
I hurriedly got down from my bed,brushed my teeth and went to mom’s room. I knocked and did not wait for a reply be4 entering,i thought mom was still sleeping and wanted to wake her up and scold her just d way she do scold me whenever i wake up by this time. According to her,every normal and hard working humanbeing should be up at most by 6:00am. I entered and she was reading from her bible. She did not acknowledge me so i made my self comfortable on her big couch. Minutes later,mom was done with prayer,i knelt to greet her. She bestowed on me to join her on bed,i did and she hugged me goodmorning. She asked about the party and khole. I told her d party was beautiful and khole was sleeping in my room. Mom held my hand and said “Nancy my dear,you are sixteen now and many girls at your age are bread winners of their family,the journey of a hundred years start in a day. The journey on how to become great in life start now. I have registered you in a jamb coaching center and you will start next week monday. Today is Saturday already and i sent a hundred thousand naira into your account for anything u might be needing. You can go out with khole to get what ever you think you will be needing. Prepare well for your jamb,many people will think it will be the best to send u abroad to school,but my dear, there is nothing wrong with schooling here. You should keep ur head up high and be the best u can be anywhere u find yourself. Finally baby, beware of guys,many people will say virginity is nothing nowadays since its jet age now. Little would you know they say that for self consolation,since they could not keep theirs,they will make mockery of it,just the way people belittle what they do not have in order to make themself feel better. Nancy my girl,you are a precious child,make mama proud and you dad will be proud of you as well”. Mom ended her motherly advice,i said thankYou We embraced eachother other and made beautiful promises. The knock on the door interupted us,mom asked whoever it was to come in. Khole entered and greeted mom,she invited her to the bed and hugged her,i did the same and mom was greatful to her for been there. Mom informed us she will be going out later in the day to clear her goods that just arrived. We all left for the dining table for break fast.
Breakfast was a simple meal of bread,tea and egg. Myself and khole rushed to my room after breakfast to check my gifts. I brought out Josh’s gift first and asked khole to unwrap it while i closed my eyes waiting for a suprise,she did and when i opened my eyes what i saw was so overwhelming and beautiful. Josh got me a three pieces imported leather traveling bag,it was so beautiful and classy. I wanted to inform mom out or excitement but khole stopped me saying she might be disappointed 2 know she was dating, we both laughed and agreed 2 tell her its just one of the guest. We called Josh and said our thankyou,he also promised to pick us up later for lunch. We checked most of the gifts and got tired of checking,there were so many gifts to check. We later decided to go shopping.
Mom informed us of her departure and we also got ready to go shopping. We went to ‘Opeezy unisex fashion empire’ i do not need 2 shop alot since i had enough in my wardrobe already. We went back home to dress up for lunch with Josh.
Josh arrived by 1:00pm and we left for lunch. We decided to visit captain cook for lunch in josh car. We got to the eatery and i heard someone shout my name. I turned and saw Jordan full of smille. He came over to us and we exchange pleasantries, according to him,house was boring and he decided to have lunch outside. Khole was with josh in front while jordan was with me behind them. He was asking so many questions and making unnecessary jokes about my party. We settled down in an empty table while Josh and Jordan went to get our orders. ‘those two seems to be getting along’ khole said immediately they left,i just gave a fake smile and noded. Sincerly speaking it was difficult to say who was more handsome between Josh and Jordan but i am going for Josh if such a question is been asked. Beauty is not applicable to ur look alone but your character as well. Josh brought his and khole order while Jordan brought mine and sat beside me. We were about to eat when a strange guy walked up to our table and started greeting us us with full smile as if we are old friends. Who is this guy that wont let me settle the worms in my stomach..
The guy came to our table full of smille and greeted us warmly,we all exchanged glance to confirm if any of us know the strange guy, the strange guy noticed what we were trying to do, he then smilled and said ‘Not to worry guys,am a stranger to all of you and i was inside be4 u arrived. I saw you guys when u entered and love the way you all carried urselves as classy couples I gussed you guys are on a double date and i just wanto assure you that you are all prefect for eachother. By the way am a photographer and my name is Vectoh. It will be a great pleasure to have a group picture of you all and a personal for each couple.’ The stranger called Vectoh concluded his statement. So this guy thinks Jordan is my date just becos we were sitting close to eachother. Perfect or what did he say? Over my grandma’s grave, perfect my butt!!. I was about about to tell vectoh that we were not a couple and the outing was not a double date but instead a coincidence when khole held my hand and stopped me from speaking. She quickly smilled and told vectoh his request is been granted. Jordan was also full of smille as he accepted the request of having a couple picture. I could notice that Josh was of mixed feelings and he is probably accepting becos of khole. Surprised at all of them as they all took turn to shake hands with the vectoh guy. He turned to me and said i was the only one remaining to accept is requst and he joked about me been shy to take pictures with my boyfriend. They all laughed and i gave him a fake smille. He left us to continue with our food and pointed at his table for us to signal to him once we are done. He said he would love to take the pictures at his studio,according to him d studio is nearby.khole and Jordan told him not to worry and he left. Finally i can eat,i sighed.
We finished our meal and vectoh came to take us to his studio. I was about getting into Josh’s car when he said ‘Miss, are you not coming in your boyfriend’s car?’ I faked a smile and wanted to tell him Jordan is not my date when jordan came beside me,held my hand and said i forgot my bag in Josh’s car. Khole who was already sitted in front of the car beside Josh got my bag from the back sit and handed it over to me through the car’s window. She smilled and waved at us as jordan dragged me to his car. O.M.G i thought today is suppose to be a happy day,now ion have a choice than to ride with Jordan. He opened the car door for me and started the engine. Vectoh led the way while we followed. During the drive Jordan was at first silent but he later asked if i felt honoured to have pictures with some one important like him, i shook my head and gave no reply,he said something like ‘dont worry,its ok to be overwhelmed with excitement’. I felt like slapping him but i ended up telling him to goto hell,i will rather become a catholic sister than marry King rudeness. He opened is mouth wide and laughed for what seems like 2minute before closing his mouth. After the laughter he was mute for the rest of the drive. Finally Vectoh pulled over in front of his studio and we did the same,he then led us to his studio. Little makeup was applied since we were already sweaty, we were then led to the inner studio for the photo shot. At first we had a group picture,myself and khole was in the middle of the guys then later Jordan and khole had theres. Heaven knows how angry i was at this so called Vectoh guy,how can he conclude we are a couple just becos we walked into a resturant together (I.T.K oshi). I did not realise Vectoh was calling me for our shoot until jordan lightly tapped me on the shoulder, i apologised for been absent minded and went in for the shoot. The photographer guy was giving us crazy pose,he first said jordan should hold me from behind, then he should hold my hands and do as if we were gisting with full smille,next he side he should give me a peck,next he should carry me,my heart was beating fast already and it almost exploded when Vectoh said Jordan should kiss me passionately with our eyes closed,he claim that will be a beautifully romantic pose. I composed myself and disagreed with the last pose,made an excuse of feeling dizzy becos of the heat in the studio. I hurriedly left the inner studio and joined Josh and khole. Jordan came out later with vectoh and he promised to get the pictures to us through kelvin. We left the studio and just when i thought i will go home to get my rest after all the unplanned happenings, Jordan suggested we go see a movie all together. Josh and khole agreed and poor Nancy was left with no other choice. I wonder what was waiting for me at the studio again. This time around somebody might ask us to dance around like a couple. I wished i had my car!!!
To be continued