In love with my bestfriend’s fiancee episode 4


Three weeks to Val’s wedding*
*Queen’s side of the story continues”

This fateful Friday morning I woke up on Val’s bed with an evil smile. Clara was supposed to visit that same day to spend the weekend with him and for the first time an evil idea came into my head, something I had been searching for a very long time. And it wasn’t just an ordinary idea but a plan that could finally put distrust in Clara’s head without giving myself away and what other way to achieve it all than leaving behind my pant under Val’s mattress with the intention that my friend would get to see it when washing his bed sheets like she normally does whenever she visits.
‘’ But if Clara should break up with Val would I actually benefit from it? Wouldn’t he be mad at me as well??’’ I couldn’t help wonder but then the thought of putting tension between the two lovers surpassed every other fear.

Val was still heavily asleep as I dressed up that fateful morning and so it was easy to leave behind my pant as I retrieved my clothes where we tossed them the previous night as we made love. I couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction for coming up with such a brilliant plan after really giving up on how to put the two love beds in tension. Of course I was the last person Clara would ever suspect and I even had this believe she would open up to me about the discovery. My only prayer was for her to be watchful enough to see the pant.

I left for my apartment later that morning, prepared and went to my hair salon as I hopefully waited for my plan to mature. I just couldn’t wait and oh yes the rest of the day went uneventful till the next morning when Clara showed up in my apartment with a colored face. I smiled deep down as I welcomed her in. I needed no telling that she had discovered my trap.

‘’you look so shaken up dear, what’s wrong’’ I asked as I curiously let my friend in. she quietly sat down, kept quiet for few seconds before asking the question that confirmed the success of my plans.

‘’are you sure you haven’t been seeing Val with any woman lately? I just need the truth. Be open to me as a friend’’ she begged. I shook my head.

‘’no I haven’t seen him with any lady. Is there a problem?’’ I asked

‘’did any of his female relatives come over lately?’’ she asked further. I shrugged

‘’ I haven’t seen any lady visit, unless of course the person came during working hours when I wasn’t around to notice’’ I answered calmly. She kept quiet again.

‘’if you suspect your fiancée is cheating on you but haven’t actually caught him in the act, would you marry him?’’ she suddenly asked. I drew back and scoffed

‘’you already know my history with guys and I’m not really in the best position to advice you but if I should suspect my fiancée without actually catching him red-handed, I will simply wait to be sure of everything instead of rushing to wed him. But I hope all is well??’’ I replied and asked. She shrugged and held her head.

‘’’I don’t just know. My head is simply aching me’’ she answered without actually telling me the reason for her questions but I already knew. After some minutes of silence she got up and left my apartment. I never bothered to force her to open up to me.

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Later that same morning soon after Clara left for Val’s apartment, Val showed up at my door, breathing furiously. I never expected him to show up so soon, not with Clara still very much around.

‘’you have finally done it. Thanks so much’’ he barked. I pretended to be surprised as I blocked him from entering my apartment. 

‘’what’s the matter?’’ I managed to ask, infuriating him the more with my question. Instantly, he slapped me with the pant I left in his room the previous morning, shocking me with his action. I staggered backwards with shock as the pant fell on the floor.
Before I could even compose myself to say anything, I noticed him instantly step on the pant with that same quick movement he used in hitting me while Clara showed up behind him at that exact moment.

I really couldn’t tell how much she saw at that moment or what she even noticed. I couldn’t even understand why Val had to come to my room with Clara still very much around or even if it was his own plan and way of getting back to me.

‘’ Or did Clara just surprise the both of us?’’ I wondered as my eyes fell on Val’s feet which cleverly covered every single part of my pant he stepped on. 

So here was Clara standing behind us still looking visibly angry while I stood defiantly wondering what the next move would be. I couldn’t tell what was in Val’s mind, I couldn’t tell what was in Clara’s mind. I couldn’t even tell if the two were in it together or they were both as surprised to find each other at my door post as I was.

To be continued