In Love with my best friend’s fiancee episode 5


Queen’s side of the story continues*

Clara just stared at us for some seconds, hissed and returned back to Val’s apartment where she supposedly came from without saying anything to  us. I really couldn’t understand anything at that moment. I just was stunned and in disbelief. Val slowly stepped away from the pant, pointing angrily at me.

‘’no matter what happens between Clara and i, just know that whatever we had going is over. I can’t believe I was this stupid’’ he barked and returned to his apartment. I heaved a sigh of relief as I wondered if I actually achieved anything with the little stunt I pulled or if I really behaved stupidly. I simply decided to wait and see for myself as days progressed.

But unfortunately, Val meant every word he said and really started avoiding me as if I had an infectious disease. He wouldn’t even return my greetings talk more of inviting me over like he used to do. Clara on her own part left that same day she discovered my pant and I couldn’t get myself to call her to know the status of things between her and Val because I didn’t know what she knew at that point in time since Val wasn’t talking to me anymore, I just had no choice than to keep to myself and bloat over the unfortunate stunt I pulled.

By the following week however I realized that my period was about two weeks late which was never part of my plan and on going for a test discovered that I was with a child, something I never bargained on at that period of my life. By my calculation I couldn’t even determine who was responsible for the little baby in me between Val and Chidi. I couldn’t help but get upset because I was too big to make such mistake and had always calculated and kept to my safe period whenever having unprotected sex with any of them. 

I had to tell Val first even though I knew I might not achieve much with the news but I had this strong feeling he was the one responsible due to the fact that he had more rounds with me than I ever had with Chidi. It was so unfortunate i found myself in such situation and never for once did getting rid of it ever cross my mind.

‘’and so what do you want me to do huh?’’ Val asked with lack of interest when I finally managed to get in touch with him. 

‘’how am I even sure you are pregnant for real?’’ he asked further. I bit my lips and kept quiet. It was pointless trying to reason with him. Our little romance was over and now it seemed as if I looked like an old haggard woman before him.

‘’I didn’t come to ask for anything from you. I just came to inform you’’ I managed to stammer. He scoffed.

‘’listen Queen, I’m still getting married to Clara. Nothing is ever going to stop it. I don’t know what you are trying to achieve with this new information. I thought we understood ourselves. I thought we were just having fun and nothing else? How about Chidi’’ he poured out nervously. I simply smiled and walked away from him. I was close to tears but it was pointless crying over what I helped create for myself.

That same very evening, Chidi showed up at my apartment from work and I told him about the pregnancy. He was so filled with excitement and hugged me joyfully.

‘’it’s time you meet my family so we could do the right thing as soon as possible’’ he proclaimed while I smiled and nodded in agreement. He was really a nice guy but I never felt anything strong for him. He never deserved what he was getting from me but I made up my mind that moment to leave behind my past and make him the happiest man on earth.

With swift energy I grabbed him, pushed him down on my sofa, undressed him, and then slowly s—-d him before riding him, grinding my waist over his thing as I sent him to Pluto.

Three days later I met his family and a date for our introduction was fixed.

To be continued