In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 8



Kylian’s POV

She tried holding my hand and gasping for air but unfortunately, I don’t stop when am in control.

After some minutes of f**king her mouth, I released every seed in me into her mouth making sure she drank it all then I pulled out.

“That was amazing, I never knew you could be these great.” The woman said getting on her feet While I drag up my trouser.

“You are going to let me do all I want in this school or I will show this to the government. “I said dangling my phone in the air.

” What’s that all about? I thought we both had fun.” She said looking so confused.

” Of course we do but am not here for that, am here for something. “With that, I walk out of her office leaving her confused and clueless.

This is what have been looking for, I thought pocketing the phone before bouncing off to the class.

“Where have you been?” I heard Betty asked making me turn around.

” Oh, just doing what’s needful.” I said putting my arms in her waist making her surprised and shocked.

“Do we still have any lecture left for today?” I asked her While my left hand trail down through her exposed laps.

“You aren’t saying anything?” I asked bitting on her ear softly.

” No… No we aren’t. “She replied shuttering while I remove my hands from her body.

“Shall we?” I asked giving her that cute innocent smile and she nodded even though it took longer than expected before she actually reply.

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Making our way out of the class, I picked my things from my locker then make our way out of the school.

Where her driver awaits her while I trek down to my usual spot.

I called it usually spot because that’s where I change to my normal business man then zoom off to my work place.

I am Kylian, am the famous Kylie brown the one who own and rules the Brown’s empire here in California.

I only had to pretend just to have what belongs to me which was taken away because my father was bankrupt.

But they forgot that the poor man had a son which can be someone in the nearest future.

Now that am not that someone, they can’t give what belongs to me to another person.

Yes, I will go down to any extents to have what belongs to me.

And if not given, blood will flow and heads would roll.

“Good afternoon boss.” My personal assistant greeted the moment I entered my office.

” Afternoon, what is in my schedule today?” I asked dropping off some files which she would work on.

” Just a meeting with Mr James and the Chinese investors. “She replied.

” Is it lunch or dinner or normal business meeting?” I asked.

“Normal business meeting sir. “She replied.

” What time? “I asked again getting down to business.

“In the next thirty minutes sir.” She replied bowing.

“Thirty what! “I yelled angrily banging the table loudly.

” Thirty minutes sir. “She said again but this time with fearful voice.

She really still have the mouth to repeat it! Did I tell her am deaf or having problem with listening? I thought angrily.

“Why didn’t you call me?” I asked holding her in the throat.

“I did but it was not reachable.” She said choking as I decided to zip her mouth by fingering her roughly till she turned to a moaning mess.

“That’s what you get for not waiting for me at the entrance.” I said hitting her on her ass.

” I only give you five minutes to meet up with me.” I said before walking off with my phone’s alone…