In Love With Mr Mysterious Episode 9


Alicia’s POV

I can’t believe he truly held her in the waist and he even kissed her.

I thought pacing to and fro in my room pissed off over a small issue I don’t even know it would move me.

He didn’t even kissed her, my inner mind interject.

Really? Didn’t you see how close they were and how she was actually holding him like he is hers. I argued.

If you had waited a little bit, you would have known maybe he kissed her or not. My inner mind judge again.

Damnit, you really expected me to wait for him to kiss her before I leave that irritating place? I asked angrily.

Are you jealous? There goes my inner mind again.

Jealous? Me? How can I be jealous when it’s not that am inlove with him or I like him? I asked rolling my eyes.

Then why are you these worried about him kissing her? She asked again.

Am not okay, case closed. I said staring at my reflection in the mirror.

What prompted you into going there in the first place? Ask my conscience.

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Just to check what he was doing alone in there. Wait, why am I even telling you these?

Because you are inlove with him Alicia.

No, I am not and I would never be inlove with any guy! I yelled pulling my hair.

Seriously, I even wonder why am these worked up.

I think I need to hit the club tonight then get a guy who can handle me, I thought smirking.

Entering my bathroom, I run a quick shower then pull out my short and reveling black gown I just bought two days ago.

Pairing it with a red heels and a red hair with black at the tip, I used my my red lipstick giving my eye that smocking black eye.

Using my temporal nose ring and numerous temporal ear rings, I used my choker since the grown is this deep cut sweetheart neck gown.

Looking at my reflection, I smile at the beauty am looking at right now.

Since mom and dad are not around due to their business trip, I can go out anytime I want and come home until when I feel like doing so.

Stepping out, I took my red flashy sport car then drove out while up by cardi b blast through with me murmuring alongside her.

Even if I don’t know all the lyrics of the song, I still know at least 80 percent of the music to say.

Driving into the club, I parked my car then catwalk into the club being their regular customer, they don’t even bother asking for my identification card.

“Two shots please.” I said to the bar man ready to set into motion once am wasted.

” Here A.” He said winking at me as I slide in my credit card for more shot.

The bas***d kept giving me until I couldn’t take more again.

Stumbling into the dance floor, I wouldn’t lie, it wasn’t my saint self that hit the dance floor.

It the other badass b***hy side of me that kept the energy even if the saint me keep calling back until I couldn’t even hear my name again.

“Hey beauty!” I heard a guy yelled into my hearing.

” Hey handsome! “I yelled back slurring while skipping some of my steps.

“Are you alone?” He asked again.

“Yes and I need a company of a handsome man like you.” I said.

That’s the b***hy me hitting on a guy right now…